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  1. Your travel details, pics and stories always make my day! Thank you! I have lived in Canada for the past 45 years but I am originally from Bournemouth, England!
  2. I just recently found your blog and I am still on page 5 but I am extremely curious - how do you take pictures of yourselves (as a couple) without using a selfie stick?
  3. They are going to be the Hawaii Ambassadors on our cruise March 24th, 2019. So excited!
  4. Google "Gary Golding 777" on Instagram and you'll find several pictures etc. Also a five year award with Princess.
  5. Its unfortunate here at this thread that we electric scooter drivers are all being "tarred with the same brush". Most of us are responsible, cautious and are most grateful that we are still able to travel even though our legs tell us otherwise. I can assure you that given the choice, we would rather be able to vacation on our own two legs, rather than be looked down upon and sneered at for being an "inconvenience" or for driving a "montrosity". Personally, I would never leave my scooter out in the hall or a stairwell, because we book the appropriate room, and it is true that once we get to a seat in the dining room, we are at the mercy of where the wait staff park our scooter. The staff and crew on our cruises have always been very considerate and kind, and I am thankful for that. And I apologize in advance for getting in your way.
  6. I am ambivalent to the whole thing, (I never order a second entree) but to your point, some would say, and I would tend to agree, that if you have paid $26,000 for a cruise its a bit insulting to ask you to pay $10.00 for a second entree. Just saying .......
  7. Norris is a big jokester with a whacky sense of humour which makes his very extraordinary blogs and photographic genius very entertaining - I really enjoy going along with him and Carol to places I will never have an opportunity to see. It sure beats watching TV these days!
  8. I am not very savvy about such things, but I thought I read that if you bought a beverage package while still in port you would pay their local taxes, but out on the open sea you would not. You may want to check!
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