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  1. Real ID is not an enhanced Drivers license. They are very different. Real ID is only valid for domestic flights. A passport will be required for international flights.
  2. Yes, DCL will cancel one of the two cruise bookings for the passengers😁 Thanks for pointing that out. I did not want to give the impression the ship would not sail.
  3. I like Princess and the Coral is a great ship for Alaska. With a Cruisetour, Princess will take you direct from the ship to Denali via train. No overnight in Anchorage. They have their own lodges. The naturalist on board is great and the kids will love the Puppies in the Piazza.
  4. If you want Glacier Bay, look at the Ruby Princess. If not a priority, the Celebrity Solstice is a nice choice.
  5. I was speaking to a Virgin rep a couple of weeks ago (not a phone rep but the Business Development Manager) and asked the average age of those who have booked. I believe she said 49. We did talk drinks and they should be on the lower end. MSC, for example, has many alcoholic drink offerings for under $6. Hopefully this is the range Virgin will shoot for. Also note no cruise line has “free drink packages”. On Contemporary AND premium lines, you can get pricing without the included drinks and often save hundreds. NCL is the only line which makes this difficult as you will need to opt for guarantee cabin to do so. When drink packages are offered as a perk or free item, the true cost of the package is around $450 per person. Ie...Cruise is $900 less without the free beverage package. Look at it this way...if the cruise line did not come out ahead on those packages, they would not offer them. The cruise lines are for profit companies. Ps. For Virgin, Their pricing on the website is often displayed as “per cabin”.
  6. Look at Virgin. They are an adult only line. Cruise fare includes taxes, wifi, gratuities. No drink packages, so should not be any “get my money worth” drinkers. Also look at MSC. Great values. Beautiful ships.
  7. If this will be your only visit to Alaska, try to find an itinerary which includes Glacier Bay. This will eliminate most Royal and Celebrity voyages in 2020 and Forward as RCI has minimal permits to the Park. Princess or Holland America are really the way to go for Alaska. Leaving from Vancouver, either one way or round trip will keep the ships between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. Beautiful scenery. Larger ships, such as Princess’ Royal class, are the exception. Balcony...definitely not a requirement.
  8. Eventually DCL will cancel one of the cruises. Till your friends to wait before booking air.
  9. First, I would recommend using a travel agent who specializes in accessible cruising. For Alaska, I would recommend looking at Princess with a cruise starting in Vancouver. The ship will stay between Vancouver Island and the mainland up to Ketchikan. You will most always see land and the waters seem to be calmer. Since this may be your only time to Alaska, make sure the ship goes into Glacier Bay. Plan on spending most off the time outside your cabin. In general, ships are spacious. Alaska is beautiful. Go and enjoy.
  10. Give your TA a call. They can quickly make all reservations for you on the NCL agent site.
  11. You can rent a car at the airport for under $30 for the day. Less expensive than storage fees at airport. Plus, you have a car if you need it.
  12. You shouldn’t hear any more noise with an adjoining cabin. You will hear some noise in any cabin. Most noise comes from the hallway. Elevators do not create noticeable noise. Crowds walking to/from elevators create noise. True Aft cabin balconies often experience less wind. If you are sensitive to noise when you sleep, bring earplugs. Sometimes cabins create their own noise. Remove empty hangers or tie them together. I hear noise but it is never bad enough to disrupt my enjoyment of my cabin....except those hangers!! Have fun and enjoy your cruise
  13. There is no fine for embarking at a US port and disembarking at a non- US port. Cruise line permission should be obtained prior to the cruise as customs and immigration need to be available at port of disembarkation. Cruises go between US and Canada all the time.
  14. TA’s can refare through NCL booking online and do not need to call NCL. Refare as many times as you like prior to final payment.
  15. MSC would be good for your family. Also check to see if MSC Seaside has sailings. That ship is wonderful for kids. Water park, zip line, bowling, etc.
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