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  1. We were on the Vision in June. On the night we left Venice it was masquerade Ball theme. We picked up masks when we were in Venice and wore them that evening
  2. My daughter too, but not till the last day.
  3. The European cruises tend to be port heavy on our 12 day Mediterranean were only at sea 3 1/2 days I couldn't justify the additional expense of a balcony so we went back to an inside cabin which we haven't done in years But I figured on the sea days we could hang out on the top deck Now if I was doing an Alaskan to her I would pay the additional price for a balcony
  4. We are doing a 12 day Mediterranean out of Barcelona leaving on May 30 Like you here in the Midwest our kids will be out of school by then but I'm not expecting a large number of European kids on our cruise, but am hoping for some American kids (hopefully older teams). My daughter has afriend who lives in Madrid will still be in school for another week or two
  5. She is pretty outgoing but she struggles to make friends at school though she seems not to have a problem on the cruise or at summer camp She 17 now and will turn 18 the day we get off our next cruise she's not happy about not being 18 on the cruise but mom is happy that she can go to the Teen area and not have to worry about making friends elsewhere on the ship
  6. We are booked on a cruise out of Barcelona in May 2019, we booked just after Christmas last year and I think that we got the email from our TA that the cruises were open for 2019 about a week prior to that.
  7. I was concerned about my daughter when we went on the Allure when she was only 12, but everything went well. Because they can come and go we set up rules about what she could and could not do. She was also required to check in with us every few hours. Like earlier poster said, make sure he goes to the teen club the first night to meet others. For my daughter, the club is more of place to meet up before heading to the pool or other places on the ship.
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