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  1. What evidence do you have to disprove any of this? LOL
  2. Thanks for the info. We are on the Getaway out of Rome Oct 25 and Dec 5 2021. Stay Safe!
  3. Is this NCL Air? I priced air from ATL to Rome Round Trip $1,500/person. NCL was $899 total for 2.
  4. This sounds just like: If I am required to wear I won't be told when to go to the dining room I bought an unlimited drink package so I can drink as many as I want Follow the rules or go else where.
  5. Can't beat the price! MAY NOT BE the best flights, but don't have to worry if cruise is canceled. Been through that 4 times last year. Happy cruising! Stay Safe!
  6. We are two more Platinum members who will join you! Happy cruising! Stay Safe!
  7. Totally agree with you! You could not have said it better and clearer. There are rules for everything. Follow them or stay home. Happy cruising! Stay Safe!
  8. NCL is smart to require passengers and crew to be vaccinated before they cruise. NCL has the right to do so. Those who don't want to get the JAB, sorry find another cruise line or don't cruise. We just booked 4 cruises with NCL on the Getaway (2) Oct and Dec 2021, BLISS Feb 2022 and Escape Sep 2022. Free all at Sea, Free Air for 2nd Passenger, etc. Fantastic pricing! Air alone was a big saving. JIB-JAB! HAPPY CRUISING! STAY SAFE!
  9. Fear Mongering, Hype, assorted scare tactics. Lets not go there. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ WORLD / COUNTRIES / USA / MISSOURI Last updated: March 27, 2021, 18:45 GMT Missouri Coronavirus Cases: 574,417 Deaths: 8,987 Recovered: 410,969 United States Coronavirus Cases: 30,877,671 Deaths: 561,329 Recovered: 23,277,724 Projections
  10. Previously as Black card members you use to get 2 each per Black Card member. That has changed to 2 per cabin. Hate to see what will happen when all cruise lines start to sail again. They all have lost xxb of money.
  11. OK, thanks! Some people would say you can't share. Personally, I don't understand why you can't use your pkg to buy someone else meal. It is just a number of meals you are paying for. But, I know they say you can't.
  12. Thanks for your links. Just looked at the Cruisefirst-program. Now I know what the term means. Even though I have used it many times, I thought of it as an FCC Future Cruise Certificate. Yet it is also referred to as a Cruise Next Deposit. Other cruise lines also call it a Future Cruise Credit. No problem. Thanks again for your help. Stay Safe!
  13. What were you told exactly? Never hear of cruise first certificates CFCs I think the cruise lines change names of things to keep us all confused. LOL Specialty Dining Package SDP (FAS or purchased packages; rules may vary) SDP are per person and non-transferrable; no sharing permitted. No Sharing permitted. Like I said we did share meals in the SDRs on the Encore at the end of our B2B as we were totally fooded out. Never had a problem doing that.
  14. I have cruised with NCL since 1986. We are Platinum. I have used NCD On NCL many times. We cruise as a married couple since 1986. When we book an NCL cruise we always each used our NCD. So, was that called Double Up? Does NCL use the term FCC? DON'T mean to confuse anyone. However, it seems like many subjects caused numerous answers. For example. When I buy a SDP, can we use one and share a meal in Cagnies? Let's see what answers we get on this. I know what we did on the Encore Feb 2020.
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