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  1. I was thinking that too, but we were able to book Los Lobo,s. We sailed on the Bliss in December and Los Lobos was offered as a platinum choice and I hope it is also on the Encore. The 24.00 dollars is almost the cost of an entrée and is quite a deal for a fixed price.
  2. I have been reading this thread and thought I would tell you that if you can go, Go. I sail with my sister and BIL. My hubby refuses to cruise, he says would hate it, and will not even try it. My sis and I have a ball. BIL goes to bed early and we do want we want to do. BIL likes for me to come so I can keep sis occupied and off his case. Life is short and you should enjoy it while you can.
  3. Thank you, but I have eaten there more than a few times.
  4. I thought so, BUT when we went to book our reservations online today for the Encore (120 days out) it has a fixed price of 24.00 plus grats. So we called and they tried to charge us over almost 90.00. We do not have the dining plan but we are all platinum and were just trying to book our free dining perks. I hope it is just a mistake and they fix it online.
  5. Is Le Bistro a fixed price now or ala-cart
  6. I had to go to the cruise next area to ask for them. It was almost like pulling teeth to get them to understand. After a little urging they gave me a voucher for 2 dinners for 2, and then crossed out 2 and wrote 1 on them. I was a little disappointed as this was my first cruise as platinum and I wanted to feel special. Even the butler did not understand what we were talking about.
  7. There is a thread on here that states he has to complete a cruise after he turns 18 in order to get latitude points. So the cruise after this cruise he will be platinum. Also if there are three platinum cruisers in the same cabin they will put a voucher for 2 dinners for two and one bottle of wine in the cabin. and the third gets a voucher for 2 dinners for one and no wine. That might have changed after our Jade cruise 2 years ago. I thought I should have gotten a bottle of wine also, but they said one bottle per cabin
  8. My guess would be that the higher DSC is to cover the servers used in the haven bars and restaurants and for breakfast and lunch in non haven suites, as well as the larger cabins.
  9. Are you sure it says in process, or does it say pending? That is a long time for processing.
  10. The DSC does not cover the gratuities on the drink package. But I also think the DSC is the perk to pick. It is a better value.
  11. I looked at the 3 cruises we have booked and guess what? They are giving you free wi-fi and taken away OBC. I guess you will have to decide which means more to you. I will take OBC.
  12. Sorry, I guess we were typing at the same time. Great mind work alike.
  13. No, the mini bar is not complimentary in any suites. If you use items from the mini bar you will be charged for them.. Have it emptied so you can use it for other things. The butler will do it for you if you ask. Also, there is no free laundry. They do run a special during the week for a bag. If your latitude status is Platinum or above they do give you one free bag, but not for suite perks.
  14. Ms. Goddess, (may I call you that?) My question is a real simple one. You were in a studio and platinum, Were your coupons for platinum dinners for one or two, and did you get a bottle of wine. I ask because when i shared a cabin with sis and brother-in-law (they are both Platinum plus) I had just made platinum and my coupons were not in the cabin. I had to go beg for them and it was only for one. I was ok with that however I did not get the wine. I am hoping that they will be in my cabin and I will not have to ask for them. This will be the first time I will be in a different cabin than them. Me studio and they are in a mini suite. Also thank you for taking us along on your trip. However it has made waiting for our cruise on the Bliss even harder.
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