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  1. They don't care. This happened to me one time and my cruise buddy lived in a different country.
  2. I too am going on the New Years cruise so I hope they repair the ship soon.
  3. I have never found it a problem
  4. A volcano exploded a very rare occurrence. You are much more likely to be killed in traffic accidents while on a tour. But people don't consider this to be a risk.
  5. I don't understand stand this at all. When ever I cruise we each have our own account. I always use a credit card for my account and my travel companions either uses their own cc or a cash account. We've never had a problem of Cross charging. We are all under a single booking which I manage. I put in my cc details and check 'do not link account'. I don't think it is reasonable for RC to assume everyone on the booking is going to use a single CC when the other guest. After all the mother is not a dependent of the son. The son should definitely speak to the mom about spending /charging.
  6. It's because a high percentage of the population were not vaccinated. It is very sad, thousands of people have had the measles and at least 60 people have died over 50 were children under 4. Last i heard the government instituted an emergency vaccination plan & 89% of the population are now vaccinated. It takes 95% take up for heard protection. So hopefully they will have it under control shortly.
  7. 22 days to go. Very excited πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸΈπŸΈπŸΈ
  8. Sorry I forgot to mention that you should have gotten your port fees, taxes and any excursions etc. You paid returned to you.
  9. I have read here what happens is that you visit nurse/medical officer who makes the decision. But if you answered truthfully on the health form you might have only had one yes (if you had a temp). The second part of the health form about vomiting and diareah you would answer truthfully no. I have allergies that can make me cough/wheeze/sneeze etc. I was worried about being stopped but I asked and they said that's not they were looking for. I am not sure if they give you a denied boarding letter or something as I think you can claim on your insurance.
  10. What ever you do don't give them your debit card details. You can use this at the end of the cruise to pay off your account. As people have said if you pay in (which is OK) you just have to close your account on the last night. All you have to do is keep an eye on the queues and jump in when it is less busy. This will probably be around dinner time or when a show is on. It's not the end of world if you have to queue for an hour. On MSC you set up your payment method on Board so no one in the port will be asking for credit card details. If anyone asks just tell them you are going to service desk to pay with cash.
  11. You can nominate cash as your method of payment. But if you change your mind they don't let you switch to credit card method. You have to queue at end of cruise to settle account. If you are positive you won't spend anything why don't you link your credit card? That way if you decide to buy an ice-cream you won't need to stand in line for an hour to pay your account? it's safe if you use a credit card (not a debit card) what fears do you have that you don't want to use cash /credit card?
  12. You only need a photo ID ie drivers license, you don't have to bring your passport. But what i do is use a water proof pouch that goes around the waste. I always test it before use. if used for a phone I double bag it in a zip lock bag.
  13. There are two air ports that are classed as Barcelona Airport. One is about 25 min away. The other is about 1hr 30min. Just check you know which one you are flying to 😊
  14. I often bring my pillow, just to hotels though. I haven't brought it on a cruise though because I am afraid I will loose it.
  15. If you are worried about being left by the ship, may be invest in travel insurance instead with coverage that includes expediting travel docs? Though you would have to read the small print, as you would probably have to prove that you weren't being reckless and missed the ship. My travel insurance includes cover for luggage, missing the ship, repatriation, emergency money and expenses for emergency travel documents. I will have to read it again soon, but I think it covers missing flights as well. I missed my cruise a couple of years ago due to weather delays and they paid out for my hotels, air line covered my flights and I caught up with the ship. πŸ›³οΈπŸ˜Š
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