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  1. I regret I didn't have the opportunity to meet you on the cruise. Your pictures are really fantastic - and are much, much better than mine. (I apparently need a new camera, since DS kept pointing out that IPhone pictures were much better than my point-and-shoot Canon.) I'm definitely following your blog! Thank you for posting
  2. I know you mentioned looking for places on the ship, but you can also consider locations in the Port. We once arranged ahead of time for a religious vow renewal in Sitka AK -- and the Sitka Chamber of Commerce even put us in touch with a local photographer who gave us all of the digital photos that he took. We just contacted the church directly for the arrangements when we were in Port. The ship was kind enough to ensure that our group disembarked early. We even brought silk flowers for boutineres & a small bouquet LOL. The cost was very reasonable, including the gifts to the church & priest -- and were much less than we paid to RCL several years later (after DH was diagnosed w/a terminal disease), for another vow renewal ceremony onboard. Either way, hope your ceremony & memories are fantastic!
  3. I just noticed that the attempt to put through the charge was in the name of a Hindu God LOL. I guess it's not surprising that the fraud dept. of my bank flagged it. Yes, I'm getting a new card delivered within 24 hours, and the old card was already canceled.
  4. Just returned from my 1st Mediterranean cruise, and got my first fraud alert ever on one of the two credit cards that I carried with me. It was a chip card. I didn't keep the card in a RFID blocking wallet, but did leave it in my hotel & cruise safes when not in my possession. A charge of a few hundred dollars was put through by an individual or company with a foreign name. It may have absolutely nothing to do with my trip and my cruise, and the timing could be a coincidence. The credit card representative mentioned that travel is an addtional risk factor, so I thought I'd mention it here. I know it's common sense to keep an eye on your credit card charges, but it's still a surprise when something like this happens to you.
  5. No way to tell. A strong bid may increase the likelihood that your bid might win (but also check if the "strong" bid is more than the cost of purchasing that category of cabin if it's still available). A "strong" bid doesn't guarantee it will be accepted though. People have speculated that new cruisers might be given preference to introduce them to new cabin categories. People have also speculated that frequent cruisers sometimes get a preference. People have wondered if the whole program is just a marketing tool for RCL to collect data, since it appears that bids are solicited for sold-out cruises and sold-out categories too. People wonder if they hold cabins back for the program, or if RCL only uses the unsold cabins and last minute cancellations. The only thing we know for sure is that a "strong" bid doesn't appear to guarantee acceptance, and a weak bid doesn't appear to guarantee rejection.
  6. I’n not surprised, but I got my notice of unsuccessful bid at 1:01 am. I had bid $605 pp (barely rated a “good” bid) to upgrade to a JS from a large balcony on our 10/3 Jewel 9-day Mediterranean cruise. . (The JS were shown as fully booked when we made our original booking several months ago.).
  7. Just to clarify - the $475 -550 I paid was our tour cost for two people, and not a per person fee. Of course, that's before lunch, gelato, shopping and incidental expenses during the day. Seems like there are lots of good alternatives, from the less expensive options we found, up to the pricey option mentioned by CruiseMom42.
  8. We booked a full day tour from Rome (13 hours) "Pompeii & Amalfi Coast" (a/c bus wth maximum of 16 people"; English speaking guides; "skip the line" tickets and guides who are archaeologists; plus some free time in Positano for lunch on our own). The company seems to have good reviews on the usual travel websites, so we're hopeful. We'll be taking this tour next week before our October cruise! They warn that they may switch things around and stop in Pompeii in the afternoon if there are too many cruise passengers at Pompeii in the morning. This tour cost about $475-$550 or so for two people, after the conversion from Euros. It had to be paid in advance, and confirmations were sent promptly. I know this will be a long day. The meetup location is in central Rome is at 7:15 am. Several people suggested taking a Pompeii tour from Naples instead, due to its location. Our decision was because (1) we had the time in Rome before our cruise, and (2) by taking this excursion we'd have time to visit Capris or the archeological museum in Naples when docked there. We booked with https://www.walksofitaly.com/pompeii-tours/pompeii-tours-from-rome/
  9. Thanks blueridgemama! I will keep the reservation, and just plan on enjoying it .
  10. Uh oh. I just paid the $85/pp to try it on Jewel on my Greek cruise - leaving in about a week! I thought trying the Chef's Table would be a nice surprise for the foodie son who agreed to take this trip with me (this is my bucket list/retirement trip). Hope it's worth it LOL. Any tips for someone trying the Chef'sTable for the 1st time?
  11. Thank you so much to the cruisers who told me what they encountered! I'm glad that I can pack lighter clothes, since it means more of them will fit in the suitcase LOL.
  12. Thanks, Iancal. I might pack more than one sweater and an extra pair of pants (I have severe cold urticaia), but you list makes a lot of sense.
  13. CruiseMom -- I have to thank you again! That Almanac link is exactly what I needed and I wouldn't have found it without your help. It appears we'll be there as weather is cooling, with an average 10-degree variation from the beginning of our trip to the end. I have a health issue affected by temp variations, so this will definitely help my packing plans.
  14. Thank you for the useful site and tips on drilling down to getmore detailed information. That's extremely helpful!! We'll be going to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Athens, in addition to Naples and Rome. I'm trying to pack efficiently since we'll be in Rome for a few days in addition to 9 days on a cruise ship. We're not a small family (sons are 6'6" and 6'7", for ex.) so it doesn't take much to fill a suitcase LOL.
  15. The problem is that a month's range is so wide. I'd expect the end of the month to be a lot cooler than the beginning of the month, with a 4-week spread. The travel books are also inconsistent. That's why I'm hoping to nail it down a little better by hearing from people who traveled in October..
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