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  1. If you can push the date back a little, look at Virgin Cruise Line. Shorter cruises, brand new ship, over 18 only.
  2. What if one person in the room is a recovering alcoholic, or allergic to alcohol, or has liver problems, or .... If Pregnancy was an across the board medical exemption from purchasing the package I could see that opening a can of worms.
  3. Thanks for your review. I embarked the Eurodam as you disembarked, taking the quick journey from Seattle to Vancouver. I noticed many of the same. I was quite disappointed. I thought maybe it was because it was just an overnight cruise. Our cabin had clean and made linens and a clean restroom, but the carpet was dirty and worn, there were "rings" from glasses on several of the tabletops (desk, table, end tables) and there were no bathrobes (we were in a spa veranda). Never even saw our cabin steward. In the evening we had an unidentifiable towel animal on the bed, but their was no turndown. I had almost the exact same experience in the dining room. We chose any time, but were escorted to the 3rd floor with the assigned seating. Not only were we not greeted by the waiter, we were only given two menu's to share between 4 people. The service was not good in any respect. I won't even go into details in regards to the buffet. That would be a 2/10 and I will not return. I did speak to the manager in the buffet about my experience. I mean who brings cream for your coffee IN a coffee mug. Ever tried to pour out of a coffee mug??? During a break at the Billboard menu, two drunks took over the pianos and microphones. We could see a ship officer calling someone on their phone. Took over 10 minutes of these two drunk jerks playing on the pianos before someone from "customer service" came and asked them to move. Then the female pianist came on and gave a bit speech as to how they were "her" microphones. The male pianist went aboiut pounding on the keys and snarling. BB Kings was awesome. Humanity played in the Mainstage. Lightshow with no dancers was weird. Dancers were entertaining but nothing close to spectacular. I sail many lines and also book many lines for others in my business. I will think twice about placing a client on HAL in the future. The manager did take my room number and said they would file a report. Let's see if anything happens. I also had two clients/friends on this ship. They have only cruised one other time on Carnival and said they would go back to Carnival. Liked the taste of food on HAL and the calm decor, but the lack of service they said did not even come close to what they received with CCL.
  4. You can pick your stateroom and still decline the freebies you do not want. The price is higher than a guarantee but you will avoid the 20% charge on the items you do not select
  5. If the OP’s friend went through an online TA, they most likely entered in the info themselves. Reading the posts, it appears there was just education needed to access cruise personalized. Online discount TA’s operate much differently then those of us who meet face to face.
  6. I will be on cruise in a couple of weeks with some TA’s and NCL Area managers. I will mention it.
  7. That would be cutting it close. Even if you walk off at 7:30, grab a cab you will most likely not get to FLL until 9am. Have a backup plan.
  8. The biggest benefit derived from using a TA, other than on board credit, additional amenities and group pricing, is when something goes wrong.
  9. Getting up is not bad, it’s the getting down. I required all my cabin mates surrender their phones so there would be no “documentation”
  10. MSC is integrating pre boarding account set up. Soon you will be able to do the complete check in on the app.
  11. I believe they are heated but may not be as warm as many are used to when thinking of a heated pool. If they were not heated somewhat, they would hover around 70 degrees during the Alaska runs.
  12. Trivia, bingo, shows in Princess Live, gym, par course, swim, thermal suite, people watch in the Piazza, sample everything in the International Cafe, build a giant gelato sundae, view overpriced art in the gallery, search and book your next cruise, take the tender back and forth in Cabo “just for fun”.
  13. Update. Seahawks 2-0..all that matters. Lol. Was on a one day cruise from Seattle to Vancouver during the season. NO football. About 50% of the ship was gathered in groups watching the game on tablets. (We were still in port). It was a BIG deal. We are season ticket holders but still cruise during the season. Most of the time it is during away games. If we miss a home game, then the sale of our tickets about pay for the cruise. Makes missing the game easier.
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