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  1. shrimp56

    More HAL website problems

  2. shrimp56

    Prinsendam upsell: I'm weak, I jumped!

    I use a TA. She saw the big price drop and called them.
  3. shrimp56

    Prinsendam upsell: I'm weak, I jumped!

    We were weak also. Went from an outside CaT C to a Signature Suite for about $450 or so each. We lost our prepaid gratuities, but still come out way ahead.
  4. shrimp56

    Veendam --- need real assessment

    And this is not where Veendam is now. The last 6 inspections have been either 99 or 100%. As I've said, pay attention tocurrent reports, not old ones.
  5. shrimp56

    Veendam --- need real assessment

    The failed inspection was 6 years ago. HAL put one of their best captains on the ship to fix the problems. Since then Veendam has passed all inspections. Her scores since the failed inspection have all been in the 90s, most in the high 90s and two 100s (perfect score) So stop worrying about that please. How the ship is doing currently is what is important and she's doing fine. We have sailed on Veendam 4 times starting less than a year after the failed inspection. We had 0 problems (other than having to disembark). The crew is always great and we just love her smaller size. You will be as happy with your experience as you let yourself be.
  6. Been on Main desk on all the R class ships and 4 times on Veendam.Other than an occasional chair scraping sound it was absolutely quiet. I also second the recommendation of the Main Deck OVs.
  7. shrimp56

    Poor Communication Regarding Cancelled Cruise

    Which I gather you enjoy. Over and out.
  8. shrimp56

    Poor Communication Regarding Cancelled Cruise

    I thought "twit" was kind, considering... I must congratulate you though, on the most thorough and skillful wielding of the "self-sealing" argument, as we call it in logic, that I have seen in many years.
  9. We all have a right to our own reasons for mourning a loss. That includes you. If you don't want to remember in the manner that as other posters do, that's fine. What isn't fine is your continually putting down those whose response to an issue differs from yours.
  10. We had our Rotterdam Sept 3 cruise canceled. My complaint isn't with the cancellation per se, but the backasswards way they handled the timing of the letter to the TAs in relation to the lack of schedule updates on the website.schedule. We took our first Princess cruise last April on Diamond Princess in Japan. The ship was too big. Unloading the ship at a port took too long. Some things were better than HAL, some were not, but I was impressed in general with their communication after the booking. Princess knows who they are and executes their vision well on land as well as onboard. HAL hasn't a clue who it is anymore. Poor communication, and inconsistent messages wear one down. If we weren't 4 star, as much as we love our Dutch ships, we would have bailed before. Our next 2 cruises are on HAL (Zaandam and Prinsendam), but then our next two are on Princess: A return to Japan with a DiaPrin cruise and, after the miserable OBC offer from HAL, we have replaced the canceled Rotterdam cruise with a July Sapphire Princess one that has a better itinerary for us.
  11. I’ve been in one of those cabins on Zuidy. They are small and compact. It was fine for me as a single cruiser, but not for 2 IMHO. I would recommend separating the bed to get a wider path to the bathroom/closet area. I actually enjoyed the cabin.
  12. shrimp56

    ***HAL's website - what a mess!

    I think the url only goes to the legacy site if you have cleared the HAL cookies.