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  1. They should have taken you to The City Museum of Northern Peoples instead. It's a short walk from The Brick Warehouses. And yes, 3 hrs for the market. PERFECT!
  2. I'm sure this is old news, but sheesh. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/04/729622653/carnival-cruise-lines-hit-with-20-million-penalty-for-environmental-crimes?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3w9Ae4h3wlqY1HHEC7NdlrUeFWvpVdi-f0cDA3Y-DJoubBfjsngq-fXTc
  3. Thanks! Since everyone has the choice of turning sigs off I will ignore the criticisms of long ones. It is as much for me as you.
  4. Thank you for you helpful response. I will give that a try. BTW Hiltner's response reminds me why I don't come here much any more. .
  5. My issue is that I had 9 lines and 1 image and it wouldn't let me save. Thank you for your kind answer. Some of us haven't been as fortunate as you have.
  6. I use a TA. She saw the big price drop and called them.
  7. We were weak also. Went from an outside CaT C to a Signature Suite for about $450 or so each. We lost our prepaid gratuities, but still come out way ahead.
  8. And this is not where Veendam is now. The last 6 inspections have been either 99 or 100%. As I've said, pay attention tocurrent reports, not old ones.
  9. The failed inspection was 6 years ago. HAL put one of their best captains on the ship to fix the problems. Since then Veendam has passed all inspections. Her scores since the failed inspection have all been in the 90s, most in the high 90s and two 100s (perfect score) So stop worrying about that please. How the ship is doing currently is what is important and she's doing fine. We have sailed on Veendam 4 times starting less than a year after the failed inspection. We had 0 problems (other than having to disembark). The crew is always great and we just love her smaller size. You will be as happy with your experience as you let yourself be.
  10. Been on Main desk on all the R class ships and 4 times on Veendam.Other than an occasional chair scraping sound it was absolutely quiet. I also second the recommendation of the Main Deck OVs.
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