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I received the "book within 14 days" which I'm assuming is the Bounce back that everyone is referring to.. they are ranging from 100 to 175 for 7 day cruises. I don't want to miss out on these offers but the dates aren't great for us.
I achieved at least 5000 points on our cruise that I got this offer under our door
Will I receive these low of rates later on too? $50, $100?

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The answer to receiving additional offers is only a probably but no guarantees. If there is nothing offered now that fits your availability, check back online every couple days during the 14 days and see if something opens up that does fit in your schedule. For the past year, people have been seeing book within 14 days / sail within 6 months (OHM / PMI) offers but there are only sailings listed under the offer in the next 2 or 3 months. Typically each week a couple additional sailings are opened up under the offer. Maybe you will get lucky and the right date / ship / port opens.

If you find the offer expires unused because nothing fit your availability, wait a while, figure out your availability (within the 6 month sailing window), and use the web form at oceanplayersclub.com to ask about available comps giving them your available dates. I did this with a PMI (free interior with DOU) that I received late December by using the contact us form one weekend in late March. I received a call from OPC the following Monday morning to discuss what was available and ended up booking an Eastern Caribbean 7 day out of San Juan that sailed 4 days before my 6 months was up. The offer was still a free interior but no DOU.

My thoughts run that if you gamble enough to get an offer in the first place, then there should be later offers. As a 5000 points in 7 days gambler, you are in the same level of play as me. I am getting a fair number of Carnival offers including pack and play, premier getaways, and premiers.


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