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  1. As someone who has done 2 longer length Europe Carnival cruises I can give my two cents.. 1) DIY is indeed best. Carnival's excursion's were not worth the money as they are more experienced in offering excursions elsewhere. 2)Carnival match a MDR dish to their current port. These offerings were often better than other choices. 3)Carnival do a big sail away party with streamers and characters etc. They tend to do all the line dances that Americans love but us Europeans have no clue about....so don't be surprised if you have confused Europeans. The ships are usually a mix of European (with a UK dominance) and US. 4) On the 'party' note of Carnival do not listen to the naysayers that diss Carnival. We have found our 3 long Carnival cruises to be nothing like what have read about the line's 7 day offerings. aaannnnd my biggest tip: 5)) Be careful with Carnival's bus port prices. Carnival does not do free port buses. Carnival offer tickets to the centre of Corfu, or of the Rome port etc for a price when you can usually get it free (Rome has a port bus) or a very cheap taxi. Research all this before you go to avoid getting ripped off. Carnival like to advertise their buses the night before or that morning.
  2. There was a thread about this last year somewhere. Seaweed will only ruin your holiday if you let it.
  3. Hi Just checked a last minute Costa cruise (less than 2 weeks away) that has flights included. Its not too bad a deal overall (10 day cruise and flights for £1115). We didn't book this cruise originally as it sold out before we could make it. Thing is we hate to fly and when we originally looked at this cruise a month ago we planned to train in from the UK as a) we have friends we can visit in Hamburg b) we planned to do a bit of Brussels beer touring post cruise on the way back. We have this route costed and sorted so no worries there. Any Costa experts know how to book this minus the flights? Thanks
  4. We were waiting for a lady on our cruise in 2017 and when we saw a car coming to the pier people started jeering and whatnot. The lady got out looking very poorly indeed and had to be helped to the ship. She wasn't drunk but looked very pale and had a leg problem I think also. Thankfully, the people jeering shut up,
  5. Not all Indian food is spicy at all...may I recommend a Korma,Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter chicken dish? Most Indian restaurants around the world will put mild/medium/hot or tell you if they ask. Mild is a very safe option if spice is your enemy. Those dishes are the ones that often get people started on Indian food and are on many menus (even though one of them is a western creation)...aside from the tasty fried snacks of course. Sriracha is a sauce and curry is a dish so they are not ingredients as such. They both vary wherever you go.
  6. Nothing too crazy and it did not happen on my cruise but my friend put on her facebook this past year: 'What do you do when you are sat next to a couple at the buffet who are using the chocolate buffet to spread and lick off each other's limbs?' She was on a Carnival cruise at the time. I don't know her too well as it's been years so I didn't ask. I have often wondered at it.
  7. We have booked 2 re positioning cruises 1 was Carnival 2300 passenger ship -No problems there. 1 was a P&O Oz 1500 passenger ship - no problems again. Book a repo with a good passenger ratio older ship.
  8. It can be really delicious... It is a rice porridge that can be served savory or sweet...depending where you are in China. Other Asian countries serve it too. After landing in Singapore...within the hour I was eating a bowl of it with pork, century eggs, tofu, onions and spices at 8am. 🙂 I tend to be a 'eat everything' sort of Brit.
  9. Think English rose vampire colouring and you are about there. Dark red hair, pale skin and very pale blue eyes.
  10. Funny you should mention that as I have met quite a few folk from the states on cruises who seemed genuinely shocked when I said I was very much anti royal. In my mind I look quite British but often get mistaken for being Polish/Scandinavian in my own country. My accent has also been mistaken for Aussie on a stateside cruise.
  11. I would say I have more in common with my continental neighbours than people in the USA...languages aside. I have always felt very 'European'. Also, I am not sure you can compare the generalising of North Americans to Europeans. I get that there is masses of land and some cultural differences. But comparing a Texan to a Seattle resident is not the same as comparing a Brit to an Albanian IMO.
  12. Only from pool to cabin because I may get a bit cold...and even then only when I have forgot my Kaftan. It baffles me people wander round in them like it is a high class spa.
  13. National express will be easy and cheap from either of those ports. Comfy coaches. Trains will also be easy but less cheap. Cruise shuttles will vary but a private car will cost much more.
  14. I assume dolittle is talking about tight and small ' budgie smugglers' than are liked by only some continental Europeans and certainly not Brits. Europe is a fast continent with very different tastes everywhere. We don't like be lumped into the same group. My Husband wears the longest swimming trunks he can find.
  15. I landed here a day after booking my first cruise. It was because of this board I changed to a fab secret cabin...hurrah!
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