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  1. I look at a 15k base cost for two people and found plans at around 950 with cancel for any reason plus the medical benifit... but most of the rest dont apply. Like baggage etc. So it's the same price with some added benifits...
  2. Just wondering if you got to see it or not?
  3. I agree. The rep has no idea why the flight was canceled.. there are less aircraft available so flights have to be canceled. Do they take into consideration how many passengers are affected by a cancelation or cascade effect of the cancellation... I hope so.. but again there is no way to know the reasoning behind why it was canceled beyond speculating for the average phone rep. I can certainly tell you they dont cancel flights for the sole reason of lack of people on them..
  4. I work in a call center.. here is my entire employment contract.. http://www.iamdl142.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/SWA-IAM-142_Final-TA-with-LOUs-14-and-15_10-21-16.pdf
  5. Yes I have checked those other positions and many more that get my tips to see how much they are getting and optimize their commision/tip so I do take that into consideration. Like some restaurant servers have to tip out other positions and if they did a really good job i over tip... another place I go the valet and establishment split 50% of the tips and I still have to pay a fee to park that is not shared.. I avoid the valet and when I do need to use it i dont tip... The mechanic situation would be different because that would be commission on sales that his skill as a salesman earned him and agree it's mostly non of my buisness. But I do shop labor rates and part prices and see the cost vs doing it somewhere else or myself. I do reward those that do a great job with repeat buisness. I do want to know if a position is commission based so I can evaluate the Information being provided.. I do think that draw idea sounds like the most correct as it's the only fair way if they are a 100% tip position. I agree they have the choice to leave, but I view them if it's TRUE also taking advantage of me in the situation as well. I have asked dealers at other casinos if their tips are pooled or not.. I tip smaller on pooled tips because that extra money makes a bigger difference in my bankroll than the toke box In my job I've had many customers asked how I bonus what commission I get and I have never taken offence and shared that Information freely. Larry
  6. OP: Thank you for the post.. To those that say where my money goes is none of my business.. YOU ARE WRONG! He(and as I will be doing when I go on) have EVERY RIGHT to know if our money is going to the people we intend on it going to! Asking about TIPPING and COMPENSATION are TWO Different things. He did not ask how much do you get paid, how much do you make hourly, how much do you normally get per contract.... he asked... how much of this money I am giving you do you get to keep!! How is that not relevant information? If I am paying someone for doing work for me... and then the bank says... I am taking 1/2 as fees but if you tell anyone you can't bank here anymore... and I only can pay using that bank..... How is it not my business?? Same thing.. THE ONLY ONE THAT BENEFITS FROM TIPPING/GRATS NOT BEING TRANSPARENT IS NCL... PERIOD.... STOP BEING NASTY PEOPLE AND PROTECTING NCL AND KEEPING THESE STAFF MEMBERS UNDERPAID, UNDER-APPRECIATED AND ABUSED. Also since you think this info is false.. if someone does get fired... then.... it must be true? So even in your post you make no sense... On a cruise ship, I want quality people, who work hard, to get paid well, and treat me well.. Currently we use the tipping system for that.. but if it keeps getting abused... Were going to have crap workers, crap food, crap cruises, and slave ships... we have to stand up for the vacation experience we want.. and the way to get that is to treat the crew well.... Larry #endrant
  7. Maybe they want to adjust the volume and frequency to not disturb you as much. Atleast that's a optimistic thought.
  8. I had to go into my app and click the message icon... not from the email.
  9. https://www.southwestaircommunity.com/t5/Southwest-Stories/Boeing-737-MAX-8-FAQs/ba-p/88171
  10. Keep an eye on aircraft type. Some flights are subbing in 700s for the max8... leading to 32 people without a seat... If you do a mock booking and a fare shows your good.. if it says sold out click on flight number to see equipment if 800 good. If not better check in right at 24hrs... have a boarding pass your gtg.. security doc. Prolly not..
  11. Keep in mind though many states can seize them as well... ie nyc and state if baught as gifts your supposed to pay the nyc tax on them... 4 cartons one time wont raise flags... but it is still technically supposed to be taxed. Same with alcohol across state lines
  12. Welcome trolls... why post a complaint to a discussion.. isn't it ironic that you are the one you are complaining about... How they get paid is my buisness because I am the one paying them..... ie if the DSC is removed and doesn't impact anyone why not remove it if you can? That's the question.. does that money goto the crew or a money grab.... I chose ncl because of the ship and iterary... if I want to save money because of a price drop or removing costs that I can... and it doesn't affect those people... why not?
  13. There is no solution... therefore calling it a tip or for good service is not correct. It's just to pay the crew their wage somthing that should be included in the fare. Basicly it rewards average service Larry
  14. Well.. This is enlightening to the topic.. But how can you trust it when the refer to Cruise Critic as the source... https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2017/04/articles/crew-member-rights/usa-today-takes-a-look-at-cruise-ship-gratuities/
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