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Amenities of Boardwalk Balcony if booked through a Club Royale promo

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Hi all! I am excited to have booked a "free cruise" offer through Club Royale for Nov 2017 on Allure. I upgraded from inside cabin to a Boardwalk Balcony for $80, but am I still eligible for "DINE • DRINK • DISCOVER" amenities available to paying Boardwalk guests (according to RCI website, these including a complimentary meal for four at Johnny Rockets, soda packages for two and a rock climbing session for the whole family.)

I am a solo traveler but would I receive 4 JR meals and 2 soda packs? New to me so sorry if this sounds dumb;p


Also, will I still receive points for this cruise? 7 nights solo-would it be 7 or 14? I'm confused and appreciate your guidance.


I cruised Oasis in August using with my platinum mLife offer and my mLife benefits - which aren't valid as I'm sailing through Club Royale - is there anyway to avoid 3% fee for drawing funds of my cruise account besides using cash? I am uncomfortable carrying large amts of cash...







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Just got off Harmony a couple of weeks ago. Met the casino host the first evening and he looked up my play and put a VIP sticker on seapass card. That sticker allowed me to get money from the cashier and charge it to my room without paying a fee. Like you, I don't like to take large sums of cash with me and I always seem to run out of money and don't want to go back to the room to get more.

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