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  1. Most cruise lines allow people to upgrade and pay more for a different cabin up until 2 days before sail date. I would be confused too and I've cruised 5 different lines.
  2. I've been there once. Next time I'm staying on the ship. I try not to book a cruise that goes there.
  3. I upgraded my cabin about a month ago and did not have to rebook. I am booked as a past guest still outside of final payment and I didn't have a problem. They used the current prices.
  4. It was windy and the ship had a lot of movement in the front. I barely used it. I've booked another one for December.
  5. It was the red beet square type dish. The lady next to me only ate one piece as well, three pieces were served. It was not delicious. Some of the items were good like the bread, mango sphere, and dessert. The wagyu beef at the end tasted like pot roast which is fine but it didn't blow my mind. I had stomach issues after that meal that prevented me from enjoying the rest of the food on my cruise. I didn't feel normal after that experience for about a month. I was fine until I attended that meal.
  6. I didn't think the food was that good. Not worth it. I'm more into Rachael Ray then Michelin Star. One of the dishes served looked beautiful but literally tasted like dirt. I was sick for days after that meal. I think I got food poisoning because I was fine until I left that dinner. Never again.
  7. I would rather be on a cruise ship in an inside cabin than not cruising at all. I've been on all types of cabins. I'm sure you will miss the balcony but you'll be fine and excited about the cruise when the time comes. You'll still have fun. Go for it!
  8. Not anymore. I book and sometimes cancel cruises because I shop around. The true excitement starts when I'm boarding the ship. That's when I know it's real.
  9. They are very aggressive. We paid them too. They were kicking so many people off the chairs. We had no idea. Thanks for the post.
  10. 2 on a five day cruise
  11. I've sailed all three. They are all similar. No set dining with NCL. More restaurants for a fee. But other than that, very similar. Every ship is a different experience, even with the same cruise line. There will be trivia, games, parties, karaoke. NCL has more technology. You can book reservations, see activities, and view your cruise balance on the television. They have interactive guides near the elevators. If you like Carnival, you'll like NCL. It's a better cruise experience.
  12. You're going to be fine. I have no intention of booking any ship on Carnival's fleet past the Breeze. I dislike how they have segregated people with Havana rooms by giving them an Aft pool and hottubs. The Aft area is the best and I think every paying customer on the ship should have access to all those areas. Put the segregated area on a top deck that people don't normally access. I'm getting tired of exclusives areas that are being sectioned off by these cruise lines. That's just my personal opinion. I'm not jealous. I could book a Havana cabin but it's getting out of control. The aft pool did it for me.
  13. They are understaffed. Every time I call, morning, noon, or night there are long holds. I've never waited that long though. Sometimes I just give up. At times I'm so frustrated with the long holds.
  14. Not worth it. Just got back last month, the cruise I went on I didn't have to wait for anything. Got to the port of Miami and was on board within 5 minutes. No waiting for the tenders for Half Moon Cay. The longest wait I had all week was for the elevators.
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