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  1. So they expect to have something by the end of August while still selling 9/16/20 cruises?
  2. Starting in 2018 RCI has cancelled 115 nights of cruises I scheduled, I only have 53 points from cruises sailed. They cancelled 2 TA's, 2 TP's, 23 nights out of Dubai, 12 nights Baltic Sea, 10 nights Tokyo to Singapore, 9 nights Hong Kong to Singapore. Would love to have those points.
  3. Many of us were happy in 2014. Nice period piece.
  4. Used to be a sponsor of Phillies games on tv along with Atlantic gasoline keeps your car on the go go go and what a combination all across the nation, baseball and Ballantine Beer.
  5. Had planned to attend spring training in Clearwater, take a cruise out of Tampa. No cruising = more time at the ballpark.
  6. Yes, lucky you, they will allow you to enter AC. Hope you don't intend to hit the beach.
  7. I cancelled a fully paid cruise way before the final payment deadline back on 3/19/20. As of 7/5/20 I have not received a refund. This is with Royal Caribbean. If one decides to not cruise in the future with lines that act like this, there will be few choices in 2021 when cruising gets started again.
  8. Been waiting since 3/19/20 for our September, 2020, cancelled cruise refund. Will not be booking a future cruise until I get all my money back. Have not yet received reimbursement for airline tickets for our 2/24/20 Quantum cruise cancelled 2/14/20 after previously switching embarcation from Hong Kong to Singapore.
  9. It is on the RCN cable channel 4 here in Bethlehem, PA. Their own local channel, often has 1930's John Wayne or Gabby Hays movies, so this is quite a step up.
  10. Day 105 here. For the refunds we did get, called RCI credit card at Bank of America to get a cash refund for $4,000 credit balance. Said it would take 3 weeks to send me a check. Been waiting 10 days so far.
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