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  1. We were on the 5/5 Cruise to ABC and then NJ, found good food for all 12 days. Eating is not considered entertainment for me. Some live to eat, but I eat to live.
  2. NCL is doing exactly that, sending the Spirit and the Dawn on long Indian Ocean cruises going to South Africa. Very expensive and very old ships..
  3. What port or ports in the Philippines were cancelled? What did RCI say the reason was? Were there any ports replacing the original?
  4. Looks like Voyager is scheduled to leave Singapore for 9 nights to Hong Kong on 6/29/19. Gotta wonder what things will be like with 2 million protesting in the streets yesterday. Another cruise leaves from Hong Kong on 7/12 and perhaps there is a 4 day cruise leaving on 7/8, but nothing shows on RCCL website. The question remains, what will Royal do if there are still protests at that time? Appears it would be difficult to skip Hong Kong since it is both a disembarkation and an embarcation port. Has anything similar to this ever happened before and what was the remedy?
  5. Have you considered NCL Escape from NYC?
  6. Probably NCL is the best way to see Hawaii. Royal Caribbean has better layouts and options on their larger ships. I find RCI Voyager class ships to be very similar to my favorite Jewel class NCL ships. We had great food on the Jewel 12 day Singapore to Hong Kong, but even with our platinum specialty dining we give the food advantage to RCI on all other cruises. The entertainment varies by ship, but the music on RCI Anthem was the best we ever heard at sea. The lines are very similar in many ways, lately we sail RCI because of ship, itinerary and price. We must plan over a year out, often leaving fewer NCL choices while we are already booked for April 2021 on RCI.
  7. I would never think or imply that anyone on CC is smarter than corporate RCI. Just saying that every year the oldest ships get older they are getting closer to retirement. One would think a ship brought back for Cuba would be retiring under current circumstances, especially if Trump is reelected.
  8. Ships reach a point when the normal maintenance and costs of running the ship are no longer profitable at the prices they can generate. Could be that time for the mentioned old small ships.
  9. Athens is a great cruise port, certainly worth seeing. We rented a cab for the day for 80 Euros, worth it.
  10. Royal Caribbean pulled a Freedom class ship out of Southampton next year, could be a factor..
  11. Don't know that a PCC could help, as guarantees are often last minute assignments, someone needs to know who all the guarantees are.
  12. Can't wait to see what the onboard art gallery has to say, if anything.
  13. PCC was also very helpful when I sold cruise next certificates.
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