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Does NCL have LGBT meets?

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Dennis! Hey, Mr. Man!

Did you go on an NCL cruise?

Bill and I went to the LGBTQ get-together the first night at sea. As someone else has written, it was kind of hard to tell that there was a gay event going on there at the lounge. It was full of people, mostly (obviously) straight. But, okay, we ended discovering and talking with four other gay guys.

It kinda didn't matter. I was pretty much non-apologetically gay all week, wherever I was: bar, deck, casino... It didn't matter. The straight people didn't care. The queer people said "Hi!" So NOT a deal to be gay on this cruise!

PS -- Jewels says Hello! Edited by Inspector57
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I'm pretty much hooked on NCL having done my last 5 with them and my upcoming 2.

Yes they do have FOD meetings every night, its posted in the nightly news, and the location is usually the same place around 7 or 8 depending on port days.

Every ship I've gone on is inconsistent on the attendance at the meetings.

I appreciate that NCL does it. I really wish they would choose the location better. The last ship I went on, The Breakaway, it was in Shakers, and I believe was poorly attended as its the bar right in the midst of all the evening activities. On the Escape & the Getaway it was in a smaller venue off to the side and was better attended.

Hoping for a good location on the Bliss in March. Going as a solo traveller, the meet ups are pretty valuable for meeting new friends and having things to do in the evening (not what you think) - talking and people to go to dinner with.

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