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  1. I think that people forget that the bigger ships are bigger because they hold more people. Simply having a bigger ship move somewhere doesn't really solve the issue of social distancing. In fact, if you take the information from Royal's website and run it through Excel, you'll see that all but two ships in the entire fleet have between 23 and 27 gross tons per person onboard (including crew). While you might expect the Oasis class to have all sorts of room, they are actually right in the middle at 25-26.
  2. The real question is what cancellation options will be offered this time around. It will be interesting to see if they offer 125% FCC, Lift and Shift, or both.
  3. June 13 was likely cancelled internally by Royal weeks, if not months ago. It just remains to be seen when they will inform the rest of us of their decision.
  4. That doesn't sound right. My invoice was immediate.
  5. Don't do that. Just book with a different birthday and change it after the Lift and Shift.
  6. I did the same. Booked Oasis out of NJ for four people for like $2400 for a OV balcony and shifted to July 4 weekend 2021. Had I booked it directly, it would have been over $5,000.
  7. As a passenger, should I expect to keep my current TA perks when using Lift and Shift or no? I'm not sure how that all works out. My TA is saying that they can keep the OBC, but the free-gratuity promotions cannot be extended to 2021 sailings. Is this just because the TA doesn't want to do it, or is this a RCL policy or something? I'm not sure who would be out money in the situation or if I should check other TAs to see if their Lift and Shift policies are different.
  8. Thanks. I also have a cruise for June that I expect to be cancelled. Does this mean I need to cancel it myself to get those benefits like Lift and Shift, or they will allow it if/when that sailing is cancelled?
  9. How does this impact already cancelled cruises? We opted for a FCC for our cancelled cruise in May. Does this policy only apply if CWC is done, meaning we have to cancel the booking and not Royal?
  10. All cruise lines will extend their cancellations for the foreseeable future. The only question is how far will they string their customers along (and hold deposits/hope cruisers pick the CWC) before they make it official.
  11. Anyone know how the double protected commission works? I'm used to FCCs reducing my TAs commissionable rate and therefore my perks. Curious if this means I should be able to ask for the full perk package if they are still getting the money from Royal. Equally curious who gets the commission if I change agents for the replacement cruise. The old agency? The new agency?
  12. I posted about this in the other thread, but this drives me crazy. I thought they might actually increase their offerings as the cancelations went on to incite more people to take the FCC and improve Royal's cash position. This just means I'll be taking the refund now. Stupid policy change by them for the later sailings.
  13. Right, but the point being that my plan was to let it sit, and if I sailed by then, great, and if not, I'll just request the refund. Now I'm going to have an entire year less to make that decision, because there are so many unknowns (and likely still will be by the end of year), that I wouldn't want to forgo my opportunity for a refund. Just annoying for my specific situation.
  14. Am I reading this right? Royal actually shorted the period to request a refund to the end of 2020 instead of 2021? That almost certainly means I'll be taking the refund. I was willing to keep the FCC, but there is no way I can book by the end of the year. Wife is due with our second in October, and I am not going to keep the FCC past the refund request period. Ridiculous. There is a slight change to the policy on Future Cruise Credits for guests who had cancelled sailings between May 12 - June 11, 2020. They can choose between a 100% refund or 125% Future Cruise Credit. Future cruise credits must be redeemed by January 1, 2021 and sail by April 30, 2022. In addition, the deadline to request to change a future cruise credit to a refund deadline is December 31, 2020. Guests who had cancelled sailings between March 14 - May 11 must redeem their future cruise credits and sail by December 31, 2021. They may request a future cruise credit to be changed to refund by December 31, 2021.
  15. There is a difference between what Royal is allowing you to book and the earliest those ships could possibly sail. Royal just doesn't want to cutoff the cash collection. I'm sure they will be forced to eventually.
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