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  1. I would rather be on a cruise ship in an inside cabin than not cruising at all. I've been on all types of cabins. I'm sure you will miss the balcony but you'll be fine and excited about the cruise when the time comes. You'll still have fun. Go for it!
  2. Not anymore. I book and sometimes cancel cruises because I shop around. The true excitement starts when I'm boarding the ship. That's when I know it's real.
  3. They are very aggressive. We paid them too. They were kicking so many people off the chairs. We had no idea. Thanks for the post.
  4. 2 on a five day cruise
  5. I've sailed all three. They are all similar. No set dining with NCL. More restaurants for a fee. But other than that, very similar. Every ship is a different experience, even with the same cruise line. There will be trivia, games, parties, karaoke. NCL has more technology. You can book reservations, see activities, and view your cruise balance on the television. They have interactive guides near the elevators. If you like Carnival, you'll like NCL. It's a better cruise experience.
  6. You're going to be fine. I have no intention of booking any ship on Carnival's fleet past the Breeze. I dislike how they have segregated people with Havana rooms by giving them an Aft pool and hottubs. The Aft area is the best and I think every paying customer on the ship should have access to all those areas. Put the segregated area on a top deck that people don't normally access. I'm getting tired of exclusives areas that are being sectioned off by these cruise lines. That's just my personal opinion. I'm not jealous. I could book a Havana cabin but it's getting out of control. The aft pool did it for me.
  7. They are understaffed. Every time I call, morning, noon, or night there are long holds. I've never waited that long though. Sometimes I just give up. At times I'm so frustrated with the long holds.
  8. Not worth it. Just got back last month, the cruise I went on I didn't have to wait for anything. Got to the port of Miami and was on board within 5 minutes. No waiting for the tenders for Half Moon Cay. The longest wait I had all week was for the elevators.
  9. It really depends on the friend. My sister brought two friends for her kids on her last cruise, one 14 and one 17. The 14 year old was a boy, outgoing and adventurous. A joy the whole trip. My nephew who was 12 really had a great time with his buddy. They did not do the teen clubs or kids clubs because they would have been in different groups. The 14 year old was a wonderful addition to the trip. Just a fun, sweet kid, kept my nephew company and they entertained each other. Same trip, the 17 year old girl was more of a challenge. She preferred staying in the room all day, reading and eating room service. My neice felt trapped, didn't want to leave her by herself. But at night she liked to hit up the teen clubs to flirt with all the boys. It got awkward when she and one of my neices ignored curfew, more than once. She was a challenge as she preferred to isolate herself from the group during the day, even choosing to skip dinner with the group several nights, then ignoring the curfew rules in the evening. The two girls were not a good team. I'd say make sure you are realistic about the personality of the friend you let your child bring. Bringing a friend can make it fun if the teen is in line with your expectations. But who wants to go searching for a couple of hormonal teenagers at midnight?
  10. I read somewhere that there is a chemical in the sunscreen that are killing the coral reefs. Especially in high tourist areas like the place you went. I'm not sure if it's true, just something I read.
  11. I do not think it's worth it. Disappointed with the quality of the whole experience and I'm not a picky eater. The value was not there for me. Service was spotty and my filet was tough, very strange. Will not do the steakhouse or Chef's table again. Huge waste of money. There are so many free places to eat all over the ship that tasted better.
  12. Food is subjective. I've been on both lines. I liked the food on both. I didn't feel the food on Celebrity was really that better overall. Both had items I liked and disliked.
  13. Eliminated because of an onion soup review? Just don't order the onion soup if it's too scary.
  14. I have not sailed MSC but have sail a few cruises on Royal and NCL. I'd skip MSC, I'm going to. Without knowing what ship, it's hard to give you a good answer. NCL has better food, less formal and better staterooms especially the bathrooms. They seem to take pretty good care of their ships. Prices are through the roof and itineraries not that great. Royal will feel less crowded, most the ships are very nice even if they are older. Mostly a solid product. Really you can't go wrong with either. Choose the ship that you think is the most impressive that better suits your needs. It's good to have variety.
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