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  1. smarks

    A(nother) Question about Dress Code

    Thank you bluemarble for the reply. I will go over to the link you posted. Glad to know I don't have to go out and buy a gown. I really appreciate your help.
  2. smarks

    A(nother) Question about Dress Code

    Ha Ha Ha. That is funny but true. Yes, I do get confused on Formal which I think of as gowns and smart as something nice as in trousers and nice top. I will do my best to adhere to the dress code without wearing a gown. They are beautiful but they are not for me. Thank you for some clarity.
  3. smarks

    A(nother) Question about Dress Code

    On formal nights do you have to wear a gown? Can you wear trousers with sparkly tops, or palazzos with a dressy top? Is a gown required or just suggested? Thanks.
  4. smarks


    Thanks everybody for all the help. I think there will be plenty for me to munch on. Just one more question. Are there drink stations somewhere. Like for a glass of tea (sorry, I'm from the US and drink ice tea) or lemonade, hot chocolate or just a glass of ice water free of charge. Also, can I order water for my cabin or ginger ale. Thanks you guys. You have been very helpful. Sandra
  5. smarks


    Hi fellow cruisers, I have a cruise booked on the Aurora for May 13, 2019 to the Baltics. I have never crossed the pond so this is all a new experience for me. I am a nibbler. I eat all day long especially at night. I am also a night owl. I sleep very little. Being new to P&O, I would like to know about food venues and the operating times. I have late dining but will be hungry within a few hrs. of eating. Is there anything open after 10:00 PM? Pizza, deli, buffet? Can I order from room service? How about drink stations for tea or water. Is there a cost after a certain time? I would appreciate any help and if you think of something I may need to know, please throw that in also. Thanks everybody for your help. Sandra
  6. smarks

    P & O internet packages

    Hi everybody, I have some on board credit I would like to use to book the internet package What are the steps to purchase it while onboard? Can you do it from your room or do you have to go to guest services? Thanks for the help. Sandra
  7. I booked a Baltic cruise for P&O on the Aurora for May 2019. I had to use Vacations to Go since I live in the US. They will price it in dollars for you. I will know more after May. The T/A I have has been very helpful with my questions.
  8. smarks

    Freeport Beaches

    Will a taxi take you to Taino?
  9. I will be returning from a cruise and staying in Southampton for a few days before boarding Cunard to return to the states. I would love spend a day in London. Could someone please tell me which train station to go to from my hotel. I will be staying at the Novotel Hotel on 1 West Quay Road. Is there a train station close to that hotel I could go to. Thank you for any help you can give me. Sandra
  10. smarks

    Embarkation and Dining?

    Thanks everybody for the replies. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  11. smarks

    Checking luggage

    Thank you John and English Lady. You have both been a tremendous help to me in my planning.
  12. smarks

    Embarkation and Dining?

    New to Princess and I would like to ask what dining options are available when you embark onto the ship? I will be on the Crown Princess. Does the ship have an Italian Restaurant that is open for free? Thanks for the feedback.
  13. smarks

    Checking luggage

    Hi fellow cruisers, I will be getting off the Crown Princess and go straight over to the Aurora. I know I can't go into the terminal early since this will be my first cruise with P&O, but I would love to be able to at least drop off my luggage at the port. Can someone tell me the earliest we can go to the port to check our luggage? Thanks in advance.
  14. smarks

    Lido Deck Cabin?

    Thanks for the reply. I am really looking forward to my new adventure. Sandra
  15. smarks

    Lido Deck Cabin?

    Thank you. That's good to hear.