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  1. We just received an email from Viking that our Sept 27, 2021 ten day Paris to the Swiss Alps on the Viking Hild will operate as planned. This is the first communication from the line since February. Hopefully, the so-called delta variant won't change the plans yet again.
  2. The cruise line-sponsored shore excursions in a bubble will be a deal breaker for me. This may be the only Covid-related requirement that will actually help the cruise lines make money. I'm not against that but I need the ability to explore on my own, grab a cab and go, book my own excursions. I guess it will be a while until those freedoms return.
  3. Full refund received this morning. Cancel date: March 30. Cruise date: April 19
  4. I'm just not buying the excuses. HAL canceled my April 19 transatlantic on March 30. I immediately requested a refund through my TA and I have the confirmation. Still waiting seven weeks later. However, the same day, I requested refunds for the related travel from United Airlines, Comfort Suites, and AirBnB and I received all of those refunds within days. My guess is that those providers have had the same heavy volume of refunds to deal with and they performed without delay. What is different in HAL's case??
  5. Last week on Meraviglia, we asked for tissue and were told it was not available as they were "saving resources." Apparently, in the age of Greta Thunberg, blowing one's nose is a waste of resources. So we just used the less convenient and comfortable toilet paper for that purpose (sorry, Greta). Once MSC management determines that they can get away with classifying toilet use as a waste of resources, we may have to bring on board those old Sears Roebuck catalogs and dried corn cobs to accomplish the needed tasks. (Only those over 50 will understand the humor here.)
  6. Funny coincidence. I was watching the Carnival Ecstasy arrive in Nassau yesterday on the webcam. I was shocked to see the amount of rust stain on the side of the ship running all the way to the top decks. I initially thought it might be the camera but after watching carefully for a few minutes I believe it is, indeed, a large amount of rust on the vessel. Sorry to see as we were on Ecstasy a few years ago and rust was not unsightly.
  7. We leave on MSC Sunday, January 5. My plan is to arrive at the port no earlier than 2pm. Do the parking garages at the port have sufficient space even at the end of the weekend? Thanks.
  8. Ocean Cay opened last week and has had a couple of calls. There's lots of info and comments on the MSC board and, so far, the reviews are very positive. Because it is so close to the Miami home port, MSC ship calls stay until midnight so there is special activity on the island in the evening. We are looking forward to our early January stop at Ocean Cay on MSC Meraviglia.
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