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  1. Yes we agree as well & this is a huge put off & may be a deciding factor not to sail on the Summit. There was a post by Jim_Iain from is b2b on the Summit which shows some photos of the main dining room . I believe the photos were around page 12? I am sorry but was unable to post the link.Hope we hear from someone with success getting a more private table. We have had luck on the Equinox. However, one of the reasons we gave up on Aqua class was the tables in Blu had gotten ridiculously close. Don’t know how they are now as it has been several years. We enjoy chatting & meeting people but prefer dinner to be our time. May start a separate post if we don’t get any replies.
  2. HCAT - thanks for your enthusiasm ! We did Aqua Class on all of our Reflection & Silhouette sailings before moving to Florida. On Equinox we have been in standard balcony cabins & dined in the main dining room & Murano. Enjoyed both. I will keep an open mind about the Bermuda, Charleston cruise & read up again on Jim's blog & the various Aqua cabins & food in Blu. . Depending on the price it might be something to consider. Always wondered about noise from the Oceanview & Pool above though. And yes HCAT the weather has been beautiful! Look forward to your review of the Bermuda, Charleston cruise!! When do you go?
  3. My fellow cruisers , thank you very much for the wonderful feedback & Jim_lain for the Tuscan Menu! It’s pretty much what I remember from the Equinox. We did not love it either & think my brother should try to concentrate on getting a somewhat private table for 2 in the dining room based on Lorimay’s (happy 30th) feedback. Hope Celebrity is seeing this & try’s to address the situation. In addition to my brother doing the Summit for his 30th, DH & I are contemplating the Summit May of 21 to Bermuda, RI, & Charleston for our 35th. We live in Florida & would be doing it for the itinerary like hcat. After reading this I think we will rethink. We too have done only the S class ships & enjoy Murano . Thanks again to all !
  4. Can anyone who has recently been on the Summit & eaten at the Tuscan Grill provide some info? In some of the reviews I’ve read several commented on the poor quality of the beef & chicken. Simply put the meat was “tough”. As with all of the Celebrity Ships , the tables are getting closer & closer. My brother is celebrating his 30th Anniversary onboard the Summit to Bermuda in July. We took Select & I will reserve his dining times in advance. Can anyone suggest any areas in the dining room where the tables are more spaced out? Saw some photos with the high back chairs by the wall? Unfortunately select dining is on 4 , so no opportunity to request a table on the rail. Would greatly appreciate any information that can be shared.
  5. Thank you lorimay. I will make their reservations in advance and request a table for 2, hopefully with a table that is really a 2 top. I saw your review! They will have to speak with the dining room when onboard. Like you we have always been accommodated. Agreed the tables are ridiculously close!! Any feedback From anyone on the forward balcony cabins on deck 6? I know you had a family veranda. thank you again! Happy Cruising!
  6. Jim- thank you so much for the link to your Summit blog with the dailies!
  7. DH & I have sailed the Solstice ships many times & the show times are typically 7pm &9pm. Never sailed on the Millenium Ships. We just booked my brother on the Summit for July to Bermuda with Select dining. I would like to reserve some nights for them as it’s their 30th Anniversary. Does anyone know if select dining is on deck 4 or 5 & what are the show times? I can’t find any of the Celebrity Today for the Summit. Also had to take cabin 6043 (port forward) as it was the only cabin available that wasn’t Concierge for $700 more!! Not my choice to be so far forward.Hope it will be OK Any info or comments would be much appreciated. Thank You. Paula
  8. Can anyone tell me where is the link to the cabin spreadsheet?. Contemplating the Encore for next summer to Bermuda. Does anyone know if the NCL ships , like the Bliss, generally dock port or starboard in Bermuda? many thanks!
  9. This is such a beautiful gesture & one that is truly warranted. The crew work so very hard to take care of us & ensure we have a wonderful cruise. Being away from their families for such long periods , especially during the holidays , birthdays , graduations,etc., is extremely difficult. Now they don’t have to spend their hard earned money to stay in touch whenever they can. HATS OFF TO ORLANDO ASHFORD!! Let’s hope this will inspire some of the other cruise lines to follow!!! Happy Holidays & Happy Cruising to all! 97 days till our 2nd cruise on the Nieuw Statendam!
  10. So excited to follow along! Have another fabulous cruise! Enjoy every moment!!
  11. Wish we were sailing with you & Edward on the Silhouette- one of our favorite! Looking forward to following along . Have another GREAT cruise!
  12. Fabulous photos ! Look forward to seeing the rest of them- thank you for doing this! It’s very helpful , especially for those of us who sailed on her before the revamp . Just off of Symphony yesterday (GREAT CRUISE) and will be on Oasis for the 4th time next November. I would love to hear about the music played in the new Music Hall. Do they still have the party bands which draws so many for dancing? We had Muzik Express - they were amazing! Enjoy the 2nd week of your cruise twangster!
  13. Hcat - I am back again (briefly) now that we have the music question solved! We have never done an SV cabin but are going to book one on the Apex sailing for 2021. I believe you were on deck 7, however I am looking at the available cabins up on decks 10 & 11. The thought being there might be a bit less vibration? I realize the balcony may be a wee bit smaller , but we are OK with that. The plan is to wait and book this sailing when we board Symphony on Saturday. The sale is still running and we will get an extra $150 OBC for booking onboard. Your thoughts once again appreciated! Paula
  14. Hcat - Thank you so very much for all of the music detail. This is really great to hear & exactly what we were hoping for. Such a different vibe when the music is good and people are out dancing or simply listening & having a great time! For a while Celebrity had gone in a totally other direction & we did stay away for several cruises simply for that reason. We are going to book the Apex for March of 2021 in an SV cabin & hope Celebrity keeps bringing onthe great bands!! Funny, I glanced your post on your most recent Edge sailing re the SV cabin you were in. We are sailing on Symphony of the Seas this Saturday so I need to stop thinking about 2021 & get ready for this cruise! However I am going to jump on that for a few quick questions about the SV cabins. Many thanks again! Happy Thanksgiving ! Paula
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