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  1. Folks please understand. Not least bit upset about medical emergency BUT the way it was handled. We anchored in ocean. Patient taken via tender to small boat. Why didn't we dock and take patient via ambulance ? Folks like LHT28 support oceania - no matter what. It wasn't the medical emergency that upset us. Read the WHOLE post. This cruise did not meet Oceania's standard of the past. We are silver and have praised this line repeatedly but not this time. Sad to say, we think they're resting on their laurels.
  2. Cruise #11 on Oceania and biggest disappointment. Not sure if/when there will be #12. Ten day cruise with virtually five sea days as a result of questionable decisions by the captain..on first sea day there was medical emergency which should and did receive top priority. However, captain chose to stop at Turks & Caicos which was ill-equipped to handle emergency care. According to ocean club ambassador Cella, patient taken via our tender elsewhere for treatment. We sat still for more than five hours necessitating missing st kitts. Perhaps better planning by Miami/captain would have given better care to patient and allowed us another port. Captain's "explanation" ended with "sorry for the inconvenience." (3 sea days). Next stop, San Juan, originally Tortola when booked. Changed with no explanation given, prior to departure. Our tendered stop in Samana, DR required walking onto platform from ship to outboard motored "speedboats", often uncovered, holding somewhere near 30 people. Our final stop in Nassau scheduled for 9:30 arrived close to 1 pm, due to "rough" seas. We have been on cruises with drawers slamming open and still made ports on time. Back to ship at 4:30 for departure to Miami. Each delay/annoyance/inconvenience was met with a perfunctory "sorry for the inconvenience." Wonder what was really going on that caused us to travel more slowly. There was more to this than what we were told. Oceania club ambassador, cella, poor. Destination services abysmal. Fewer choices in terrace cafe. Only saving grace - staff everywhere OUTSTANDING!!! Where are you Frank Del Rio? Saw you on first cruise to Cuba. Is this the Oceania you envisioned?
  3. Have cruised on Oceania and Azmara. Taking first Regent cruise in November. We enjoy company of our fellow cruisers but prefer to dine alone for dinner. We have our reservation at Prime 7 but wondered about dinner reservations at Sette Mare and/or The Grill. Are they available and how/when do we make them, or aren't they necessary. Thanks so much. Looking forward to our first Regent cruise.
  4. deedo68

    Is Sirena As Bad As They Say ?

    We just returned from the 10/18 Sirena cruise and were equally disappointed. NYFeds hit the "nail on the head." This was our 8th Oceania cruise, the last 3 on Regatta, and this was by far our worst experience. On our end of cruise comment form we stated that had this been our 1st experience with O it would have been our last - that's how disappointing it was!!! Service was virtually nonexistent in Terrace at times. We felt that many of the crew were ending their contracts and were tired, and some new crew were inexperienced. Cory's announcements were sometimes never ending, repetitive and intrusive and the assistant cruise director made it very clear that he would rather be anywhere else. He bordered on rude in Bingo. Though the change in itinerary was necessary, it would have been nice to have heard from the captain more frequently. On Regatta. Capt Hansen kept us totally informed with changes, weather, etc. and was available around the ship all day and evening and was enjoyable to be around and totally engaging. IMHO Sirena has a long way to go to represent Oceania properly.