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  1. What I want to know is how people can buy the art Park West sell. 98% of it is tacky and doesn't seem to change much in style from one year to the next. You are better off going to your local art gallery and supporting your local artists.
  2. Buffet food is buffet food but Celebrity impressed me with their Breakfast buffet (overall though their food was the best of the lines we tried) My reason why will not be popular with most cruisers though. Celebrity (Equinox round the Med) had a large range of breakfast dishes but in the middle of the morning offering was a curry station with puri bread and rice and various homestyle veggie dishes. Curry for breakfast is really good and also quite healthy and as my husband and I discovered....goes well with bacon. It goes without saying that due to nationality of many kitchen workers on ships that curry is often a good choice of food anyway. I never have found out if Celebrity have this regularly as many fellow cruisers I meet don't have the curry love I do. 🙂
  3. Yup, but if they want to drink om a ship then they should come over here. 🙂 It wouldn't be the first time we have seen 18-20 year old Americans over here enjoying the European drinking laws.
  4. Marella allow 18+ to drink on board regardless of port I think. I have a feeling Costa and MSC and other European/Brit lines allow it when sailing from non US ports.
  5. Consider doing it yourself as Barcelona is very easy to do on your own...especially with the hop on and hop off buses if you prefer something more formalised. The old chestnut of 'Europe/certain European city is a pick pocketing hotbed' comes up again. It really isn't if you are smart (well no more than anywhere else except the US). Enjoy Barcelona as it is a wonderful city.
  6. Stick the smokers in a room on a lower less public deck or near the funnel at the very top. That way those that enjoy our health and fresh air can wander the ship and it's outdoor decks without the worry of cancer stick fumes. I find bizarre that some lines allow smoking indoors in the casino where it pollutes the rest of the public decks around it.
  7. As a comparison for us over here Cuba is still very much on the hot list and has been for a while. There is some fabulous deals for us at the moment for package holidays.
  8. As much as I appreciate various Oceana fan viewpoints I do hold the view that your average passenger on most lines is not really into veganism. I can see them getting a general dieted passenger to broaden their food options.The cruise industry is panned by those who are environment focused and a lot of vegans champion the environment and its creatures so a cruise would not be a natural choice for them. On the Oceana for young professional argument I do think a very small minority would choose them. My husband and I are in this group (32 and 31) and we wouldn't. Each to their own I guess.
  9. For some it's not a a delay in luggage on the first day but a whole cruise/few days delay where your luggage goes walkies or is under someone else's bed. Rare but that's the thinking behind it.
  10. OP, I completely agree with your packing. When I board I always have my medicines and outfits/items rolled into my small carry on in case my luggage never makes it to the stateroom. I usually pack in my carry on for 10+ day cruise: spare underwear swimsuit evening dress dressy shoes/sandals wine medicines straighteners make up My Bible a few select tops/skirts/bottoms to go with anything All the usual handbag items and documents for the cruise This means I am prepared for pretty much anything should the worst happen. My large bag has always made it but you never know. Some people like to pack a swimsuit so they can get in the pool on embarkation day too.
  11. Not a vegetarian but I eat minimal meat compare to the average person. The media calls this a 'flexitarian' for some odd reason. Now forgive me if I am wrong but the menu seems largely Vegan (give or take some cheese mentioned), which is very different from vegetarian. When anyone mentions plant based they usually mean upmarket vegan fare. Having this much vegan food on a ship is rather great news for the industry but with a large percentage of vegans being younger than 40 I wonder if Oceania is the right line to try this. I would have expected it from a large, Royal ship that has room for a small, vegan cafe type place. Vegan food can be fabulous when done properly.
  12. We have only ever had people contact large, independent companies and set up a group then we all signed up and paid the company separately. The more people joined, the more the price dropped. That seemed to work well.
  13. If you don't like the big cups you could bring your own. Seems to happen a lot now. I don't think flavoured coffee creamers are a modern thing. I have only ever seen them in the US? You could always ask for flavoured syrup in your coffee from the coffee bar. I think it's quite cheap for one shot.
  14. Right back at you with a beach break in California...over even a city one to be honest :). To those not familiar with Norfolk, UK it is pretty...honest. I just like to get off this island!
  15. Not really, we have done for the last few years but only due to great prices/deals. We book a lot of mini breaks that are not cruises anyway. The problem we have at the moment is we have done a lot of the cruises we want to do (that sail when our education holiday times fall) and I at least am a bit disillusioned with cruising at present. We still have cruises like a transatlantic, a transpacific, a North Asian, a long Caribbean and the ultimate Antarctica cruise. My husband is quite keen still but we have an eye for a land/train trip this year. Brexit is making a lot of us Brits put our holiday plans on hold but I am not spending the summer in a cottage in Norfolk. Heck no 😄.
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