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  1. I have sailed on the liberty out of Galveston we had an aft 2 bedroom suite. You do not get free laundry on Royal. We also just sailed this February on Regal in an aft penthouse suite. We had issues with soot on both ships, not bad but enough to be a double check before you sit out on balcony. the perks are about the same, in room dinning from main restaurant. From both concierge lounge on both priority boarding on both Princess give you specialty dinner reservation on first night. If you go to ROyals web site it is pretty easy to find a list os suite perks, just remember they are different from Oasis class ship. No lost all kitchen. You do get breakfast in a reserved restaurant which is nice. Reserved theatre seats. i liked Liberty better than Regal but I like to wonder and have this to do Liberty has lots to do. agian both site give pdf document that you can print out with all the details. Hope this help, have fun. Can’t remember were we stayed in Galveston but it was on the beach!
  2. We have been moved to a 4 junior suites from the villa 4 bedroom because of refurbishment. We were promised we would still get all the suite perks! Has this happened to anyone? If so how do you know they will follow through once on the ship? Do they give you a document or what other way would you be sure of the suite perks. just wondering if anyone has experience with this! thanks
  3. That would be great I will check back in April thank you
  4. Hi, these are new cabins that replaced the 4 bedroom villa. I know the ship is just coming out of refurbishment but was looking for photos or videos of these cabins. We had the 4 bedroom villa and they gave us these instead so just curious if and when someone gets any new information. I would think they would be different, new furniture etc. than existing JS. Thanks for and information!
  5. is there smoking in the casino?
  6. how Embarkation today. I received an e,mail saying that they are doing things differently due to the health scare corona virus. We sail next Sunday so just wondering, thanks
  7. Do you know if your names end up in the Guinness book for being a participant
  8. Does anyone know if you get double points for booking suite?
  9. we Are on the regal in February and have an aft suite. I’ve been reading reviews and I keep hearing about soot coming down on the furniture and you if you are out there. I read somewhere that princess was going to modify the smoke stacks so this would not happen. Has anyone had on of the aft suite recently that can tell me if the soot is still a problem. It would suck to pay for a premium cabin and not be able to use the balcony. We upgraded and my wife will not be happy and I will be in the dog house, thanks for any insight
  10. It has been a while since we have been on princess what is there tv channel selection like. Royal is not that great neither is MSC. I heard they have movies that good. Just wondering for the night time and am hours when we are relaxing. Thanks
  11. Thank you everyone we received them Thursday
  12. Ok than you all I will not worry we did order them and they will show up. We leave three days before the cruise, I will keep my fingers crossed 😀
  13. We cruise February 9th does anyone know when we should receive our medallions?
  14. We will be on Regal for the February 9th cruise. Sound like things are going good so far. Will keep reading thanks for the info. By any chance are you in an aft corner room? just wondering about soot? Have read don’t worry on some threads and big problem on other. Enjoy your trip!
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