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  1. Not necessarily a sofa sleeper pull out couch. Has to be designated for three people - muster station comes into play. You can’t just let someone sleep “on the couch.”
  2. If cabin is not designated as a 3 person cabin you can’t do this - might not even have a couch. Cabin has to be for 3 people.
  3. Sorry to disagree (and we usually agree), there’s nothing unfair. Young people aged 18-21 can do anything those over 21 do on a ship, except drink alcohol. There are many people over the age of 21 who choose not to drink alcohol for many reasons. It’s unfortunate that many people feel you can’t have a good time without alcohol. They can dance, go to shows, sit and listen to music, multiple sports activities, etc.
  4. Have always seen wine as a raffle prize, including this year on Navigator. Haven’t seen alcohol offered for free for probably 10 years - usually juice/water/coffee/cookies or some kind of cheese/crackers/fruit with a cash bar. Many years ago remember waiters with wine/champagne and the captain came and you could have a photo op - the good old days! Also ship’s photographer taking a group picture that you could purchase.
  5. Included with your cruise fare are hot tea, iced tea, tap water, coffee (not specialty ), hot chocolate, white and chocolate milk, lemonade/punch/flavored water in the buffet, juice with breakfast. You can purchase just a soda package, or the refreshment package that includes soda, fresh squeezed juice, bottled water, specialty coffee, virgin cocktails.
  6. You have to be in either traditional or MTD. You cannot switch between the two. You cannot eat with them in traditional dining. Traditional dining means their table is already assigned in the dining room - the could be seated at a table for two, or with other people; depending on what they requested on their reservation. The traditional dining room table number is printed on their Seapass card. It is the same table and table mates each evening. if you have MTD you just either show up and wait in line, or make a reservation. You may have the same table and waiters, or it could be totally different. Sounds like your friends need to switch to MTD. Or, you need to switch to traditional; but from your post I think having your friends do MTD makes more sense. Hopefully you understand how it works now.
  7. Your friends seem to have early seating. They will need to switch to My Time Dining. You can then just show up together at any time and sit together. If you don’t have a reservation you may have a short wait to be seated. Incidentally, you can’t switch back and forth between My Time and Traditional, so it’s important that they make the change if you all want to eat together.
  8. I would check that your ID or credit card hasn’t been compromised.
  9. * I have never had a problem with cabin stewards either. I find some are “more chatty” than others, but all do their job. I posted earlier when responding to original poster who said her husband was very messy. Poster said her husband tended not to use garbage cans and just dropped garbage, and left stuff out - again, not defending steward, but sounds like they might have been difficult customers. Stewards are not personal servants. I also have always thought the stewards were instructed not to move/touch too much personal stuff. OP disagreed and said stewards had always picked up all their stuff. So many people are quick to blame stewards for theft.
  10. Perhaps - but they can vary from ship-to-ship and cabin-to-cabin. A true fridge for medical reasons is probably better maintained than the cabin coolers. Why take the risk with something so important.
  11. Not trying to be overly defensive of RC, but it sounds like your room was a mess - and you blame it on the steward. There are trash cans - I cannot imagine just leaving trash on the floor. As I stated originally, staff are reluctant and are trained not to touch too much personal items. Wondering if you just left clothes all over and expected steward to put away. Many beaches have showers or at least go to the pool on board and use the shower to clean off your feet before going to your bed!
  12. Lucky that you weren’t charged regular laundry price for slacks. Instructions say for underwear, T-shirts, socks, swimsuits, etc, not “dress” clothes. Wouldn’t risk slacks in the wash and fold bag.
  13. A few things that a little research on RC would have prepared you for on your cruise. No self-service laundry on any RC or Celebrity ships including no irons. Cabins have a cooler; not a true fridge. If you need a fridge for medical use, you can request. Robes are not provided. Available to Platinum C&A members or above, on request, but usually cabin steward will try to get on request. Sheets are not changed daily. Can’t imagine getting sand in the sheets, Never had a problem with bathroom towels not being exchanged twice daily. Same way with steward cleaning cabin - wonder what you mean about “tidying up” - they tend not to touch your personal stuff. How much tidying up did you expect? Pool towels are exchanged at pool. No need to take to cabin. Room service is not free on many lines. Glad you enjoyed the cruise overall, but some questions you should perhaps have researched ahead of time.
  14. A lot of ships no longer have formal night. It’s been changed to a dress your best type of night. You will see all kinds of dress in MDR. I agree with sticking with long pants.
  15. Hot tea, iced tea, lemonade/punch/flavored water, tap water, coffee, juice with breakfast, white and chocolate milk, hot chocolate, are all included with your fare. Available at various food locations - all are available at the Windjammer.
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