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  1. There is 1 plug in most cabins and sometimes 1 in the bathroom. You need a power strip of some sort without surge protection.
  2. talafa

    Starfish island

    We did this...hated it!!
  3. We did Starfish Island/snorkeling a couple of years ago. I DO NOT recommend, it was awful. The water was not clear at the island and there is no sand, only crushed coral of some sort. The snorkeling tried to cram way to many people in the water at once. If I wasn't kicking someone in the face they were kicking me. They have bouncers at the island for the kids but of course it's for a fee. Definitely would never do it again.
  4. We did the cavetubing/zipline through Carnival in Belize and also through Carnival, the zipline/beach in Roatan. The zipline with cavetubing in Belize was lame. The line were very short and low to the ground in my opinion. The zipline in Roatan that ends at the beach was great though. Kind of a rough truck ride up the mountain but well worth it.
  5. I would go to their website and make a reservation just in case. Main reason is because it gives you instructions on how to get to them as you must go out of the port and over a hill...they are not allowed inside the port area until they bring you back. There are taxi's that will give you a ride for $2pp out of the port to where they wait and it doesn't cost anything to make a reservation unless you have a group of 10 or more.
  6. You can leave whenever you get ready to. And yes they have showers.
  7. We just got back from a cruise on the Dream. We usually park at Fulton garage but found a new place this time. Machu-Picchu tours is only minutes from the port and it was only $110 for the week if you paid cash, $115 with credit. Highly recommend these guys! They were wonderful! http://www.machupicchutours.com/cruise-ship-parking.html
  8. I've been on 4 cruises with only my son and myself. He had a passport for all 4 and the 1st 2 I brought a letter from his dad but was never asked for it. I was told that the passport serves as the letter. If possible I would bring the letter, notarized, but only present it if asked. Never brought his birth certificate since he has the passport.
  9. Not at all! Maybe a little spray when we got in a bit of rough water in Roatan but really not that bad. And if you get one under the lifeboats that even better, you can sit out there all day and not get burned! They are also a bit more private than the regular balconies.
  10. FWIW Cove balconies are pretty awesome, really close to the water!
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