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  1. I was talking about cannabis in another sovereign country and its territorial waters. I never said anything about the Bahamas. Please try to focus.
  2. Why? Please expand your argument to share with us.
  3. Thanks ... yet another good perspective. It's not a simple answer.
  4. Umm??? The USA does not rule the world (yet). Within a country's territorial waters, you are subject to their rules, not ours. Or am I wrong?
  5. Excellent point! I suppose that at the very least, those old remaining tokers will be required to smoke it on board like they have to do now with cigarettes.
  6. You must be an old fart like me ... LOL. So few smoke now ... it's shifting to edibles, rubs, and vapes.
  7. But, if it is in their territorial waters (like 200 miles off shore), doesn't the rules of international law supersede any of our silly US laws? What about Vancouver - Seatlle (which BTW, both in British Columbia and Washington State is legal, but our feds declare it illegal?).
  8. Is it accepted on-board in a country's territorial waters/ports? I suppose that in Canadian waters, it will/should be totally legal. Slarty
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