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  1. We are going to Mexico in January and have some questions about flights home. We disembark on a Friday, the itinerary has us arriving at 7am. We can carry our own bags to save time. And will UBER to the airport. How early can we safely make it to LAX? The flight I would like to make is at 12:30. Which will get us home five hours earlier then anything later. This is by far the preferred option, but I understand if it doesn't work. If that will be too tight. We can leave LA at 2:30, with a 5 hour layover in Seattle. Or 6pm with an hour in Seattle. With having bags in tow, what would you do in LA to kill time until the flight? Or should we just hang out in the lounge in Seattle? Thanks
  2. princess is a 15 per day limit
  3. We are headed to Alaska soon in our first cruise. Somebody I know has a leftover coffee punch card that they said I could have. We are going before they are officially gone, and it is unsigned/no date. Is it going to be a problem using it in our first cruise?
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