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Canadian experience with TravelEx, CSA, TravelGuard etc.

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Perhaps I sould add, that all the "legal" ins and outs of these policies makes it very difficult and confusing for us the average consumer that just wants a little vacation time on a cruise ship. Of course we need insurance in the event that we have a medical problem that requires care. Getting into the nitty gritty of these policies and identifying where the insurer has given themselves an out is beyond the patience level of most of us. I know it has been "stroke inducing" to me reading these policies and thinking through the possibilities. The independant resolution mechanism is therefore very important when the insured misunderstands the policy and needs outside help to try and settle a large claim. Perhaps I am wrong but it seems to me that this mechanism is not available to Canadians using American companies. That is not a dogmatic statement but my read of the situation. I am unsure how the industry has performed when by the letter of the policy they do not have to pay out. Or when the wording is vague. How much flexibility have they shown when settling claims?


As a follow-up to one of your comments about medical evac when holding an American policy. Does a Canadian have to have a Canadian policy to be emerge evac'd back to Canada?


Exactly, my plan was to spend a few minutes and get this done but it's proving to be a little more complicated.


I've been entrusted with securing medical insurance for the eight of us for upcoming cruise in March. We're staying overnight in a NJ hotel before departing.


I got a quote through InsureMyTrip.ca for $164, it's just so much lower than I expected that I don't trust it.


Here are the components that I understand to be critical:


  • Maximum Liability - $2,000,000, per Insured Person per Period of Coverage
  • Emergency Air Transportation (included in medical): At the discretion of the Company and coordinated and arranged by OneWorld Assist Inc., medical transport (by the most appropriate means, stretcher accommodation or Emergency air ambulance service, if the condition of the Insured Person prevents the use of other means of transportation) to the nearest medical facility equipped to provide the required treatment or for return to Canada, including any necessary accompaniment
  • This Insurance does not provide payment or indemnity for expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of:
    Any Pre-existing Condition, except as follows:
    On trips 28 days and less, except for conditions where symptoms arose or medical consultation was required within 7 days prior to departure, with the exception of a Minor Ailment.

Here is the link to the actual policy.


Any comments from those with experience would be much appreciated.


Also, we have passed final payment. What are our options with regard to cancellation insurance?



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If you want to compare, try checking out CITI Bank Canada. I believe they sell the same policy as you were quoted from Insuremytrip.ca

http://www.citi.com/canada/cards/english/travel_insurance.jsp A co-worker just purchased a policy from CITI Bank for his wife, the policy was also from Travel Underwiters ( A Richmond BC Company ). In the case of the Co-worker the policy, medical only, for a 7 day trip to Mexico cost something like $25. One question, I assume that your party is all under 55 years old and the cost you quoted was for all combined? or each?

Good Luck.

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The following is an excerpt from a Toronto Star article today. Please note this situation worked out favorably but it involved the local authorities. If this had been an American company, would the result have been the same? I don't know since I have no experience with them but I have to assume it would be more difficult. In this case the insurance was purchased from a company ( RBC ) that has a local office in Ontario. The initial claim was denied on what I would call a technicality but the consumer had local help. Something to think about when purchasing your insurance. Here is the excerpt. You can find the entire article at www.thestar.com .


Eunice Ryder and Emil Sutter had a problem with an RBC travel medical insurance policy they bought from Uniglobe Travel before going to Florida last March.

“My partner and I should have insisted on more information,” Ryder said. “Perhaps we should have taken the medical questionnaire home and read all the fine print and asked more questions.

“I feel the insurance company and travel agent should make it clear to the customer that the contract should be reviewed before being submitted. Instead, it was presented as, ‘Fill it in and that’s all you need to do.’”

Sutter, 76, made a mistake when filling out the form. He denied any history of arthritis, even though he’d had hip replacement surgery the previous year. (He thought the problem was caused by wear and tear.)

When he left for Florida two months later, he had a heart attack on the flight. Later, he filed a claim for $112,000 (U.S.) in hospital costs after having emergency surgery and a stent implanted at a cardiac care centre.

RBC turned down his claim, even though his doctor confirmed he had no history of cardiac problems.

“They gave back the premiums, but said the error voided the coverage,” said Ryder, who appealed for help after finding a previous column I’d written about a travel insurance claim denied by RBC (and later reversed).

Writing to the bank ombudsman did the trick. Within days, she got a call saying RBC would pay the full claim. (Uniglobe Travel also went to bat for the couple, she told me.)

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