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  1. Has anyone used a CPAP on ACL? Do they provide distilled water? Do the have outlets near the head of the twin beds? Do they have extension cords? Thanks.
  2. Make sure you are still in the Marriott. NCL moved many of their reservations to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We were not even told about it until we saw the change from the Marriott on our final invoice.
  3. I can not find a price on Joyce's web site. Can you advise what you paid and the length of the tour? Thanks
  4. You will get a wide range of responses. Some of them honest! We give $100 per person for a seven day cruise and I think that is reasonable. Some seem to give a hundred for a couple in the room and some give two hundred or more. The most I have seen is $700 for a full 7 person two bedroom cabin. If they do the normal things for you. Dinners, show reservations, checking on your plans each day. etc. Then between $100 and $200 is a good baseline. If they really need to work to fix something or handle a lot of special requests then I would give a bit more. They also usually do something extra just before the tip day. A small present that may reflect what you put in your questionnaire or a special tour of something on the ship. That is part of the Butler Institute training. Go with you overall feeling not the last two days. In any case Star class is the best option around. They will make sure you have a great trip. Hope that helps. Computerdad
  5. Hi Claria I have you beat. BSEE in 1968. 50th reunion this year. Newark College of engineering in NJ. It was called Electrical Engineering back then and discrete transistors had just come out. Courses include high power lines as well as basic electronics like amplifier. I moved to computer science in my senior year and never looked back. Really appreciate your comments on this board. Computerdad
  6. On one computer (both window 10) images show in the posts. On the other they show as links. The links work but I prefer that the images show up as I read the posts. Please help.
  7. Hi, Could you tell me what time the tour reached the airport. Thanks
  8. Going behind the passenger façade means using some stairways that are normally only used by the crew and they are sometimes steep. Especially the engineering control room, the laundry, the store rooms etc. Anyone with average mobility is fine but those with limited mobility should be careful. The tours last two to 3 hours depending on the size of the group, the number of questions, how busy the engineering and bridge crews are at the moment etc. IMHO: It is worth the tour once in a lifetime if you have never seen the working side of a large ship. Hope this helped.
  9. SteveKC What level of UBER did you use. They were quoting me $70-80 for two people with two large bags. UBERXL. Al
  10. There are lots of posts about transport from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral but all of them seem to suggest shuttles that only run until 1 PM. We are arriving at 7 PM and need suggestions for transport of two passengers with one large bag and carryon each. Please help. Everything I see is about $150. Thanks
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