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  1. I haven't seen it about yet this season.
  2. There have been good reports about local taxi drivers giving tours of the area. You would have to negotiate the price and have an idea of what you would like to see.
  3. I am afraid you will have to store them in the cabin. Could you hire the seats instead?
  4. There have been discussions on here before. I think there are two reasons : 1. The signal the amateur is using may interfere with ship systems. 2. The ship sails in and out of different territories where it may be illegal to operate amateur radios or specific licences would be required.
  5. LOL you never know what type of weather you will get. It's really beautiful in West Cork, I don't think it gets enough credit. ☺️ Oops accidentally added pictures of an amazing Supervalue in Clonakilty But there is a great wooded walk in CourtMacsherry.
  6. Your room key is your credit card. For any purchase you hand over your room key and then usually they get you sign a receipt. Note on services like the bar or spa an 18 or 20% gratuity is automatically added to your check. There is no need to tip cash again or on the receipt they leave a space to add an additional tip. I usually draw a line through this space. Of course you can leave an extra tip if you think the service is exceptional. Also everyone can be set up on one account or each person can have there own account. This means that you can use cash on your account and your travelling companion can use a credit card to set up their account. The accounts are completely separate. I don't know if you are travelling with children but you also will need to decide if they will have charging privileges.
  7. I believe they are only referring to bottle tops that touch your mouth. If the top of your bottle unscrews completely you could of filled your bottle directly. It was reported on here only the other day that this is what the signs mean. And everyones mouths are filthy and basically a bacteria factory, and there is no time limit to how quickly something can be contaminated, this is why they don't want the spouts pressed up against the spout.
  8. I would pay less not more and go back and pay extra if required. If you pay more than you spend it can be a bother to get the money back. What I do is put my credit card on the account and on last day I pay my account off in cash so I get off the ship. I do it this way as I am not sure how much money I will spend in port.
  9. Unfortunately the day I visited it was very cloudy, which is a common occurrence in Cork
  10. CourtMacsherry in West Cork, which is part of the great Atlantic way. If you hire a car a lovely spot to stop for a walk, some photos or a snack.
  11. I live in the cruise port of Cobh in Ireland, I often read requests about what to do in such and such Port. I thought I would start a thread about places the average cruiser doesn't get to see. This is for the cruiser who has been to the same port many times and is looking for something different. Or the more adventurous cruisers who don't want to go to the usual tourist spots. So if you live in or near a cruise port why don't you post some recommendations of your favourite spots or cafes, pub restaurants, etc.?
  12. I have sailed 3 times with MSC and I like them a lot. I think the reviews come down to the ship not being American style. I personally love bad reviews, the more extreme the better, it's my guilty pleasure. I read one the other week where a woman was claiming the crew was going to kill her because she made a complaint about another passenger, she said she was terrified to leave her cabin! She ended here review by giving us her full real name and is she went missing were to call the police? Lol I also don't read any of the 5* reviews. I always think the 3* reviews are most likely to be realistic. Generally these are sensible observations about the good and bad points about the cruis. Any review that states that ALL the food was inedible or ALL staff were miserable or rude, etc. Is probably more a reflection on the cruiser than on the reality of the cruise. There are always going to be meals you don't like or Staff who are not happy happy, unfortunately you will on occasion even come across rude staff. But not everyone and not all the time.
  13. Hey Terry, Just to let you know that you the passenger are responsible for any visas you require or ensuring your passport meets entry requirements. You can be denied boarding if you don't have the correct documentation. The cruise line will have a page stating travel requirements, but usually just say its your responsibility. You can either go to embassy websites of the countries you are going to visit or there are sites on line which will list all the countries your passport will require a visa and those countries you don't need one. I would check before paying any money to a cruise line. If you call a cruise line and ask don't trust what the operator says as they are only in a call centre reading off of a script. If you have an EU passport you can safely sail from Europe on most itineraries. The Mediterranean and the Caribbean have the most ships and so will be cheaper than going to areas that either have a short season or have fewer sailings (Baltics/Norway/Alaska). I don't know your tastes but as a first timer I would try a medium sized cruise ship about 2000 pax. Also not all cruise lines are the same, there are basically 2 groups American style or European style (a third would be Australian but this would probably be too far away and its winter in July). so have a think and decide what type of style or atmosphere you would like. I hope this is helpful & have fun on your first cruise.
  14. When are you given a boarding time? I have read that P&O have laundries on board for guest use. Do they do cold washes?
  15. Thanks for the feedback everyone. If we got late seating we would just have our main meal at lunch and a snack at dinner. We actually prefer the anytime Dining option and is what we select on other cruise lines. We have never sailed with P&O, I foolishly thought it would be the most popular choice 😣 so picked early as I thought it would be least popular. It's not the end of the world, we got a good cabin, so that is the main thing. I also have a New Years cruise booked, that time I chose select and picked anytime. 😊
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