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  1. Hi, does anyone know if their is a suite area on this island? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the information I hope you have fun next week! Follow up when you get back to let me know what not to miss if you can! Enjoy
  3. Hi everyone! We paid for an upgrade to a S3 aft suite on the Aloha deck. Seemed like a good deal. We have been on princess but it has been a while. The deck plans seem to show that the balcony is smaller then the deck above and below, is this true or just the pictures. I think I read that we can have food from the dinning room rather than traditional room service. We have three people in the room and wondered if the sofa is comfortable. Any other information about the suite experience on princess would be great. Thanks!
  4. Thank you much more informative than last reply thank you
  5. Is there a costal kitchen on any of the freedom class ships? If not what are the special arrangements for suite guest? Thanks
  6. Ok looks like Royal is going to come through for us, many thanks to them!
  7. I did ask for side by side 2 bedroom suites they said they could not do based on the number of guest I have on the reservation. They did suggest that all 8 of us could fit in one 2 bedroom suite. I have escalated this to their corporate customer relation team and am waiting to hear from them. I was told they would refund by $2000.00 deposit if I didn’t decide by the 26th but I have had that pushed back till the 3rd as I am waiting for options from others at RCCL. I am am finding the whole experience very frustrating! We book the 4 bedroom presidential suite, the largest suite on the ship, it had a hot tub, Hugh outside dinning table, large common are and yes 4 separate bedrooms also you are supposed to be escorted on the ship by a sr. Officer. I would go as far as to say this would have been a once in a life time experience for our family. To be treated as though we are being unreasonable is totally unbelievable. Very short sighted by Royal because we cruise often and have cruised with them 4 or 5 times already with 4 or 5 cabins each time. If this dose not work out we will be building a relationship with the other line we have used.
  8. Thanks sound like the jr suite would work, they have not offered this to me, I think it is because I only have 7 people booked how many do you have?
  9. All you need is a pen to open them just put it the hole and twist very easy have done it many time when we are in a group
  10. They are saving the to try and accommodate the 4 bedroom villa people that have to be moved!
  11. We were booked in the presidential 4 bedroom suite for next year. They are doing away with the cabin when the ship comes out of dry dock. Has anyone had any offers from Royal? The one they gave us is terrible
  12. Totally agree slacks and polo shirt Is fine. You will not be out of place!
  13. For three month there have been no yacht club cabin but there is one available for this Saturday fyi
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