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  1. Thanks Merion. Yup - that is basically what I saw. I have heard great things about the aft balconies. But I am a worrier... especially with the recent toddler death 😞. I know that is a totally different scenario though.
  2. Hey CC! Looking at booking another trip on the Adventure next year. There are a few Aft balcony rooms available.. they look so nice and spacious.. however, it looks like the railings are not window panel like they were on our deck 9 JS last year. Would be going with a 4 and 6 yo... I would NEVER let them out there without us, but my son is all boy so I am nervous about them climbing. Anyone ever stayed in one of these with young kids?
  3. Anyone know? We are 6 days post cruise, and I'm anxious to book our next cruise. I am a School Psych, so limited to August unfortunately for vacation. Buying a bigger house in the Spring, so next summer is out... TIA!
  4. Super quiet and amazing. Bathrooms are literally right there, as well as showers and a bar. Floating bar is close, and was so fun. We floated... well paddled.. over there on our mats. We had 3 kids with us, and it was perfect.
  5. Can use multiple devices. Would not recommend voom on the Adventure. Just got off yesterday- paid a butt load for 3 devices... could not stream all week... it was a joke.
  6. I can confirm that as of yesterday on the adventure, you can just go and get a milkshake with the deluxe or refreshment package.
  7. If you can swing a bungalow, do it. We were there a few days ago. Great spot with kids. Bathrooms literally right there. Bar right there. Floating bar right there. Water was shallow, especially at low tide. It was gorgeous.
  8. Got there at 930. Dropped off bags, parked, through security by 10. First drink at Boleros 1045. We were in a JS though, so we got right on
  9. Just got off the Adventure today out of CL. Slap a luggage tag on it and it will be delivered to your stateroom. I saw many cases in the hallways as bags were being delivered.
  10. We are on the same cruise! We are planning on getting to the port b.n 930 and 10.
  11. Sailing on Adventure soon. We have a bungalow for coco cay, and I've seen people mention that you should go pick it out when you get on the ship. Can someone please remind me where that is? Want to do it early so I dont forget. TIA!!!
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