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  1. Yes, this is an Alaska cruise - I was incredibly surprised and forced my husband to make a very fast decision, as I was certain the room wouldn't be available for long.
  2. Appreciate that - I didn't call and was using various websites to check availability. However, we are very excited about the room we got, and to be honest since my daughter is still 13, I'm kind of happier to still have her in the same room as us. I felt very lucky the day I was able to get into the room we did.
  3. Yes, we could get 2 interiors for close to the same price - however there were not 2 interiors that were close enough together to qualify. We only booked 9 months before the cruise and that was not early enough for there to be enough rooms left to choose from I guess.
  4. Thanks, and yes I did see those, however they were very hard to come by, perhaps I booked my cruise to late to get those rooms. We only lucked into the room we did when I caught what must have been a cancelation.
  5. We have booked the same category (room 8000) for our cruise in June. We have 2 teens who are full sized adults, girl/boy and they will not in any way share a small sofa bed, so this room was a must for us. Cruising is a real problem for families with teenagers, unless you can afford 2 seperate rooms. We considered the long walk to everything and thought it was a very small price to pay for keeping everyone happy and well rested during the week.
  6. I don't have an internet source for the "anything less than 10 is bad", but in real life my brother is the service manager of a car dealership and it is in fact that exact way. If he or his staff receives 10 everything is fine, but if they receive 9s or less they are singled out for "retraining". A 9 is considered a fail. If there are 10 lines on the survey and you get a score of 10 on all but one of those lines, and a 9 on the last line it is still considered a "fail" for service. Is it dumb? yes Should it be that way? of course not But is that how it works? yes
  7. Due to excellent suggestions from here, we are planning on staying at the YWCA pre-cruise. Unfortunately we only have 2 1/2 days in Vancouver and my list of things to do is longer than we will have time to see. I'm the type that usually gets on to the ship/port early - but I'm wondering if instead we could fit in the Capilano Suspension Bridge the same morning that our cruise departs? I know there's a shuttle that's fairly close to the YWCA, but I see there's also one that leaves from Canada Place. If we checked out of the hotel and brought the luggage to Canada Place, can we store/leave it there that early in the morning (I think the first shuttle leaves at 8:45)? Also - how long do people tend to stay at Capilano? Thanks!
  8. This has been an interesting thread. OP - very sorry that you had to go through this, I too would be very embarrased to stand in the hallway in a bathrobe surrounded by officers. I think you've been remarkably calm dealing with some posts here as well. Just out of curiosity - what is the point of an officer blocking the peephole? I am guessing that maybe the theory is, if someone saw it was an officer than they could someone hide something? But that doesn't make sense, as multiple people have said how quickly the officers would open your door even if you didn't open it for them, so again why not at least hold up a badge or something to show you they have the right to enter your room? I'm sure I'd be too shocked in that situation to do much else than open the door, but I feel like it would be less scary for me if I could at least identify who was there before opening the door.
  9. If my husband and I both have the refreshment package - can he get up in the morning and get us both coffees? Can he just bring my card, or do I actually have to show my face to get my coffee? I think it's safer for everyone involved if I avoid as many people as possible until I have had my coffee 🙂 Same idea with something like bottled water, can he run out and get 2 bottles while I'm getting ready to head out on port days, or should I just add in enough time to stop somewhere and grab my own?
  10. Wasn't able to read anything on the RC forums yesterday, got in a for a few minutes today, but I'm back to the MYSQL errors again.
  11. FWIW I booked Radiance Alaska for June 2019 back in August - got an incredible Black Friday sale and our OV room for the 4 of us dropped by around $1500. So there's still lots of time for you to catch another sale. Good luck
  12. We are taking a first cruise to Alaska with a 13 and 15 year old next summer. For what it's worth I focused completely on the itinerary and what we wanted to do in each port. Since the ships that sail in Alaska aren't quite as "exciting" for teens as the huge ships in the Caribeen it made sense to me that I wanted to focus more on Alaska and what we would be doing off the ship. We ended up choosing a one way cruise because it had 4 port days and gave us more things to do. I have also sat the kids down and talked about the kinds of things we can do in each port to help make plans - I am absolutely going into this trip with detailed plans for each of the 4 port days - this doesn't always mean "excursions" on 2 of the days we've actually chosen to do a car rental and go our own way because I think my teens would hate the tour bus pace of seeing things. I am personally assuming that the scenic "seeing the glacier day" on the ship means that hubby and I will be in awe and taking a million pictures and the kids will be like "that's great mom" and then go off to the teen clubs or hanging out in the room. I think you are totally right - there is too much to Alaska to see in one cruise/trip so whatever you end up doing will be awesome. No matter what you pick, if you make good plans you'll end up having a great time.
  13. I didn't link any reservations, but when I went to make the reservations for our MTD on an upcoming cruise, I was able to book dining together for us and my parents that had booked seperate from us. All I needed to know was their confirmation number I believe to book them with us.
  14. Seems like if you can book the summer before, when the offices are still open you may get a decent price. But I tried booking at the end of September and coulnd't get anyone to make a reservation as the offices were all closed for season. Just finally got them to reserve this week and the prices are higher. Pretty crazy that you have to book things almost a year in advance to get a decent price.
  15. I've just booked one day rentals for minivans in Juneau and Skagway - not happy with the price, but can't find any coupons that actually work in Alaska and Costco won't even price those cities for me.
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