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  1. Can one walk, safely, from the cruise pier to Rendezvous? (Sidewalks) Approximately, how far is it? We walk 3 miles a day so distance is not a problem....just want to make sure it is safe with sidewalks, other people around, etc.) Thanks.
  2. Are there any Adult Only Resorts that have Day Passes? Thanks.
  3. Are there any Adult Only Resorts that have Day Passes? Thanks.
  4. Are there any adult only resorts that offer day passes? Thanks.
  5. We will see how the rest of the cruise goes....the first issue was the disembarkation for the 3/23 cruisers.....not the fact that embarkation started for Haven guests after noon. There were MANY guests just getting off the ship at 11:00 and they were not happy since many were missing flights. I am no expert but leaving Tortola at least 4 hours late doesn’t sound normal. We are Platinum Plus so are just passing on EPIC info, not trying to bash NCL.
  6. We embarked Sat. 3/30. At 11:00 people were still getting off from the week before! The Haven guests did not get on until after noon. We were hours late leaving Tortola last night. At this minute we have a tug boat behind us helping us into St. Thomas.
  7. We will be going on a VIP cruise in Oct. on the Crown. What have the recent Welcome Gifts been? Thanks!
  8. I hope Princess does not add water slides and activities that bring a lot of kids on board.
  9. Thanks....guess a “smoky” non smoking section is better than nothing.
  10. Are there non smoking table games in the EPIC casino?
  11. We were not allowed off of the Jade when we had mechanical problems because they wanted everyone on the ship at all times. Throughout the day and into the night, they would call cabin #s to go down to board a bus to go to airport. You did not know when your cabin # would be called so you had to be ready for a couple of days just in case you heard your cabin # over the speaker. You then had less than 30 mins to get off.
  12. We were in the Jade when we had mechanical problems and ended up in San Juan. They will move the ship to a ship yard away from the cruise traffic to be fixed. We were air chartered back the week of Thanksgiving. We were not allowed off the ship. Good luck to those of you on the EPIC now. Patience and positive thoughts will prevail.
  13. Looking at the ship diagram on Page 217 in the 2017-2019 Worldwide Cruising Guide, I see a dark green color around the Dawn Aft Facing Penthouses on Deck 8. Those on decks 9 and 10 do not have the dark green color around the aft deck. Does anyone know what that is or if Deck 8 is different from Decks 9 and 10? Which Dawn Aft Facing Penthouses are suggested? Should any be avoided? Thanks!
  14. Are there snacks, during the day/evening, in the EPIC Haven Lounge? Thanks.
  15. Can you get “just champagne “ at breakfast or does it need to be a mimosa?Thanks.
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