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  1. Hi, Any photos of current bar menus would be great.
  2. thank you, I was hoping to see the spring rolls each night.
  3. Hi all, can anyone tell me if the MDR menu has a section called Everyday where the same starters and mains were available each night. Any photos of the everyday menu would be great. Thanks
  4. Hi Anyone know if there is a Platinum/Diamond/FTTF embarkation lounge at the Port of New Orleans
  5. Hi, I will say we have made a 10:30 flight at FLL from the POM. We were glad we made it, but it put added stress to the end of vacation. That being said have a back up plan for all the reasons stated in threads concerning this topic. The shuttle driver has told us I-95 can bogged down at any moment. You can be delayed getting into port. Customs can back up and the lines at TSA can take hours to clear. FYI, we also made a 10:45 flight MCO from Port Canaveral...
  6. The comedy show venue is surprisingly small for the amount of cruisers on board. I suggest making reservations for them. The standby line is long. I also suggest making reservations for the first water show. This is a great show and bad weather will cause them to cancel. This will give you opportunity to see another showing later in the cruise. I booked all shows ahead of time and adjust/cancel when on board.
  7. I wish the package is free, you pay a higher price for the cabin with pkg vs. w/o. There will be a breaking point and it is coming sooner than later. Holland is now experimenting with charging for second main course. It will all go ala carte or purchasing meal plans like at Disney. They want predicable revenue and this is the way to do it
  8. Great point - I always felt I was subsidizing the cost of others by buying the package for my wife and I, I really can't get my head around this price.
  9. NCL is on a different planet, i guess they have to in order to compete with RCL and CCL. I would love to hear from anyone who will pay $1,075 for drinks on a 7 day cruise. I am all for the drink package but struggle to pay at $50 per day. If you have it, go for it
  10. Just saw on Wheel of Fortune Carnival name its largest ship Mardi Gras coming in 2020
  11. Hi All, on the Allure roll call it is mentioned the Royal IQ is being testing on Allure, anyone can confirm
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