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  1. Wow! Thanks for all of the advice, everyone 😁 I'm definitely going in with an open mind - looking to have a lot of fun no matter what! So far, sounds like I've definitely got to try: • Piano Bar • Chocolate Melting Cake • Blue Iguana - Arepas & Bowls • Welcome Aboard Show • Anything that gets me a "ship on a stick" Carnival's already been successful in getting me to spend a little extra for both spa thermal passes & premium WiFi. Pricing for both seemed very reasonable compared to the competition, so I'm curious to see how they turn out too!
  2. Hello Carnival folks! We're leaving this weekend on Carnival Magic, and we're so excited. We've been on dozens of cruises with both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, but this'll be our time trying Carnival. Does anyone have any thoughts of how the different cruise lines compare? We've heard that Carnival has bigger cabins, more complimentary food options, and a very energetic atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing it all in action! Not sure if it's the same for Carnival, but the other lines we've tried have fan favorite dishes, drinks, activities, shows, etc. that can't be missed. Do any folks here feel like there's something that's classic "Carnival" worth giving a try? 😁
  3. Spirit used to have a Cinema, but it was removed years ago to make way for more shopping space.
  4. The photo on the left is SuperStar Virgo, Norwegian Spirit's sistership that's still with Star Cruises in Asia. Spirit's atrium is almost untouched from when Star owned it.
  5. He'll soon take command of P&O's Azura. Yep. He had the gall to politely disagree with the new management. Didn't last long after that.
  6. Johnny Rockets was introduced on Voyager of the Seas in 1999. For several years, the food was complementary. Then they added a cover fee, which is currently $6.95 per person for most ships. However, it's now a la carte for Royal's newest ships.
  7. It's true that the Bridge of the Americas is lower than the Verrazano Narrows, but Breakaway and Escape are short enough to pass under both. Doesn't make much sense to design a ship that will fit through the new canal without taking air draft into consideration.
  8. Harvest Caye is quite different from Great Stirrup Cay. Since it's the result of a partnership between Belizean government and NCLH, it's going to be treated like just another port stop. UBP will not be honored. All food will be a la carte.
  9. There's a good reason why Breakaway's schedule isn't up yet. Wait and see. ;)
  10. All that work only for that new logo to get trashed at Freeport in July 2008 :( I'm always amazed by your Sky/Aloha anecdotes. NCL America is definitely a cruise industry tale for the ages.
  11. Dawn and Jewel Classes aren't symmetric in layout either, and all of these ships share the same "DNA." Spirit is absolutely the direct predecessor for the bulk of the NCL fleet. After Star Cruises purchased NCL in 2000, they transferred several unfinished newbuilds to their new subsidiary. SuperStar Libra and SuperStar Scorpio were essentially bigger, improved versions of SuperStar Leo and SuperStar Virgo. Libra and Scorpio were finished as Star and Dawn for NCL with minimal changes to the original Star Cruises design. Leo was transferred to NCL in 2004 and renamed Spirit. The Jewel Class is based on the same Dawn Class platform with some modifications. Leo (Spirit) —> Star (Libra) and Dawn (Scorpio) —> Jewel
  12. Some of the cabins have a bunk bed for the fourth guest.
  13. Deck 14, which is the same as Breakaway and Getaway. It's a deck lower than Escape to accommodate the new public areas.
  14. Not Photoshop. It's a completely new rendering of a radically different design.
  15. That's not how boarding for the Haven works. An escort will bring them to the front of the boarding line regardless of group number. This system allows Haven guests to have priority boarding no matter when they arrive at the terminal. If you want a chance at being first onboard, arrive extremely early and ask for special assistance. No guarantees, but occasionally the earliest disabled arrivals get a chance to board first.
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