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  1. I have very similar experiences. We’ve only done the southern route on two previous occasions. Both TAs for us seem to have a day or two of rough seas after leaving the straits of Gibraltar. After passing the canaries, the seas have been great for us. I’ve been on 10 cruises. Started off worrying about motion sickness and did bonine similar to your suggestion. The last three cruises I forgot to pack it
  2. Enjoyed tagging along on your adventures. Well done. We board the Edge October 30th for next years WB TA. Your thread is very helpful Cheers Tom W
  3. Next year will be our third TA. We’ve sailed the Reflection itinerary previously. We love Tenerife and the 7 Straight sea days.
  4. I have been following along since the beginning of your adventures. Great stuff and thank you. But now it’s time to chime in. This is the part I’ve been waiting for,..... the TA. We are on this same itinerary next year. It will be our third TA, but our first on an edge clash ship. I’m really looking forward to following along in seeing how your 14 night cruise goes for you. Thanks Tom W
  5. We just got off the Constellation on the cruise preceding yours (September 22 in Barcelona—10nt from Venice). It was our first cruise on a Millennium class ship. Let’s just say it wont be our last. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise, one of the best ever. I may do a review of our cruise in a few days. I hope your voyage is as good as ours was. Cheers Tom W
  6. I have been doing the one bag travel for our European land vacations for years. It is such a great way to travel. The only exception now is for cruises. I take a few more clothes since I’m only unpacking once.
  7. We board the Constellation on the 12th of September. Looking forward to your review.
  8. For early March, depending on where you are coming from, you should be okay. Taxis are usually plentiful at Miami and agree would be a far faster mode of transportation. Your issue will be the timing of the arrival of your flight. If your plane suffers a lengthy delay or worse yet, cancelled, you could miss the cruise. I hope you have trip insurance. Have a great cruise.
  9. We’ve done two Oasis class cruises (Allure 7nt and The Symphony 12nt TA). I agree they are amazing ships, especially when you consider the amount of passengers and crew they are carrying. It never seems crowded on that ship. Everything is well thought out and the service is amazing. I really like the Central Park area. However, as you and I point out all the sea views are blocked. There is really no outdoors space (bars or lounges) to sit and enjoy an cocktail and experience the ocean, especially at night. That is a huge detractor for me. Contrast that with Celebrity’s Sunset bar at the back of the ship. That’s my favorite spot at night to enjoy the moon and the ocean. If Royal could do something similar to the NCL Breakaway class and somehow move those life boats and open up deck 5 or 6 there’d be so much space for folks to sit and have contact with the ocean.
  10. I loved the Equinox. We sailed her last year. The Sunset bar on celebrity is probably my favorite venue of any cruise ships. We thought about bidding for a Haven upgrade but decided not to. I wanted to experience my first NCL in a regular areas. If I were going to do an NCL cruise in the near future, it would have to be in the Haven. Cheers. Tom
  11. I ventured through the Casino several times but did not stop and play (While I love to play poker, craps and Blackjack I don’t gamble much if at all on cruises. My beverage package usually puts me at a higher risk of losing). The Casino is nice and one of the bigger ones I’ve seen for a ship this size. I like hte idea of a separate room for smokers. The casino at night was always busy when I walked through. I liked the bar. I’d give the Casino 🍺🍺🍺🍺
  12. Hi al The wife and I are Celebrity and RCI fans, but decided to see what it was like over on the NCL side of town. Here are our thoughts. Needless to say we liked the cruise but overall it solidified Celebrity as our cruise line of choice. Cheers Tom
  13. Here is a link to my thoughts on our NCL Bliss cruise. YMMV.
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