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  1. I love tattoos I am getting my next one soon (as soon as the artist and I have space in our schedule). The last thing I would do is get a tattoo on a cruise. They hurt, I don't relish being in pain. Also you have to take care of a fresh tattoo, regular bathing, applying cream, keeping it clean. The first couple of days the tattoo is pretty gooey, a cruise ship is not ideal. Also you have to keep it out of the sun, no swimming, not too much alcohol. Pretty much everything you go on holiday to do. Also when I get a piece done, my tattoo artist and I communicate back and forth for a couple of weeks before the actual tattoo getting the design right. the tattoo might take 5 to 7 hours I can't imagine the tattoo artists on board are going to give this service. so what's left is flash, nothing wrong with it, but imagine the number of people who will end up having the exact same tattoo, sounds bit conveyor belt to me.
  2. On the whole the weather has been great and the Seas calm. No chair hogs on this cruise πŸ˜‰ Probably a different story on Caribbean or Mediterranean cruises. We did go swimming twice. The water wasn't freezing but not particularly warm either.
  3. Well today was Greenock, I would recommend doing a tour, not much here really. We went for a walk down the promenade, stopped off at the Customs House and visited the Burns exhibition they had. This was interesting, we also walked through the shopping Malls. We saw that Taxis were offering tours for Β£40 per taxis per hour, so loads cheaper than the ships offering which I saw was Β£200 per person (for 4 hours) There was also free tours from the terminal, which I heard were good. We have an early start tomorrow so didn't want to be up early today. I did buy a handbag from the stalls that they had at the port, Β£25.00 which I thought was good value.
  4. This is the Arena theater 45 min before the show. Last night (overnight in Reykjavik) was the first time this cruise where there were still seats available in the theater Well signing off now till I get to Scotland 😁
  5. We went to the nature baths in Akuryi and Godefoss (I have spelt that wrong) I would highly recommend it
  6. So in the Faroe Islands we took a P&O tour, it was a tour to one of the other island Vega I think. It was a very interesting tour, and the scenery was stunning as it has bee. Everywhere we have gone.
  7. Back again it didn't work out how I expected. I am with Tesco for my plan and haven't had any connection since I Left the UK. Any way I have been having a fantastic time. I have been really enjoying the P&O experience. The things we like: 1. Freedom dining, we have been sharing tables with different folk each night. We have never met so many people. Everywhere we go we see people we now know. 2. We love the cabin layout, with our little walk in wardrobe, we have an inside and this arrangement makes it seem more spacious. 3. We are loving the quizzes. Which are UK based πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜ (the questions I mean) Things which are not bad but not great: 1. We are not always receiving receipts, this is making it difficult to track spending without going to service desk to get a print out. 2. The venues for the shows are crazy packed. You have to be there a minimum of 30 minutes before show starts to ensure you get a seat. 3. I have seen layout on some of the newer ships have better flow. Seems to have a few deadends. Or you have to go up a floor to get where you want to go on the lower floor.
  8. I have eaten too much already and it is not even dinner time yet. Today we managed to catch the end of one of the quizzes and watched some of the Karoke, the usual mix of good with the bad 😁 I have heard some funny conversations on board, I might start a new thread so we can share the stories we hear. 😊
  9. Well a new day, I still managed to get to the Yoga, I am getting up later and later☺️ So this is our second sea day of six in total. I bagged myself a bargain, a 75 min full body massage for £79, for a cruise ship this is pretty good. For anyone wondering they didn't add on a top. I did add a tip for the masseuse as she was good. I didn't buy any of the other treatments she was offered or the products. Generally I limit myself to one treatment per cruise.
  10. So after the gym I just had a fruit cup from the gym, it was really early so we also had a sit down breakfast. I've eaten a lot today & basically missed all the events I had marked down in the schedule. It was a black tie tonight. There has been discussions about men's attire. From what I can observe it looks like about 90% of the men wear tuxes or dark suits. I am in the theatre and I can only see a handful of men in shirt sleeves.
  11. The first sea day started with classes in the gym. I bought the class pass, so first class was tummy exercise followed by a yoga class. It was funny as the instructor said she was going to start with just the basic poses as people were at all levels. That was no basic glass, I have been doing yoga for a while, so not a problem for me. But we were doing poses we didn't learn in my on land yoga class until about 3 months in.
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