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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I need to start making a list of drinks to have on the deluxe drink package! But that cotton canditini is calling my name. Wishing you safe travels as you return home to Florida.
  2. We’ve gotten thermal suite passes on cruises before and we usually end up spending between 30 and 60 minutes in there, and we come out feeling completely relaxed. 15 minutes would be way too short. Also, regarding my time dining, it is my understanding that even if you reserve a time for dinner, you can still show up at your leisure and they won’t turn you away.
  3. Bar Harbor looks as beautiful as ever! We were there in August 2003, after the big blackout up here in the northeast. It was only 42 degrees at night, which was a welcome relief after having no power for a couple of days in the August heat! Thanks for posting the Schooner bar menu. Looks terrific. Just to clarify...drinks $13 and under are covered in the deluxe drink package, correct? Sometimes I read that it’s $13 and under, some people say $14 and under, some say $12 and under.
  4. I’m so sorry for the triple post above. Then I couldn’t figure out how to delete two of them so I edited and just deleted the contents. I’m still getting used to the new CC lol.
  5. Thank you so much! I carry lactase drops with me but I prefer to just avoid foods with a lot of dairy in them. I can eat things like cookies made with butter because butter isn’t a trigger for me, and I don’t need to take my drops for it. Ice cream kills me, and while the drops do help, it still makes me bloated and uncomfortable even with the drops. I can do hard cheeses...Swiss and cheddar without the drops, or mozzarella with the drops. Cakes depend on if they have cream in them. I’m sure I’ll do just fine! Thanks for the tip! I plan to go right to a specialty restaurant as soon as we board, to see what they give us. We’re flexible with the time, as we won’t have the kids with us this time. Just prefer not to sit down much later than 8pm. We are used to eating dinner earlier so if they only have an early time that would be fine.
  6. I love your review and all the pictures so far! Thanks so much for taking the time to post pictures of the compasses, menus and your experiences. This is lactose intolerant girl is sooooo happy to hear that they will use almond milk for the specialty coffees! I plan to take full advantage of the coffee options with the deluxe beverage package. My husband is very happy to hear that he can get a shake to go from Johnny Rocket’s on the drink package too. The trolley in Boston looks terrific. I’m sure we will end up doing that and checking out some of the sites where it stops. We were in Boston once, many years ago, on a New England road trip we had taken. We were traveling from Bar Harbor, Maine to Newport, Rhode Island and we stopped at Cheers for lunch. But that was it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Boston when we go on the Anthem in April. The food all looks fantastic on the ship. Would you be able to tell me if they offer any dairy free sorbet as desserts, or dairy free “ice cream”? Im actually considering iFly after reading your review of it. My husband said he’s definitely not doing it because he’s actually been skydiving so he doesn’t think he would enjoy it much in comparison. But I just might give it a try. We’re definitely doing North Star. Trying to do that in Bermuda because it’s such a beautiful island. Cant wait to read more, especially how you like Jamie’s. I bought the BOGO 2-night specialty restaurant package which I’m giving to my husband next month as our anniversary gift, even though he has to wait until April to experience it lol. My hope is that we get into Wonderland because my husband is a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, and the tasting menu looks so unique. The other one I’d like us to go to is Chops Grille because we both love steak very much. But I’m also curious about Jamie’s. We’re Brooklynites and Italian, and we have some of the best Italian restaurants here, plus I cook Italian food at home a lot, so Jamie’s really wouldn’t be our first choice. But I did see the menu for Jamie’s on the Royal Caribbean website and they have some unique items as well as the typical Italian dishes. Keep enjoying! Bar Harbor is an amazing place! We had lobster at the docks there when we went there, and we loved Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park.
  7. I’m loving your review so far! Keep enjoying! i also can’t read the daily planners, too blurry. But I always enjoy ship photos, and of course drink and food photos!
  8. I’m following, as I’m also curious about what some favorite dishes are. We go on Anthem in April. I saw the reply about RCCL generally having key lime pie on their ships. I love key lime pie. I hope they have it when we go.
  9. Looking forward to reading your review of the ship! We are going on Anthem in April during Easter week, to Bermuda and Boston. This will our first cruise without our sons since we had them, they’re 11 and 13 but will be 14 and almost 12 when we cruise. Have a wonderful cruise, can’t wait to read all about it.
  10. I always buy it on Amazon. I haven’t seen it in a store yet.
  11. I guess this virus really has always been around...in schools, day cares, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Anywhere there are people in close quarters. It’s in recent years that the media has been sensationalizing it. With something like noro, I fall for it every time, because of my fear of vomiting. Probably also because I’m a teacher and I have two sons of my own in middle school!
  12. That is pretty odd. I’ve also been on cruises during rough seas and as you said, barf bags by every stairwell/elevator. Maybe left over from the previous sailing?
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