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What amenitites are special about Oceania?


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What amenities do you know Oceania offers but other lines (especially Celebrity) do not? We can get into as much detail as you want. I'm just doing this project/spreadsheet for someone and I need some help. Plus, it's just good to know.


Thanks, Adam

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Hi Adam,


What do you need to know that is not available on the web site at http://www.oceaniacruises.com? The list of amenities is pretty long, starting with the special linens and "tranquility" beds, so there are probably too many for us to list and to remember. (The free daily ice cream/sorbet in five interesting flavors is worth mentioning right away, though!).


Also, just curious, what is the purpose of the spreadsheet? My local paper, which happens to be the Washington Post, sometimes provides comparative spreadsheets on different products/services in its Sunday Travel section. If you are a member of the media or you are conducting some other project that is not for personal use, the Oceania home office in Miami would probably be very happy to help you out.


Best, E. Knightley

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Yes, but that list on the website is just a list of mostly normal premium cruise ship amenities. What I am looking for specifically are special amenities that suite-guests receive on Oceania and not on Celebrity. Anyone have any ideas? I'll look at the website more thoroughly though.


I am an intern for Celebrity and I am currently working on a project comparing Celebrity vs. the various other premium cruise lines. I reason I am using this site is that I know everyone here knows so much about their favorite cruise line.



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We sailed with Celebrity twice within the last several months, and there was no charge to use the t-pool. It was wonderful...soothing, melted away aches and pains...I loved it.


Our 1st Oceania sailing is coming up;l realize their t-pool is smaller, but that's all I really know about it at this point except that I can't to BE in it!!!

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I do like / strike that love the gorgeous speciality Martini glasses that are used on Celebrity in their Martini bar..

they are huge glasses with all different kinds of stems..

oh you people who cocktail...


as for the suite details, well, you asked about personalized stationary and neither ship gives that (they give ship stationary- not like Silverseas with Mr .Jones at sea on Blah Blah ship)..

shoe shine -yes free

fruit bowl Oceania daily only in Owners suites and if you request in others

robes yes all cabins

no bubblebath service .as in..have it ready for you when you return from a hard day of doing absolutely nothing but having fun...


just read about that bubblebath service on an African Safari brochure and thinking someone should do that on the ship for us next cruise ..run that bath w/ bubbles.. nice

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  • 2 weeks later...

They are free on the four large ships; Summitt, Constellation, Infinity and Millennium, and charged to all but suite owners on Galaxy and Mercury. I do not know about Zenith or Century, but since they are smaller ships and the pool is probably part of the Spa as on Mercury

and Galaxy, they are probably charged

to non-suite holders also.

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In 2001 I cruised on the Renaissance R2 which is now the Oceania Regatta.

July, 2004 I cruised on the Celebrity Constellation.

Borh have a pool deemed a "Thalassotherapy", which really means that it uses air bubbles instead of water jets. However, other than the air bubbles, the two pools are very different.


The Constellation’s Thalassotherapy pool is a fairly large swimming pool with two stainless steel tubing bench seat Thalassotherapy areas on two sides. Each seat can hold about 4 people without crowding. There is a water jet at one end of the pool. The remainder of the pool is basically a shallow swimming pool without bubbles or jets. Thus the effective Thalassotherapy area seats about 8 people.


The Oceania Regatta’s Thalassotherapy pool is a small pool about 10 feet square with one stainless steel tubing bench seat Thalassotherapy area that seats about 4 people without crowding. I seem to remember that there were some bubbles in the balance of the pool but not as much as the bench area.


Thus the Constellation seats 8 people while the Regatta seats 4, The rest of the pool doesn’t really matter as far as the Thalassotherapy aspect is concerned.


What does concern me is reading that Oceania opens the Thalassotherapy pool to all guests, as does the Celebrity Constellation. When Renaissance was sailing the R2 (Regatta) they sold cruise duration admission to the Thalassotherapy pool and once a predetermined cap was reached they cut it off. Therefore, the Thalassotherapy pool was never crowded under Renaissance’s rules and we used it EVERY DAY of the 21 day cruise.


This was NOT the case on the Constellation. We used the pool only once during a 14 day cruise because it was as crowded as a sardine can and not at all relaxing.


I would prefer that Oceania restored the Renaissance plan for the Thalassotherapy pool and controlled its usage to an enjoyable level.

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The Oceania thalassotherapy pool is not open to everyone. If you have a spa appointment, you can use the T pool one hour before and one hour after your appointment. You can also pay by the day (I think it was $15) or cruise (something like $99). This is the way it was on Regatta in Dec. I didn't see anyone actively enforcing the policy, nor did I try to use the T pool when I wasn't supposed to! The three times I went in before or after spa appointments I was in the pool by myself. Great view!

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Dear Adam,


either myself or the CEO would happy to assist.


Warmest Regards,


Tim Rubacky

Oceania Cruises, Inc.


If this thread is authentic, that will be very nice indeed -- because it shows that senior management of Oceania often reads this board and listens to what the customers have to say. Last year, presumably the president of Oceania posted here a few times. It is good and encouraging that they pay attention to this board!


Thank you.



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meow --


Don't see any reason why it wouldn't be authentic...the person simply asked them to contact corporate and gave a name.


Typically, those who would be "posers" would attempt to answer all the questions online, here on the boards, acting as though they were a higher-up with the company.


I agree, it is admirable that Oceania Cruises staff and others from the industry frequent these boards.

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