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  1. I was wrong. It was the Grand Roatan Resort that does not offer day passes. I just got a FB message from Infinity that gives me all the information. Everyone can relax now :) Sorry to scare everyone!
  2. Thank you. I contacted them directly through email and got the response that they were not offered. Your link shows it includes snorkel rental for $15 for the entire day. Bananarama offers snorkel gear for only two hours. The pool looks great at Infinity in case we get tired of the vendors on the beach.
  3. Thanks so much. Got an email from Infinity today and they no longer do day passes. You gave great information so now I can finally make a decision :)
  4. I have been to Bananarama before and this trip I am trying to decide between Bananarama, Infinity Bay or Paradise for a day pass. Looking for a chair and snorkel equipment. Does anyone have experience with these resorts and which may be the best for our group who will want to snorkel, have lunch, get some some and have some great beach drinks. Not looking for all inclusive just a great resort that might not be terribly overcrowded although I know that Tabaiana is nearby and is what the ships use for their excursions.
  5. I've done cave tubing many years ago but I am returning to Belize on a cruise with my two daughters and one of their friends (all adult age and college grad gift) and they would like to do experience cave tubing. Which company is better Buttsup or BZ or possibly someone else I have not found yet? Can't remember who we used last time. Last time, we got to go through a third cave away from the crowds coming in on buses so it was a little more personalized and a longer tubing trip. I would appreciate any help from anyone who has experience with these companies or others that might be a good fit for us.
  6. It appears late dining is waitlisted, but we had decided to stay with YTD this cruise anyway. This past January, we did not eat in he dining one or two nights on our 5 night cruise. Hopefully, wait times will not be 1.5 hours as I have heard they can be on the Vista. Thanks everybody.
  7. My husband and I have always booked late dining which works really well for us. However, for an upcoming cruise, my PVP automatically booked YTD for myself, my two daughter's and one of their friends. I am curious to know what activities we will miss if I switch to late dining. I am cruising with two 22 year olds who love activities and do not want to miss anything. I'm not even sure if late dining is possible as we booked late for an August cruise. I cannot find the 7 night Vista fun times in a font large enough to read :) Does anyone know what activities are on the vista between 8 and 10:30 p.m. that might be missed with late dining? My husband and I are not "show" people, but my daughter always participates in karaoke, games, scavenger hunts, shows, and night club, but I hate to do YTD and get stuck with an hour wait. Help!!
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