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  1. JamieLogical, thank you so much for spelling everything out! Very helpful! Like fjg473, I too am wondering about the best way to monitor for possible price drops. Is there an app for this? (Isn't there an app for EVERYTHING?! 🙂) What's the best way to check for drops?
  2. Thanks so much for your amazing review! We are booked on the Encore for June 22, and this has helped with many of my questions. One thing I'm still wondering about, however, that maybe you (or some other knowledgeable member here) can answer: by June, the itinerary will have changed to Bermuda -- do you think this will greatly affect the Dailies? I mean, I know that obviously Port Days, excursions, tendering, etc will all be different, but do you think "other" activities will also be affected? We're trying to do some reservations planning, and get an idea of activities/shows/times, and I'm just wondering about that. Does NCL have a "template" for daily activities, and just change the pertinent port info? Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on this!
  3. Newbie here, with a question about pricing (not new to cruising, just new to idea of possible price-drop situation): We're booked on the Encore out of NY to Bermuda on 6/22. Final payment has been made. IF there is a price drop, what is our recourse? Contact NCL and... what? Do they refund? How does that work? Could we angle for an upgrade instead? What's the best course of action? Many thanks in advance for any insight. I have been doing a lot of reading, but can't seem to find anything that spells out what you can do if a price drop happens. I truly appreciate the helpful spirit of this board, and commenters' patience in helping those of us still trying to learn the ins and outs!
  4. Helping a friend plan her day in Costa Maya; unfortunately Jamies and Maya Chan both sold out for the day they will be there. Other recommendations for a good beach? They are a family of 5; kids range from 7 to 16. Just looking for a nice beach to relax and enjoy the sand/water. Some place that offers food too would be great. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  5. Thank you for the replies! They did decide to stay at the Microtel in Saraland - nice to hear good things about it!
  6. Hi, trying to help a good friend plan her first cruise. They are on Carnival, leaving from Mobile. Can anyone fill me in on how much parking is there at the Port? Are there other parking options, such as at a hotel w/ a shuttle to the port? And if so, do you need to stay at the hotel, or can you just pay to park there? Thanks in advance for any info - suggestions and advice very much appreciated!
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