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  1. Anyone know who will be on the Adventure in August? Or is it still too far out?
  2. Ugh really? My daughter turns 6 like a month before.. she's definitely not using the perks. Thanks!
  3. Hello CC. I am looking at buying the Key for upcoming cruise. Does anyone know if kids are required to have it? My kiddos are younger (will be 4 and 6). I would think probably not, but wanted to see. Looked quickly on the website but didn't see. Might have missed it. Any personal experiences? Thank you!
  4. All very valid points! Well said. It depends on the person. Like said I am a beer drinker 90% of the time.. but it gets old and very filling on vacation, so I like to mix it up. Plus I love having something cold (besides beer) when at the pool. I like having the package so I can try different things and not worry about it. Plus it works on Labadee and Coco Cay, so it is a win for me! 🙂
  5. I would definetly say go for it. It includes bottled water (4 bucks a pop), all kinds of alcohol, soft drinks, specialty coffee, and fresh squeezed juice. If you have a drink or 2 by the pool (daquiris are a must for us on vacay), 1 or 2 at dinner, and one out at night you use it. That's not including coffee or juice at breakfast / meals or bottled water. Drink of the day is like 12 bucks.. I am a beer drinker myself, but I love being able to just try as anything... if you don't like it, get something else! Plus you can always do virgins mixed drinks by the pool! Well worthy it IMO.
  6. That is a lot. I'd recommend checking out the Blue Lagoon excursion. We did in in 2018, and it was so nice! Beach day, snorkeling, food. You can swim with dolphins and have them push you through the water (your kids would probably like that). It is absolutely gorgeous there.
  7. Have a great time! The Adventure is an awesome ship. Lots of good tips already.. I would definetly check out the arcade for the kids, and mini golf! Cafe promenade is great for quick small meals or snacks. We sailed a similar itinerary (just Bermuda instead of St. Thomas) in 2013 and it was great.. before kids though so I have nothing to offer. .. sailing again this summer with our kiddos. I'd suggest getting a few pairs of sea bands off amazon to help for motion sickness.. they are cheap and work well (I still use for vertigo). I also brought a cheap over the door shoe organizer to keep everything organized.. this is a MUST IMO - esp w/ kids. Bring some Downey wrinkle release because you can't have an iron. We bought some cheap reusable water bottles to fill up, and just tossed them after the cruise. Definetly lanyards to keep sea passes. I also got some of the vacuum seal bags for packing.. was able to fit more in our suitcases this way (but don't do too much or they get heavy). Bring some ziploc bags also.
  8. Went last August and there were 5 in port. It was busy but ok. We went to the Blue Lagoon and it was easy and so beautiful!
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys. We would be sailing with a 4 and 6 year old, so across the hall is not an option for us.
  10. Hello again CC. Looking at the possibility of booking 2 connected promenade view on the Adventure for next year. I love having a balcony, especially b/c we are traveling with kiddos that go to bed way earlier than us. 2 connecting promenade view rooms are 1000 bucks cheaper than a balcony. Hubs and I would have a place to hang when kids are asleep (we would usually sit on the balcony). Just looking for opinions for anyone that has stayed in them... especially with kiddos. Thanks as always!
  11. Thanks Merion. Yup - that is basically what I saw. I have heard great things about the aft balconies. But I am a worrier... especially with the recent toddler death 😞. I know that is a totally different scenario though.
  12. Hey CC! Looking at booking another trip on the Adventure next year. There are a few Aft balcony rooms available.. they look so nice and spacious.. however, it looks like the railings are not window panel like they were on our deck 9 JS last year. Would be going with a 4 and 6 yo... I would NEVER let them out there without us, but my son is all boy so I am nervous about them climbing. Anyone ever stayed in one of these with young kids?
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