Chankanaab and Punta Sur Transportation

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We are wanting to go to Chankanaab and snorkle for a while and then do the Punta Sur Tour, any suggestion on the least expensive way to do this. Not crazy about renting a car, I'm afraid of something happening. Will there be tours offered at Chankanaab going to Punta Sur? Taxi's?
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Originally posted by goodhearted007
We are wanting to go to Chankanaab and snorkle for a while and then do the Punta Sur Tour, any suggestion on the least expensive way to do this. Not crazy about renting a car, I'm afraid of something happening. Will there be tours offered at Chankanaab going to Punta Sur? Taxi's?
I understand your fears of driving in a foreign country but it's dead easy to get to these 2 places on your own. There's only one road that you'll have to take from the pier. Chankanaab will be 1st stop about 10-15 minutes away (depending on which pier) and from there you get back on the same road and keep going another 30 minutes to Punta Sur. Then just do the whole thing in reverse to get back. There's even a handy gas station outside the 1st cruise ship pier that you'll pass.

If you hire a taxi, you'll be spending about $20USD an hour. (For the cab, not per person.) Have a great vacation!
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We grabbed at cab from the pier area for $10 to Chankanaab. When we were done there were plenty of cabs available to take us back to the pier or wherever you want to go. Easy as pie, very safe and affordable.

We really enjoyed snorkeling and relaxing at the park. Have a great time!
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Who would you recomend renting a car from and where, and do you know the price? I'm not so worried about the driving part, but the company trying to stick it to us. Do they offer full coverage insurance? Can we book a tour that would take us to Chankanaab and Punta Sur once we get off the ship?

Thanks for any help
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We were there a couple of weeks ago and rented from Avis. They have a place right at the pier. It was $56.00 total with full coverage insurance. I think we put 8.00 of gas in it too. They even have cheaper ones but we chose the upgrade lol.There were 4 of us and it was cheaper than a taxi and waaaay cheaper than an excursion. The guy at the Avis counter was great, even gave me his work AND cell number and told me to call him if any circumstance came up. Driving the island is very easy.
If you don't do this you are making a HUGE mistake. We did somewhat the same thing you are wanting to do. We found ourselves spending most of our time driving and exploring the east (windy) side coast. The windy side begins at Punta Sur. The views and coast are simply breathtaking. If I were to do it again I'd do it the same way. Someday I'm going back to Coz and spending a week on that east coast. Simply amazing. One thing we learned. If you are going to shop for souviners only do not mess with going into town. There are the exact same things and prices right at the pier. If you are hunting something special this advice wouldn't apply. If you DO go into town parking is hard to come by. (well not so bad if you know where to look). Get off of the shoreline drive and drive parallel to the coast 1 block inland.
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Is it a good idea to reserve a car in cozumel or are there usually plenty. Avis sounds pretty good since they are a well known least makes me feel a little better. Do you happen to know if they offer carseats or is there a carseat law in Mexico? We are bringing our super excited 4 year old daughter. We were just wondering about the details. If we hooked up with another couple..was wondering if there would be room for all 4 plus our daughter in an economy car?
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We will be arriving in Cozumel on June 6, 07. I have been there many times, but am having senior moments. The cab fair, is it per person or per cab? Thanks for all information.
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The cab fare is per taxi with 1-4 passengers.
Also for the Chankanaab to Punta Sur run - if you are renting your own car ~ From Chankanaab you can get on the new highway and it will take you all the way to the other side of the island - with the new construction you will bypass Punta Sur unless you are keeping a look out. Once you pass "El Cedral" and Alberto's Beach Club I would start looking for a an exit to the old highway. There are no signs showing exits yet from the new highway - but as you reach the curve in the highway past El Cedral (almost at Punta Sur) there is a small pass-through that will allow you to exit to the old highway. If you miss it, don't worry - you will come to a stop sign - there you just turn right and go back a little ways and you will see Punta Sur.

Not hard at all!

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