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  1. It also might depend on the size of the table you have requested. Not specifically sure about Allure but have usually found large tables are along the sides of the DR. There’s very little to see depending on cruise and when it gets dark.
  2. Not sure why you didn’t cancel or change your cruise when Dreamworks was dropped in 2018 if that was so important to you. Also, calling your congressman isn’t going to help - ships are not subject to US law.
  3. Cargo shorts are available every where. Google and you will see. Not sure why you have a hard time finding. Also not sure why your kids wouldn’t wear - they are very popular with hikers, athletes, lots of age groups and people with different interests; many brands too, including Under Armour, Columbia and many others.
  4. Dress codes have been relaxed - but jeans have never been a problem for dinner, now or in the past. You are requested not to wear shorts in the MDR other than breakfast and lunch.
  5. How about cargo shorts or something similar with deep pockets. They will also need their Seapass card - lanyard works well. They don’t need to carry a drink cup. Drinks are available all over the ship. If you are concerned about them losing phone have them leave in cabin and check back frequently.
  6. Truly sorry that you encountered such bad behavior from other cruisers. It seems as if you had a particular bad experience. Notice that other cruisers around the same time didn’t share many of your complaints. Wonder if perhaps you were not assertive with the people saving seats. Please note I am not suggesting being confrontational, but I don’t understand your statement that “you were ousted three times” - doesn’t make sense. If you sit down and stay in your seats people cannot save them. A simple “no seat saving” has always worked for me and my family. As far as the solarium, if the attendants said they had checked and the teenagers were over 16 then no rules were being broken. Adults often are laughing and noisy. Solarium is not designated as a quiet area. Again, sorry you didn’t enjoy your cruise, but I think you might be happier on a smaller, more intimate, and possibly more upscale cruise.
  7. Check or have your TA check with RC. If you have such a large party make sure your dining reservations are linked regardless of having traditional or My Time so that you will all be together.
  8. By the time you collect your luggage, pick up whatever you need and drive to Miami, plus have breakfast, I don’t think you will need to kill time. Many people fly in the day before just to be safe - thinking flight/ baggage /traffic delays. You will be fine heading to the port. You can check in and boarding usually starts around 11:00.
  9. Shows are usually scheduled so that they are available to traditional early and late dining times.
  10. RC also has single cabins. You need to price both ways. Single/solo cabins can often be the same price as a regular cabin. You need to do your homework, or have a TA price out for you,
  11. Poor choice of wording on my part - should have said on ships where CL is now a suite lounge. Just off the Navigator and there is now a suite lounge, not CL. Diamond lounge was small and crowded. D+ only has access to DL. Perhaps CL on Serenade will change eventually.
  12. You might not be fretting now, but you wouldn’t be too happy if you couldn’t get in the DL because it was totally full. You will have earned a right to use the lounge by spending a lot of money on cruises; shouldn’t expect to share with people who have not. Remember RC can change the rules at any time. Diamond plus are no longer allowed in the Concierge lounge. I think it’s just a matter of time before DL is just for D+ and not diamonds. When people cheat and break the rules everyone suffers.
  13. Agree with everyone else - young children don’t need a package. Includedwith your cruise fare: tap water, juice, white and chocolate milk, lemonade, punch/flavored water, iced tea. You can take Mio drops (or similar) and add to tap water to make your own flavored water.
  14. Are you referring to the DL overflow lounge in the Star lounge. The DL on the Navigator requires your key to open the door - small lounge. Dexter was sitting at his desk and greeted people who came in. Don’t see how anyone could sneak in. Sailed in March and Star was used as an overflow lounge and no one was checking cards, unless they were ordering exchanging drinks. People were using the Star overflow lounge who were not diamonds, but not the actual DL.
  15. Question about ice was raised at a Captain’s/staff question and answer session that I attended. Answer was was given that it was now “by request “ as so many people (many non Americans) never used or wanted ice. It was more work to provide, clean ice buckets, waste of time/money to provide, etc. It was implied that it was not a big deal to provide if anyone requested and was steward’s responsibility - that’s one reason I don’t consider ice an extra duty.
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