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    We need to change the title of this thread. No one is talking about the Bellissima. The ship they are taking about is the Meraviglia. Please, may we stay on topic.? Thank you!
  2. I will search for them. Thanks! We were on the Seaside in Nov 2018 and the only real complaint we had was the food was OK. Never hot regardless of being in the MDR or Buffet. Other than that we do like MSC as they provide just a little different cruise. In fact, we are back on the Seaside in Nov 2019, then Ballissami Mar 2020.
  3. What was wrong/ bad with your cruise? We'r should like to hear your side. Thank you!
  4. To answer your questions/suggestions/comments: Do you disagree that: 1) Holding a Welcome Back party at 8:30 on a line that does not offer 'my time' dining is excluding a large percentage of cruisers (ie, all the cruisers who do not have YC and Aurora and are forced to eat at late dining). There will never be a time where it will be convenient for all. There is no one time each cruise line conducts these as even ships for that cruise line have different times based on itinerary, etc. Many people who cruise a lot no longer attend this function for a free drink. After x number of cruises, it is not worth the time/crowd, etc., just to get a free drink. 2) The most sensible approach is to make evening requested attire uniform across the ship. How can they make requested attire uniform when they have a Gala/Chic/Formal/etc. night and people do not dress accordingly? Things have changed, dress as you like and smell the roses. LOL
  5. Everyone has an opinion and the freedom to voice their opinions. What I think will not be accepted by MSC or any other cruise line. The same applies to the others who have an opinion. Examples of opinions: 'The fact that the ship does not enforce the dress code does not pre-empt it. They are simply being polite to their guests who are abusing their hospitality. ' So, forget guests that abuse a cruise lines hospitality? Would you allow that of a guest who enters your home? Years ago we were thought to respect others and their property. Respect the law. Respect our neighbors. Now, lets just be polite and let those who abuse slide? Cruise lines just don't want to enforce their rules. Regardless of which rule. Again, should MSC or any other cruise line just be polite to those who abuse? Kids in Adult areas. Chair hogs. - We were on the Seaside Aft deck 7 pool and 4 lounges were reserved with towels from 630AM until those 4 people showed up at 11AM. The pool staff knew this as they said the lounges were like that since 630AM. When asked why they didn't remove the towels, the two staff personnel just walked away. 'We must be polite??????????????' Glass in pool. I'm sure we can add more.
  6. Sorry to disagree that welcome parties are only held on Formal nights. We just got off of a Princess SEA cruise and the WB party was not on a formal night. Other cruise lines such as Celebrity hold them in the afternoon. So, there is no set rule when they are held. Been CRUISING over 30 years. HAPPY CRUISING!
  7. We have had the same thing happen to us on a Princess cruise. Maybe you are too critical or it had never happened to you. HAPPY CRUISING!
  8. We have had the same thing happen to us on a Princess cruise. Maybe you are too critical or it had never happened to you. HAPPY CRUISING!
  9. Been on both and our choice is the Allure!!!!!! Much more to do on Allure. HAPPY CRUISING1
  10. https://bestlifeonline.com/worst-cruise-line/ Didn't read it yet, but headline is totally wrong! JMHO
  11. Agree with you. We do dress up. However, Cruise lines just don't want to enforce their rules. Regardless of which rule. Kids in Adult areas. Chair hogs. Glass in pool. I'm sure we can add more.
  12. So, why can't they fix it? It is a Search function. Not a big fix.
  13. I posted a new roll call for the MSC Bellissima for Mar 21, 2020. However, it is located at : https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/837-msc-bellissima-roll-calls/ It is sort of a orphan in that link as very, very few roll calls are there. The normal link for the roll calls are: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=80 This will really create a very big disconnect for anyone trying to find a roll call until the tool is fixed. The roll call I posted cannot be found at this link. Is there a 'Get Well Date' for the fix?
  14. Thanks for your time and description. It seems very clear, however, many people do not follow these suggestions/definitions/guidelines/etc. The worst part is that the Cruise Lines do not enforce them. HAPPY CRUISING!
  15. If you read my previous post. I said that. However, the problem should be corrected. It is not a big fix.
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