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Where would I go to buy really hot hot sauce?


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Last time we were there, I never found any really hot hot sauce. And I don't mean Pace Picante either. My brother and other members of my family love really hot food. They use stuff like Dave's Insanity Sauce and Hot Sauce From Hell. I found a jar of fresh powdered habanero in Belize last summer for my brother. He still raves about how good it was. I've got a reputation for finding really hot stuff. This time our only Mexican port is Cozumel. And I didnt' find anything hot in Cozumel last time, so now I'm a little worried. I've got a reputation to keep up with. I need help! Tom, do you know of a shop that sells really hot stuff? It doesn't have to be just hot sauce. It can be powdered habanero or powdered piquin peppers. I once found a chili mix that said it was insanely hot. That went over real well. Some help please?

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From what I've had, Yucatecan Mexican food is not as terribly hot as that of Central Mexico. That's not to say you can't find hot food on the island.


I'm wondering if you might have some luck at Chedraui grocery store. Chedraui is on the main road (Ave. Rafael Melgar) across the street from Plaza Las Glorias -- orangish hotel. I'm not sure what you would look for. Muy caliente! (Very Hot!) or Muy picante! (Very Spicy!)


Good luck!

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Go to Cinco Soles and buy this stuff called MARIN KUT. I used to get it at Chedraui (supermarket) but can only find it at Cinco Soles now. Comes in a small jar, white label, red and black writing, kind of a brownish-mustard colour. If you are coming to Paradise Beach, bring a small, empty jar with you. I'll fill it with the stuff the kitchen makes for us staff! It's not on the menu and it is smokin' hot!!! Happy heartburn!! (or worse!) ;)

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Idiotsavant8, I think I know what type of stuff you're talking about. We once bought some stuff at a store that only sold hot and spicy stuff. Everything had a rating and this stuff was the only one with a 10 on it on a scale from 1 to 10. It was the essence of habanero peppers. One drop in your hot sauce and you were good to go. We live in Texas and visit Mexico often. Once when we were in Mexico a server saw my brother putting a few drops of the habanero essence into his bowl of hot sauce. He laughed and said that wasn't enough to make anything hot. My brother told him to dip a toothpick into the essence and see exactly how hot it was before teasing anyone. The server decided to take a whole spoonful instead. My brother tried to warn him how hot it was but he wouldn't listen. I don't think he thought some American could eat such hot food. That spoonful had him screaming! You could hear him howling back in the kitchen. We all tried to warn him and stop him from eating it. I guess the poor fella learned his lesson the hard way. Every time I think about it, I feel sorry for the poor guy.That's why I believe you when you say your sauce is really hot. It probably has some of that habanero essence in it. The essence is a very concentrated hot oil straight from the pepper.



I just wonder how long a home made hot sauce would stay good. Without preservatives I don't think I should keep anything longer than 3 days. And what I am really looking for is something to bring back as a gift for my brother and a couple other family members who like really hot stuff. Though I do think I will stop by No Name Bar and take a taste just for the fun of it. My husband likes hot stuff too and will definitely want a taste.


Paradise Tom, when I come to Paradise beach, I'll get directions from you on how to get to Cinco Soles. I wouldn't mind getting some of the stuff the kitchen makes for the staff, but I don't know how long it would keep on the trip back. Though my husband and I will probably want to try some on our food when we visit. I think I will go to Cinco Soles and get a few jars of Marin Kut to take home as gifts to some of my family. Thanks for the info. And I know exactly what you mean when you say happy heartburn or WORSE. I have had WORSE and it is not fun! Your mouth is not the only thing really hot hot sauce burns. Okay, I've said enough. I think I'll leave on that note. Thanks for the info. and I look forward to meeting you guys!

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Worse is when you are chopping up habaneros, and you forget to wear gloves, or forget to wash/scrub your hands afterwards and then at some point in time after that, you rub your eye(s)!!! Major PAIN!!! Of course, there is another ending to this scenario that is the WORST.......but as you said, we'll leave on that note....hasta la vista!!

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