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  1. We were on the Thanksgiving cruise, did self-assist debarkation and were keying out at 7:30am. This ship was also at capacity with over 4800 people on it, mostly families. Customs took all of 10 minutes, but you absolutely have to do self-asist if you even think about this. No breakfast, nothing. Get up and out as soon as you can. It's possible but only you know your family well enough to amke the decision if they can do it or not.
  2. We just got off after Thanksgiving week. We like NCL but will never again go onThanksgiving week or on the Getaway. It was way overbooked with about 1200 kids onboard and service was very slow. Tenders were bad as well. Initially it was supposed to dock but then we had to tender in Roatan.
  3. Yes, we ordered a Malbec and had the package and they gave us the more expensive one so sometimes if there is more than one wine of the same type you have to specify "within package limits" or "on the package please" to not get the upcharged one. They didn't even give us a slip to sign so we had no idea until checking our balance a day later. My advice is to keep an eye on your onboard account on the App or TV. For the Getaway out of NOLA, they will charge tax until International waters so expect that as well, but all in all we enjoyed the drink package, the cruise, not so much. But this was due to the ship being overbooked and overrun with children at Thanksgiving. It was our first Holiday cruise. It will also be our last Holiday cruise...lol.
  4. I just got off the Getaway last week and I think there is a Moscato on the white wine list. There is also a Riesling which is semi-sweet that you might enjoy. I stick to Pinot Noir, Malbec or Cabernet on the red side, but I think there is a red blend by Norwegian, but I am not sure if sweet or on the drier side. Just make sure you tell them X wine in the package as we got upcharged and had to fight to have it taken off the whole cruise. Finally they took it off the day of debarkation.
  5. There is Million Dollar Quartet that runs days 5 and 6 of a 7 days cruise. It is about the night that ELvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash all recorded in one studio one night. It was really entertaining. We saw it in 2017 on the Getaway. Yes, it is still playing the same shows inlate 2019. We are going again over Thanksgiving week this time out of NOLA. It's a great ship, but looking forward to what is new after the dry dock in May 2019.
  6. They serve a full menu. Some appetizers include hummus, salads, chicken nachos, fruit, etc. There are sandwiches like a tuna salad sandwich, cheeseburgers; they even have entrees like leg of lamb and meatloaf. Dessert has a few choices as well. I believe they use the same lunch menu for the sea days as well for the MDR. Breakfast is the normal stuff: pastries, fruit, yogurt, parfaits, etc for first course; Main course is like french toast, pancakes, omelettes and eggs benedict.
  7. We are sailing this Thanksgiving out of NOLA as well. I think they charge until in International waters so probably most of the first evening, but we got the OBC for price drop as well. Happy to know it will cover these charges.
  8. I think they stock it but you have to ask for it. On my last cruise they had it, but it was a Celebrity cruise, but I seem to remember getting it on NCL as well. Tennessee Honey and Diet Pepsi is also a good option. Pretty lo cal.
  9. I agree to Victorius 8. You can also get flavored vodka for the vodka soda so that helps as well as a lot of limes. Ask if the bar you are at carries diet tonic water. A Gin and Tonic or vodka tonic with the diet tonic is very low calorie and this is what we drink at home normally.
  10. LOL...sounds like my hhusband. This time we are starting at Moderno on the first evening...I want him to get his fill early in the cruise.
  11. We cruise both NCL and Celebrity, the NCL alcohol is better with drinks included to $15.00 but Celebrity includes coffees and bottled water but only drinks up to $9.00 on the classic package (the one they give away...lol). You can upgrade to drinks up to $13 though, but we never do. NCL has a better drink selction through their UBP for this reason, although many do complain about it. I like it just fine. We have never paid an upcharge. Coffee in MDR's are included and you can get a Bailey's or Amaretto to add to your MDR coffee at no charge
  12. They use Absolut, Stoli type, maybe Tito's I think. So you should be fine. Grey Goose is included by the way
  13. Top shelf is not included, but the liquors that are included are fine in most mixed drinks. Now if you want your whiskey neat, you might have to just pay the different plus gratuity for some of the better brands. My husband and I enjoy Couvoisier VSOP sp?) but not included in package so we go with the Hennesey VS instead, which is included. There are many options and you can always upgrade as other have said. Just figure out if you will use that much in upgrades, water and coffee and it should be an easy choice to upgrade or not. We do not do Starbucks at home so the only thing we like is the bottled water which is not included, but we might get a water package instead. You can do that as well.
  14. We are on the Getaway 2.5 years after our first sailing and the entertainment is still the same. We enjoyed Burn the Floor so we will see that again but will choose other options the other nights. Our favorite is the dueling pianos (Howl at the Moon). They do not change the entertainment on their ships very often it seems. We will be fine. I'm sure you will find something to your liking😊
  15. I so agree with you! Sometimes we get Inside and sometimes we do balconies, depending on the promotion running...lol. Recently we booked a Balcony with 4 perks, the inside only had 1 perk available thus making the decision easier for us. We are among a similar mindset that sometimes people just like to pay extra for the Haven, while we could afford it, we do not spend much time in our room and thus, it would not be worth it for a Suite or the Haven area, and before the Haven pro people come on to this, we do not lay out at the pool, etc where there might be added benefit to us. We also cruise sometimes with friends who would not book the Haven so we choose to spend our time with friends and not to ourselves in the Haven.
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