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  1. Not sure if this new but, you can buy you’re drink package before you sail now, well its available on our cruise personaliser for the Caribbean in a few weeks’ time.
  2. Hi Jennizor We are waiting to be able to do the same thing with Virgin, please let us know how you get on today with booking your seats. Good Luck Ian
  3. you can find reviews on the drinks package on you tube.
  4. We just tried the full drinks package for the first time on the New year cruise and thought it worked out great for us, plenty of coffees during the day, water throughout the day, cocktails when we wanted one and wine with our meals (No problem getting glasses of wine in the MDR whenever required, service was very efficient) My Wife had the toughest job, trying to remember to get her cruise card out when we ordered drinks!!!!!!😂😂
  5. You can purchase the package once aboard and use immediately, you can also purchase hot drinks from Costa's and bottled water for your cabin etc.
  6. Definitely agree with some departures from a port oopp North, just returned from the Ventura New Year cruise, 6 hour run from North Wales either way on a good day!! Liverpool would be good for us?? Anglesey would be great..😂😂
  7. Exactly the same for us, we went straight to online check in desk, think they scanned passport pics, approx 10mins from entering the port we were on the ship!!👍
  8. We are also on this cruise and have checked in on line, we were also on a cruise late Oct early November and like you say maybe they have our pics etc still on their computer data??
  9. sorry are these for TUI flights to Barbados on the 27th March your discussing?
  10. I really do hope you are right regarding the reservation of premium economy seats, i suppose only P&O are the ones to let me know. Do you have any experience of time scales of the online booking of seats for the Virgin schedule flights arranged by P&O prior to your holiday? I know the luggage collection Scenario is not the end of the world, i'm not having a go at P&O i'm just trying to get as close to what i paid for.
  11. We have booked the TA on Britannia on 28 March 20 direct with P&O, premium economy cabin on TC as is a special occasion. Have been told now Flight with Virgin which as has been said is a scheduled flight, been told by P&O that if booked premium that remains the same but if you go to book this flight Independently via Virgins website there’s not many premium cabin seats left and the reason we paid extra originally was to be able to be in premium and sit together!! Not looking too optimistic really especially if you also have to sort your own luggage out as well, I wonder what the options of Getting your deposit back is on this considering we had Paid upfront for the air preferences?
  12. Yes easy enough to connect your I phone or I pad and play your own music, as above sound was excellent.
  13. I'm sure on both 2015 and 2017 New Year cruises there was 2 black tie nights.On Ventura this year and looking forward to it. All enjoy.
  14. We have done the New Years cruise a couple of times now in Hamburg and if I remember rightly most of the shops close really early as the German people love to start celebrating at lunch time onwards!! (just in case shopping was on the agenda)
  15. Bought the 20 pint beer package on the Ventura 3 weeks ago, purchased in the glass house on the first night of our cruise.
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