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  1. This is what Princess is best at. Their itineraries are some of the best. Hubby and I usually try and have as few sea days as possible and we've found it most often on Princess.
  2. There is no such place. LOL Unless you count your own cabin LOL
  3. I have heard numerous times … kinda hard to miss the loud conversations going on around me as they are meant to be heard by others … that anything remotely religious is offensive and they'll **** it up to prove just how much it offends them. And sorry to say, just because Princess tends to be a little more upscale than some of the other lines, they still have their share of drunks that stay out till the bars close then get a stray hair and do stupid stuff. And then there are those that simply want to make other people aware of how miserable they themselves are, or are out for "revenge" for some imagined slight.
  4. I am really surprised they are installing these machines given the frequency of noro-type incidences that are becoming so prevalent. When there is an active noro incident they close down all self-serve drink services. They station people in the buffet and they don't want you even touching the serving utensils. No utensils, salt, sugar, etc. on tables. In the dining rooms they serve you a piece of butter, they'll bring you a package or two of sweetener, etc. These machines may eventually be installed but what do you want to bet they'll be disabled or moved frequently to avoid a point of cross contamination.
  5. My husband is also a native Floridian - has lived in Tampa his entire life - as were his parents before him. I've been here since '75 when my dad was stationed at MacDill. Tampa Bay area and South really does stay hot and muggy most of the year. While I was a little facetious, not that much. LOL This Thanksgiving, unless the weather changes, will be in the low 80s here in Tampa Bay. To me the 70s for "summer" is what we normally think of as winter my neck of Florida. The weather I'm seeing is actually cooler than most of our "winter". LOL I was just in Tallahassee a couple of weeks ago doing some antiquing. A couple of really nice antique malls there and despite - or maybe because - being on the Atlantic Coast, it was still several degrees cooler than what was being felt back home in Tampa. The crowds won't be an issue either for us … Tampa has gotten where "five o'clock traffic" run from about 3 pm - 7 pm and that's during non-peak tourist season. During peak tourist season and OMG, what a mess.
  6. We are going in July because that is the best time to be able to take our 16 year old with us. The weather sounds divine to be honest. We live in Florida where we have one season 99% of the year … hot and muggy. If I can handle the crowds here in Florida then I'll be able to handle the crowds in the Baltic. Hypothetically "crowd" can be defined by what you are used to. What I think of as a "crowd" in Tampa is not the same thing as a "crowd" to someone from the middle of Idaho and certainly won't be what someone from a place like NYC or LA consider a "crowd." LOL
  7. If your apps are wifi then they'll work. The person on the other end has to be paying attention however. LOL The only glitch I have found is that when the wifi gets thin, slow, and/or glitchy your apps are only going to be as good as the signal at any given time. However, that is true whether you are onboard or not.
  8. Evening lounge was available PES on the Caribbean Princess in October. It was in Skywalkers which is a popular place to hang out during the day so when the food started they checked to make sure only PES were using the venue at that time. I have no clue how they do it on ships that don't have a Skywalker venue.
  9. The only time we've heard this was one of our New York/Brooklyn sail aways. That is out of nearly ten princess cruises. At least I got to hear what everyone has been talking about once. LOL
  10. Yes, in the traditional colors the cruise cards were done in. But to me it is subtle. The Platinum level is simply gray. Most of the ones I saw were blue. I noticed a Ruby when I saw it but Gold was as subtle as Platinum. I didn't really see any Elites but they are black from what I hear.
  11. Did a partial transit earlier this year. Spent time off ship in Panama. Spent time off ship in Costa Rica. Spent time off ship in Colombia as well. None of the ports we went required any kind of vaccination documentation. Making sure your MMR is up to date would be a smart move but YF is not required, nor checked.
  12. Actually diabetes is one of the conditions that the cruise ship needs to know about. Any condition which might cause a seizure is. Look, I get both sides of this argument. But the main legal point is "reasonable accommodation" not how someone feels on a subject whether for or against. The SCOTUS has ruled that regardless of whether a cruise ship is US-flagged or not, while in a US port they must abide by the ADA in full. Conversely they have also ruled that when not in a US port essentially all bets are off and they do what they have to. Point 2 is we know that certain countries have their own laws that the cruise line must obey while in port and often those laws are counter to the ADA and usually with good reason. Island nations have often have very strict quarantine laws for both people and animals and any not prepackaged foods. For the above two reasons a cruise line is going to seem like they don't have hard and fast rules. Because of ports of call it is going to be more a itinerary by itinerary set of rules. Add to this that the ADA only covers dogs … or sometimes dogs and miniature horses. And if you read the ADA laws in their entirety … and they fill a notebook … you'll find that even the ADA isn't quite as cut and dry as most people think of it. Add into that there are countries with animal diseases that are endemic that you would not want to take your animal, certainly not a service animal that is highly trained and highly valuable any more than you would want to walk down the street with a diamond necklace hanging out for the world to see. And as yet another layer of conflicting confusion, understand that animal abuse is now a federal crime here in the US. People are going to start using that as a way of dealing with certain behaviors … feeding the bubbly to an animal that it has the potential to poison could be one of those instances. I know for a fact that some industries are seeing if the new designation can be used to greatly narrow when and how the ADA laws are imposed and give them more leeway to impose restrictions of what a service animal and/or ESD can be asked to prove. I've also spoken with lawyers that are working on a way to get the certification for service animals to be a federal license and that if you don't have the federal license then you aren't covered by the ADA and will be disallowed from traveling with an animal … and just like any federal license it will have to be renewed frequently. This is what all of the people pushing the untrained and/or ill-behaved animals have done. They are making it more difficult for those with legitimate needs.
  13. Well the civil jury disagreed and we won the case. A particular breed of dog does make a difference because we were willing to make reasonable accommodation. The pertinent ADA stances are: *Individuals who have service animals are not exempt from local animal control or public health requirements. *Service animals are subject to local dog licensing and registration requirements. *Under the “direct threat” provisions of the ADA, local jurisdictions need to determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether a particular service animal can be excluded based on that particular animal. It is not nearly as cut and dry as people assume.
  14. With regard to animals in restaurants, emotional support animals are specifically excluded. And yes, even the ADA - though resistant - agree that the laws need to be made more specific at the federal level. In some states the laws state that a service animal must not only be individually trained but must wear a designation while they are working and it is only while they are working that ADA applies. Federal cases have upheld those requirements to be recognized as a working service dog.
  15. I understand the law because we've worked with the ADA and their lawyers many times over the years. I did not say that service animals are not allowed inside. I am saying that service animals and their handlers receive reasonable accommodations and only reasonable accommodations. And with regard to restaurants, a restaurant does not have to violate health codes to make the accommodation. If codes prevent animals from being within so many feet of food prep, open food stations, etc. then that is the way it is going to be. A business does not have to put their license in jeopardy to accommodate someone with a service animal, that is not reasonable accommodations. And yes, most restaurants accommodate service animals by having specific tables or areas of the restaurant so that their accommodation does not violate health codes or OSHA laws. Just like with housing ADA regs, a restaurant does not have to change the way tables, etc. are set up to prevent the animal from being stepped on or being a tripping hazard for employees. What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that just because you fall under the ADA does not mean that you don't have some accommodating to do and having reasonable expectations is one of them. One of the best examples that I've been given by a lawyer is the one with regard to public bathrooms. Businesses are required to have at least one stall in their bathrooms that is ADA compliant … usually called the handicap stall even if that isn't the best description. They are not required to have every stall ADA compliant. A reasonable accommodation would be to ask people to not use the handicap stall unless they need it. But if there is a line in the ladies room, everyone has to wait their turn. The person covered by ADA doesn't automatically get to jump to the head of the line though most people would try and do this out of courtesy, not because of requirement. A restaurant can accommodate someone covered by ADA by having a specific seating location that conforms to health and safety regs but they can't treat the customer discourteously, nor can the customer be unreasonable with regard to other customers and the business.
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