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  1. Know the history, find their current policies ironic. They don't want visitors who remind them of their founding fathers.
  2. It is my understanding that if one has ever been convicted of any crimes, then more paperwork is required as Australia must decide if they will allow such a criminal to enter.
  3. Just saw the Philippines is supposed to have 5.6 million doses by the end of March and another 30 million doses by July 31. Population of the Philippines is over 100 million. Would not appear that young healthy cruise ship crew would have access to any of those doses. It may be up to the cruise lines to supply the vaccines for the entire crew.
  4. This attitude is why another uptick is possible in the near future.
  5. Found the best time to book a cruise is while cruising,using such a small deposit which is NRD, the refundable deposit is never an issue. Of couse we haven't cruised since May 2019,currently quite difficult to book a cruise while on a cruise.
  6. Did the Singapore to Hong Kong on the Jewel in 2018, was a great cruise with many of the same ports. I also encourage everyone to stay at least two days pre and post cruise in the cities. Ko Samui was the only problem, as there were only three shore excursions through NCL and all were sold out before we ever got on the ship. They had eliminated all tours involving elephants, so we missed out seeing trained monkeys pick some of the 3 million coconuts harvested annually. The changing of the tides also Interfered with the boats getting back to the Jewel and leaving was delayed by 2 ho
  7. Gotta agree, nothing like the Lunar New Year and all the lunatics.
  8. 2/2/22 would be best, spend a few days in Hong Kong precruise, spend some post cruise time in Bangkok. Chance to visit Palawan island in the Philippines.
  9. I was looking at that 9/30/22 Ovation to Hawaii. A disappointment for me is the fact that the 9/23/22 Alaska cruise is a 7 day RT out of Seattle, so if I wanted to go b2b I would have to take the cruise out of Hawaii on 10/9/22 also. Perhaps Quantum TP will be better at that time.
  10. Welcome to cruise critic. People have had similar experiences with other cruise lines. Good luck.
  11. Loved the Jewel in Asia and the Gem out of NYC. Just the right size, great food, entertainment and service.
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