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  1. We saw a few places in Amsterdam that were credit card only. No cash accepted.
  2. Well, a google search of both the restaurant or the intersection shown will give you the town, but I'd've never found it on my own. The name of the town translates into "dead treble" which still leaves me scratching my head on the clues given.
  3. Clue for someone else perhaps. I have no idea what you're getting at. 😉 Glad my impression of France was correct.
  4. We did. Our guide got some for us the day we were in Lisbon. They were tasty!
  5. It can't hurt to try. I was enchanted by Portugal. Madeira was a gem, also, though I can't manage to really get that to fit with the river cruise theme for this thread, darn it. I've got some great pictures. 🙂 It's still a wild card...
  6. Understood, but as mentioned, Lisbon has been used before as a pre/post Douro extension.
  7. Correct! Also known as Jeronimos Monastery, and the location of my previously posted "Get thee behind me, pants!" AKA, Joseph and his coat depiction. Wild card!
  8. Time for a hint? The building includes the National Maritime Museum on the opposite end.
  9. Good luck to mom and baby!! And, yes, hand washing outside of the dining hall.
  10. Yes, Portugal. It’s a fountain used for a specific purpose in this building.
  11. Sorry, this morning has been busier than I expected. Let’s try this one. River and building please.
  12. Based on the language, and the bamboo, I'm going to guess the Yangtze. We lived in Japan for 2 years and I loved the Japanglish on billboards. My favorite was for cigarettes, had a picture of a wind surfer and said "Break Wind!" LOL While it isn't culturally correct, you can usually get the gist of it. There was one in China, though, that was for a new apartment building and had "trophoblast" in the statement. I've never been able to puzzle that reference completely out. Brand new? From the beginning? We make babies??
  13. Wow, I'm jealous! I mean, how hard was that, that Texas can't get it's act together?!
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