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  1. So as speculated, Virgin aren’t coming back to Australia next season! Sailing out of San Juan. So now we have individual flights to Athens booked we will have to find a different way to spend our holiday!’
  2. She was chockers, with possibly half the ship virgin staff travelling on virtually free trips as their Christmas bonus! We figured out anyone over 50 was full fare paying 😂 a full ship - but that was a 4 nighter; chance of that happening on longer NZ cruise non existent.
  3. We were on it last week and I think it would be fine, the cabin decks were always quiet when we were looking around. Our cabin was on 5 which was quite handy for sailor services and bars on 6. Only negative was the moving around of furniture in the Red Room after their performances late at night, but obviously the cabin was underneath so not a sensible pick!
  4. That's an interesting thought. So we wouldn't be able to get on in Athens anyway!
  5. I have read on other sites that VV will announce at the end of February, all the new sailings for resilient lady, we are also booked on those same 3 sailings as you. However we aren’t keen on all the sea days (7x2 I think) on the African route.,by the way there is also muttering that they won’t even be bringing RL back to Australia as this inaugural season didn’t reach expectations. So up in the air and definitely hoping end of Feb will give us answers!
  6. Unfortunately we have booked our October Athens-Perth sailing through an agency. Wish we hadn't but of course it was a terrific deal 🤑
  7. Have you booked direct with VV or through a travel agency?
  8. So are we. Not too sure how we feel about the African itinerary as we booked because we've never been to India, Sri Lanka etc etc ... there's a few alternatives around that date in October so considering that. Because - of course - we have flights booked!!
  9. I believe their schedule will be as before with the first cruise from Athens on 9th May (?) - they're doing a very quick leg from Barcelona via Malta to Athens.
  10. Cape Town to Barcelona I believe; then a very short cruise to Athens via Malta. My cruises are offering a reduced fare for that leg.
  11. I saw that Cunard have re-routed their sailing around Africa with a fairly interesting collection of ports, but Island Princess are leaving Australia and straight across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, then Cape Town. Anyone wanting Dubai will have to fly from there.
  12. The only thing so that the Houthi rebels appear to be targeting container ships, not cruise ships.
  13. Good advice, thank you. We have our flights booked but accommodation is flexible thank goodness.
  14. Does that mean you have cancelled? Will VV accept cancellations based on this Red Sea disruption to schedules? We are on the October return to Athens but it is concerning us even at this point.
  15. Oh of course! Thanks for that...... anyway it looks like my question has been answered by you good folk!
  16. Wow that’s a hell of a deal! Shame we booked months ago!! Again, you saw it on the website? Or on an email from them? Thanks for that information.
  17. Yes, we are lucky here aren't we? Even in the UK I think it's only 3 weeks. Your cruise sounds very interesting with the overnights. We were on a Holland America cruise in March around NZ (so-so; not enough for us to do, I watched movies quite a lot and never done that on a cruise before!) At Tauranga we hired a car and drove to Rotorua, but everyone who spent the day in Tauranga raved about it.
  18. Oh thanks - that will serve me right for not reading their emails! I don’t think we have any points at this stage anyway. On velocity topic though, does anyone know how to add your velocity number to a booking? Or even if it’s necessary? I’ve been trying for two days to ring but get a message saying even cruise companies have to take a holiday (!?) tried live chat with no luck and have now emailed. Anyone else having a problem contacting VV?
  19. We are Sydney-Hobart (and back! as their advertising has fun with) on the 11th Feb.
  20. What's the Velocity Points deal? I guess we have some - in fact I don't even know if we've added our Velocity numbers to the booking! Re the app, we have both downloaded and chosen embarkation time and added all the personal info but am expecting problems. In that second video, they mentioned taking a bottle of bubbly onboard which was delivered to the cabin; I thought I'd seen that they allow you one bottle (each??) but to take it on in carry-on bag. We have a drinks package as part of our deal. I believe they don't charge the extra gratuity other cruise lines do which is great.
  21. We explored the coast thinking we would "do" Cradle Mountain during our Whisky Week tour in August, but still didn't manage it; so will have to go back again!
  22. Hahahah........ enjoyed those two clips showing the ship (although no mention of trivia! but young Americans so possibly not their thing!) Good to see that there is more than one pool.
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