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  1. I shared an inside cabin with four, ages 3 to 65. I found that doable. So if I can manage four in a closet I am sure you will manage in a suit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Could you not ask your daughter to plait her hair or wear a hair net to bed?
  2. Bring your bags, but pack underwear, socks, hair clips, panty hose, etc. Just use your bags to pack small items so space isn't wasted. I personally bring the one evening bag,
  3. I love to be active on a cruise, I get up before everyone else and go to the gym. Then meet up with my cruise party. I like doing puzzles and logic games too and am happy to have a coffee and play suduko. I participate in all the different activities. I think the biggest challenge is when you travel with someone who is the opposite and wants nothing more to lounge by the pool. In this circumstances you just have to agree that at times you will do different things. But a thing that has helped me was taking up Yoga and learning to calm my mind. I think learning that I don't have to be busy every second has helped the most.
  4. You can buy alcohol from duty free on board, but you collect the bottles on last day. I think you can buy a bottle at the bar, but this at bar prices.
  5. The funniest thing I heard was at the buffet, when the lady at next table was telling her hale and harty husband in great detail the house with garden she was going to buy when he died, lol. She had already seen the house in the village she lived in that she wanted. We laughed at our table and said the husband should watch himself or she would have overboard, so she could get her dream house ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  6. No need to tip. They are doing their job which they are paid to do. Even if they are retired they still get paid.
  7. I would stay on the main land too. It's a total nightmare to get around Venice towing luggage unless you have big bucks and can afford to pay someone to tote your luggage around for you. There are plenty of nice Italian hotels and guests houses on the mainland. Cheap, quick and reliable public transport to and from Venice. You can then stroll around Venice at your leisure. On the day of your cruise you can either get public transport again or a Taxi to the cruise port.
  8. Hello Andy I am on the same cruise. I have never been on a new years cruise either and am looking forward to hear the replies from your post.
  9. If you arrive on time you should be good. I caught the coach to/from Heathrow this year on the last week of June with no problem. The bus took about 2 HR 30. It was also about 15 minutes late. The bus terminal is a very quick and cheap ride (Uber) direct to the cruise terminal. If you were considering public transport be sure to buy your tickets in advance. I would avoid the trains as you would have to cross London with your luggage. Not a good idea if on a tight schedule.
  10. My Aunt and I travelled on the Venturer for two weeks this summer, neither of us had problems with the curtains. The water stayed in the basin, this the biggest issue I find with shower curtains, water all over the bathroom floor. I also used the Gym a good few times, their showers had proper glass doors. If you truly have a problem this might be a solution for you. I really loved the Venturer, so much so that we are going on another cruise on her.
  11. One of my Aunts was born in 1939, my grandfather was overseas working, she was born at home, my granny was too busy to register her so she never had a birth certificate. She had no problem with out it until she wanted a passport to travel. She had to get a letter from her Bishop stating her baptism notice and confirmation was genuine. That was how how she got her first passport.
  12. Hello, typically you don't tip maids or cleaning staff in Europe. I have never tipped a concierge in Europe, but I have only ever used them to call a taxi for me or asking for information about local attractions. I would class this as being part of their job description. I don't know what would be classed above and beyond or how much to tip.
  13. The shoes in original photo are sandals not flip-flops. Just because they have a toe thing does not make them flip-flops. Flip-flops are plastic/rubber shoes that are worn in shower/pool/beach.
  14. Also before purchasing tickets I would check the prices directly from the theater. For the really popular show they don't always have discounts tickets and third party sellers can charge above the face value of the ticket.
  15. By the way this not a forgone conclusion that they are not covered by their insurance. I do make a habit of reading the small print. There is usually some coverage of unavoidably delays. They should check it out. This can be car breaking down or strikes, all sorts of things. The difficulty now if they were covered, they have to prove that they left their home in plenty of time to catch the ship. This is easier if they know beforehand about this cover and what they need to prove it example record of Sat nav. They would need to show traffic details probably from a site like 'AA'. This is not an easy process, but don't automatically assume that you are not covered for some sort of reimbursement.
  16. Thanks for the reply I never use the mini-bar and didn't remember the fridge be empty
  17. She was told they had to remove the alcohol since the elite member was a minor. They were very apologetic but mom was fine with it since she doesnโ€™t drink anyway and wasnโ€™t expecting I have never taken anything from the fridge and only travelled with a minor once but is it normal policy to remove alcohol from the fridges when minors room?
  18. Where are you flying to? As it 2 hours before hand to Europe, but 3 hours if going to the US. It is my experience that the check-in desks /bag drop opens exactly on the 2hr/3hr check in limit and not before. Also just check the average travel time in the cab for the airport for the time and day. Also Barcelona has a bit of a strange arrangement in that you go through security to where the shops & restaurants are and then you queue again to go through passport control. Be warned they don't let you skip ahead of the passport line even if it looks like you might miss your flight. Also there are two official Barcelona airports one is close to the city and one is 1 to 2 hours away, make sure you know which one you are flying to.
  19. Taxis are pretty expensive from the city but if there was 4 of you to share the cost not to bad. There would be loads of taxis so it would not be difficult. But depending on the day of the week you may have to book a restaurant in advance.
  20. I ways stay in South Beach. I love the buzz. Plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, etc
  21. This is done in the US all the time. I have read dozens of reports about US citizens and foreign nationals having their phones and laptops (even work ones) threatened with jail of expulsion unless they hand over their phone details.
  22. I love tattoos I am getting my next one soon (as soon as the artist and I have space in our schedule). The last thing I would do is get a tattoo on a cruise. They hurt, I don't relish being in pain. Also you have to take care of a fresh tattoo, regular bathing, applying cream, keeping it clean. The first couple of days the tattoo is pretty gooey, a cruise ship is not ideal. Also you have to keep it out of the sun, no swimming, not too much alcohol. Pretty much everything you go on holiday to do. Also when I get a piece done, my tattoo artist and I communicate back and forth for a couple of weeks before the actual tattoo getting the design right. the tattoo might take 5 to 7 hours I can't imagine the tattoo artists on board are going to give this service. so what's left is flash, nothing wrong with it, but imagine the number of people who will end up having the exact same tattoo, sounds bit conveyor belt to me.
  23. On the whole the weather has been great and the Seas calm. No chair hogs on this cruise ๐Ÿ˜‰ Probably a different story on Caribbean or Mediterranean cruises. We did go swimming twice. The water wasn't freezing but not particularly warm either.
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