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  1. I have the perfect solution to your long wait to start your cruising year - on Tuesday I board VOS for the New Year cruise. No waiting for me as I will be onboard at the beginning of 2016 [emoji4]
  2. No, this has always been a big issue for me. I have solved it, sort of, since my knees are so bad now (have to have bilateral knee replacements) by using a mobility scooter. Unfortunately, that means I also have to use an accessible cabin. Otherwise, all I can suggest is allowing plenty of time to take little rests along the way.
  3. I have cruised several times now, both locally and out of Amsterdam, alone and with others, and I am a SS BBW so am used to not fitting into the world. On the cruising I have a ball. On the big ships, I make sure I have an accessible cabin so I can have a mobility scooter (severe arthritis in my knees) but on the smaller ships, I am fine. I am very selective about what excursions I go on. I am also extremely careful not to sit in a low chair if alone - it's extremely embarrassing to have to ask a random strange man to help me out - although I suppose it's one way to break the ice! Your size is not the key to a great cruise, meeting amazing people - it's your attitude. If you smile and look happy people will respond to you in the same way.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions everyone :)
  5. I was brought up in Picton. It is a lovely little town in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds. Make sure you are outdoors (or at least at a window) for the hour before docking as the cruise through the sounds is beautiful. If you like walking, then the Queen Charlotte Track would be perfect for your family. Don't pay a fortune to book it as an excursion. Just get to the information centre and ask for a map and off you go. The ship might be docked at the main terminal which is basically in the centre of town but is more likely to be in the next bay over at the timber wharf. If so, you will have to get whatever transport is offered as it would be a really big walk back into town. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, I will be doing Sydney to NZ on Voyager of the Seas over new year and was wondering whether I would be able to take a suitcase or two ashore in Dunedin (our first port of call) to give to my uncle? Any clues?
  7. Apart from wanting to be part of a "feeding frenzy " (which is what I am trying to avoid by not going to the buffet) for those of us, for whatever reason, don't or can't eat a late breakfast, it's nice to know a nice quiet place to eat and relax before being able to go to the cabin.
  8. Hi, Just wondering where you recommend for lunch on embarkation day other than the buffet. Wondering if Johnny Rockets would be open. Thanks,
  9. Thank you for the update and reassurance! The suitcase is out ready to go.
  10. I am very keen to follow your progress as I am booked on Legend's next cruise.
  11. Thank you so much. Park Cafe it is :)
  12. Firstly, I want to apologise if this question has been asked before but it is 1.30 am where I am and I have spent the last hour trying to search for an answer. To avoid the buffet on embarkation day, what other food places would be open for lunch on Legend? Thank you, Jennie
  13. No, we are not part of the ship group. We are doing the free Highland tour.
  14. Thank you for the information. We are meeting our tour outside the Deacon's House Cafe, Lawnmarket, Royal Mile. We are going on the Hairy Coo Highland Tour.
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