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  1. Layers. It could be cool and wet, or warm and sunny. I found the ship to be cooler than I was expecting, and finally bought a second light sweater as I was tired of wearing the same one every night. We're from Texas and are not used to the cool that much. Sturdy shoes for cobblestones. That area had the tallest ones I've ever seen - more like picking your way across a stream stone to stone than a paved street.
  2. Our tour guide called the bike lanes "the death zone." The Danish take biking very seriously and start riding out in the city on their own at a very young age, after school sponsored bike classes, etc. They are a very friendly people, but expect anyone in the bike lane to know exactly what they're doing. Not saying don't rent bikes, but be aware of the road rules and be very confident in your urban bike skills.
  3. I love Copenhagen. Once you get to the main pedestrian area (the Stroget), it is an eminently walkable city. We spent 3 days there prior to our Baltic cruise. We enjoyed the free walking tour as a way to acquaint ourselves with the area. There are several museums that are good, and if you are an amusement park fan, Tivoli is top rate and uniquely European as well as having many good restaurants inside. The Nyhaven area is the shot you see on all the postcards of the canal with the brightly colored buildings behind it. There are canal tours you can also take that leave from that area. Just a good port guide would be easy to follow to see the high points.
  4. Agree that anything with good support would do fine. As to getting shoes you may not wear much in your "regular" life, I've found I've slowly accumulated a travel wardrobe that is different from my daily wardrobe, but perfect for our travel style. This includes a pair of Keen waterproof hiking shoes. I almost never wear them at home, but they've done several trips around Europe and Canada.
  5. We only used the train. It was super easy to use, and there is a string of nice locations to see along the train route. In fact, our trip package included a rental car that we declined to pick up. We did do a bus tour to Chianti, as those areas weren't easily accessible by train. Once in Florence, we just walked everywhere. Here is my all time favorite site for how to use Italian trains :https://www.seat61.com/Italy-trains.htm
  6. I'll second Florence. It is easy to navigate, has a nice train station, and you can easily spend a day in Pisa/Lucca without worrying about getting back to the ship on time. We also did a really nice tour of the Chianti area, including my all time favorite stop, San Bagnoregio.
  7. Akureyri. Good gracious my Icelandic spelling is atrocious!
  8. I'm a fan of DIY'ing ports, or private tours, but, most "ports" in Iceland are tiny hamlets with a handful of buildings. There just isn't the economy available to support tour guides/companies, or rental car agencies, outside of Rekjavik or Ayekuri. Definitely google, but there's a strong chance if you want to see anything other than the few buildings near the port, you'll need to do a ship's tour.
  9. For the 10 yo, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? If she is a big fan of one or the other, she might enjoy England vs Greece. If it makes no difference, then I agree that Greece may have a bit more challenges for mobility depending on how agile your mom is. If it's just a difference of a port or two, you could certainly modify your excursion or even let her have a ship day to rest if she thinks she might want to. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  10. It was cool when we were there. I had to buy a sweater as I got tired of wearing the same one every single night on the ship.
  11. We're not in the market for a cruise right now, but honestly, I think the drag queen one might be fun. But then, I have a daughter who has several friends in and around that demographic. I wonder if Uniworld is looking at the popularity of the reality tv shows featuring drag queens and tattoo artists and trying to capture that feel? I'm just not sure that the Venn diagram of drag queens and/or tattoo aficionados and river cruisers is very large.
  12. You can certainly wing it in most of those locations, but you may miss out on major draws for those ports. For example, Naples is the entry point for Pompeii. It will be easier to get there if you've done a bit of research first. Civitvecchia, as mentioned, is the "port" for Rome, but it's an hour drive. Winging it there also, is possible, but if you want to see Rome, or some of the other more well known excursion locations, some planning will help. Mallorca you can easily wing it. Livorno is an easy train ride to Pisa and Lucca, and both cities are easy to DIY.
  13. Yes, they are. You only need total darkness to see them, and there is enough by September. Late August if you're lucky, though the night is shorter. There's a 6 minute change to sunrise/sunset every day, and very long twilights. While end of August technically has twilight all night, locals say it's possible but unlikely to see the NL then.
  14. I just have to say that we've sailed exactly once on Oceania, and met some absolutely delightful shipmates. Some we still keep in contact with 4 years later. But reading this thread, if I hadn't ever cruised Oceania, I'd be thinking hard against it. The OP is not asking to bring a pack of untrained dogs. It is a single infant. And I'm not offended by the nanny suggestion either, but I would think that most cruisers, especially those in the stage of life that they still have very young children at home, probably don't have the funds to pay the sum total for a nanny. Not everyone, but most.
  15. We had a similar age range in our group of 7. We contacted several of the main companies and decided on TJ, who seemed the most responsive to our requests to customize a tour. We had a great time. We even included a stop at the "Cat Museum" which supposedly is a retirement home for Hermitage mousers and let my daughter get her cat petting fix. We also had an unplanned coffee and ice cream stop after we started flagging after Peterhof. You should have no problem finding a company and itinerary that fits your group.
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