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  1. I remember a post on another part of this site saying that someone got up very early in the morning and went for a walk on deck. They came across 2 very large people in a hot tub by the pool who were bathing, soap, shampoo and all.
  2. Late one night, I saw a few workers carrying what seemed to be a 1/3 size (about) disassembled helicopter up a stairwell. I was baffled until a couple nights later when we saw the magic act in the theater. Turns out it was a prop in the final trick.
  3. I had a man who worked for me years ago who did that for about 2 years. He would speak normally on the phone, but could only speak in person using a sock puppet. He did it for about 2 years, then just stopped one day with no explanation. Good employee otherwise, so I saw no reason to pry.
  4. Honestly I am not sure. We had 4 people, so I assumed it was $2 per person as it was in the past... but it may have been $8 per cab.
  5. I was in Costa Maya last week. Taxi from the port (it can be a little confusing getting to the taxis outside the port area) to Tropicante (on the Malecon) was $2 per person each way.
  6. There is one table. In my experience there is usually a game going when I get there (usually around 11pm), unlike the smaller ships that are hit or miss. I think it is a 2 5 or maybe 3 6 game. Crazy rake, I think it was 10% with a $25 max. Play varies from decent players to folks who are taking advantage of the drink package and have "seen poker on tv" 😃. No rating for play, and for that rake there should be.... The tournys during the day I stopped playing in long ago. A starting stack of ten big blinds, six person tables (they use the blackjack tables) and rebuys + add ons. Turns into
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