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  1. We are having the long sail today. Slow breakfast, lovely lounge around reading, I’m quite enjoying it. I have been thinking over the cruise and the things that I’ve loved. Included internet coverage. I knew we had wifi, but thought it would be restricted. Heaters outside. It’s lovely at night to sit outside after dinner having a drink without needing a coat. Blankets if you get cool sitting around the pool. The fantastic staff. Such kind people, nothing is too much trouble. Genuine smiles and the occasional chat. Alaska’s beauty - I didn’t expect it to be so close. We brought a little set of binoculars which have been handy for watching the shore from our balcony. Yesterday at Prince Regent our balcony overlooked the crab fishing boats that were being unloaded, great to watch. The cabins are a great size, our Buttler brought our cases out and placed them on stands next to the bed and they aren’t even in the way. Left a note saying he could help with the packing too - kind, but no😝 The coffee has been great. I had been expecting a lack of caffeine, but was delighted with double shot cappuccinos. I won’t say any more or you won’t have any surprises. Best desert Indochine for Creme Brûlée’s, I will definitely be having one last one of those. I spent hours before the cruise looking for information, hope this has helped. I packed for summer and winter and used all of it. Just bring for all weathers and you will do well. Failing that, most of the stops have had good, all price clothes. Cheers x
  2. I’m feeling really annoyed tonight. A few nights ago we ate at la dame with the extra cost. They didn’t suggest a cheese course so we asked for it to be sent to our room. It was a few pieces of cheddar and other hard cheese squares. So tonight we ate at Atlantide. We were there at 7pm. Nice table at the window. After dinner, which wasnt warm (and we gave the waiter the heads up it could be warmer). The waiter brought the desert menu. I said I wanted a blue cheese... immediately he said, I will bring you the cheese menu... it’s like something from a Mario game, I hit the mushroom, now I can have the cheese menu. All the time they treat us this way just makes you mad. Please if you are reading his and coming on the cruise ask for everything. The two wines they offer is a fraction on offer etc etc..... I asked for chocolate martini in the panorama lounge, fabulous. Then had a rose wine. At dinner asked for cote de Rhone, lovely. At lunch in Kaiseki we had amazing sushi and ate it with vouvray wine. Fantastic. It just all takes ages to find these things. We have paid too much for a game of Mario.
  3. WRANGELL This morning was wet and miserable looking, normal for here. We boarded a boat to go look at otters. Only ten on the trip so lots of room. The otters were larger than I had imagined, they float on their backs with their big furry babies on their tummies. We had to be half a football field away from them so had to use binoculars. More interesting was the life story of the skipper. A number of years ago Alaska had a lottery, you could buy $15 tickets. The winners were given 3 acres of land. The deal being they had to build a house on the land and live on it for 3 years. So the skipper bought 10 tickets. He won his piece of land on the shore of an island only accessible by boat. He has a garden, grows potatoes, garlic, beans etc. He cans everything. I asked if he hunted for meat and fished. He said he comes into town occasionally and buys different fish, occasionally shoots a small deer. He cooks everything and preserves it to eat later. He lives totally off the grid. He sometimes supplements his money by scuba diving for sea cucumbers which he sells to the Chinese. He has a 1000 litre water tank for rainwater. Has solar panels for light, sometimes has running water. I think he lives alone. In the winter it’s only light for 3 hours. He says it’s a time for catching up on projects, doing some reading. I found his life fascinating and could have listened all day. Formal night. We headed to Indochine. Gado gado, Lobster pad Thai, Rogan josh, saffron rice, followed by kaffir lime and ginger creme caramel. Happy tum. Early to bed and sober yay! Before we sailed I was very concerned about the formal. I wore a knee length cocktail dress which I felt was perfect for me. But there was all sorts, trousers with sparkly top, some men in black suits and bow ties, others in lighter colour suits and ties. I didn’t see any “to the ground” gowns, but maybe that’s because we were in Indochine.
  4. We did the whale watching today here in Juneau. Saw a whale with her calf a few times. One whale came so close it’s breath filled the cabin. Great commentary. It was freezing cold onboard and it was raining. The side windows get lifted up for clear viewing, so if you think you won’t need the gloves and hat - pack them. DaveyWavey I hope you don’t mind me jumping in with my comments.
  5. I was there last night too. Loved the entertainers. Food - have to say I was disappointed. I had the beehive, not much flavour. Also the bread tray was straight from a fridge, a crisp up in the oven would have made all the difference.
  6. Thank you so much, we sail in a couple of weeks, so it was great to read your review.
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