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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. It's definately Costa. Part of their Playstation world partnership with Playstation according to what I have read. This partnership did start a few years back (When PS3 was the thing) but my 2018 cruise ship guide mentioned this feature.
  2. Ah...good old P&O with their classy adverts! I'm just going to defend the rep young cruisers get that has been mentioned in this thread. I started cruising aged 27 and I am nothing like the 18-30 crowd. Some of us young cruisers do have class and no kids. Also...the essex couple have been released.
  3. I dislike the flag waving and ceremony idea too. P&O Australia certainly don't anything like it on their ships to match the 95% aussies on their cruises.
  4. As a Brit who sails on large American lines mainly I can tell you the stories I have heard from passengers on those ships are no different to this one. I am about to sail Italian style so I will let you know how that goes. In every nation there are idiots. In every nation a large group of travellers may be rather obvious. We perceive our nation to be bad because we see a lot of it. 'Us lot' are no worse or better than holiday makers from nations around the world....sometimes for varying reasons.
  5. Came here to see if there is any news on what happened. Although I have to say a fight on a cruise ship seems to happen on most mainstream lines. Regardless of the how/why the fight started those awful sailaway traditions are dated and not needed. Amongst other reasons, they are they reason we won't sail with UK P&O. Take a leaf from Carnival and NCL's book and just have a party with normal music and some streamers etc. P&O Oz do not do anything patriotic. We had a great cruise with them last year. They are much cheaper than UK P&O btw.
  6. Okay, I know we are on a cruise but the hubby and I are gamers and we have been told there are limited English speaking channels in cabins. I would be happy to play a bit of playstation before retiring to bed (I usually watch something on the cabin tv). I don't think the lure of a playstation would stop me doing my usual cruise thing. I know there is a playstation world near the casino but some one made a comment you can have a playstation in the cabin. Is this for a fee? first come first served? If it is first come first served I think the continental kids will beat us to it as it is the summer holidays. Thanks
  7. A Med cruise is a cruise that is predominantly sailing around the Med sea even if it starts in the UK (Which they often do) European cruises can be the above and any sailing with a majority of European ports. A Med cruise is the most popular option so will usually appear first in any European cruise search....followed by a Norway cruise and then the Baltics (countries on the Baltic sea)
  8. Booked today...4 weeks to go. Talk about last minute!
  9. Thanks for this, we board her a month tomorrow!
  10. I also have T1 hubby. If anyone thought him a bad table mate for 'insulin stealthing' (he discreetly injects insulin with a pen type needle under the table-designed so there is is no blood) I would consider them awful table mates. If they ever so much as mentioned it they would get a rather long lecture on the complications of diabetes from myself. Health comes first. He tests his sugars in the cabin before we eat and afterwards also as that involves blood of course.
  11. I read a review where a lady said she read Costa did not allow her straighteners so she left them at home. I have coarse (redhead) very long hair. I am not a vain person but they are one of my few bits of kit I use each day. I do need them. This review was 2012. Is this true? There prohibited list has straighteners on one page but then another prohibited list does not have them on. Emailed Costa but no luck yet. Sailing round the Baltics on the Pacifica. Thanks
  12. Thanks for all the help! I read a review where it says hair straighteners are not allowed....is this true on Costa? (I sent them an email about it last night but no word yet)
  13. Yes We have seen varied asian dress on our cruises on formal nights and upscale eateries. Some heavily beaded and some not.
  14. In all fairness though, I'm not the one letting a little seaweed stop me having a day at the beach. Your call, I was just being positive about the situation.
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