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  1. Good to know in case my wife's phone and my tablet both malfunction.
  2. On the Jewel there are 4 different free movie channels by categories. A schedule was available for the entire week, just ask. On each channel the same movies are repeated over and over again. One of the movies on the comedy channel was GroundHog Day. Crazy Rich Asians was available.
  3. Just got an email from RCI about a change in itinerary for my upcoming cruise. The cruise leaves Hong Kong for a 9 day cruise on 2/24/20. The first stop was to be Okinawa, but due to construction now planned on the port at that time, the Okinawa stop was cancelled. Instead there will be two stops in Vietnam. In addition, the Philippines government is concerned about envirnmental problems which shut down Boracay island for 6 months in 2018, so no big ships will be visiting. RCI changed that stop to Subic Bay, Philippines. Since the cruise is 10 months away this should cause problems to no one, as the departure port and embarcation ports, Hong Kong and Singapore, are the same at the same original time. RCI is allowing anyone who wants to cancel with a full refund, including nonrefundable deposits. So we get one additional port at No extra charges. This is how itineraries should be changed. Also, the website already has the new itinerary posted. RCI is not famous for online proficiency, but they are better than NCL.
  4. So the people who were scrambling to get everything in Belgium and France changed should now be happy that they got those two ports back again? Do you not understand how stupid and unorganized this makes NCL appear? The latest change is just one more reason I am never sailing with them again. All my good feelings about NCL have evaporated.
  5. NCL screws the pax and it turns into a reason to buy insurance? The best insurance you can get, and it costs $0, is to not book with NCL. Case closed.
  6. Did the Anthem twice and looking forward to Quantum next year. Only felt crowded after muster and during retail sales, found the entertainment the best on Anthem. We have also enjoyed Mariner twice, looking forward to the ABC islands in May on Adventure. We have found each class has its advantages, in the future have b2b scheduled on Brilliance and a b2b on Radiance. One of the advantages of RCI is the great variety of ships available. Hope to book our first Oasis class ship in 2021.
  7. This is my breaking point. I am a platinum plus who will not be sailing with NCL in 2019 or 2020. I am selling my cruise next certificates for $100 each. One expires in November 2019, the other in November 2020. They can be used as a $250 down payment on a future cruise or can be used towards a cruise already booked before final payment provided a cruise next has not already been used on said cruise.
  8. I have a cruise next which expires in November, 2019 and another which expires in November, 2020. They are for sale at $100 each, each one can be used as a $250 deposit on a future cruise or can be used towards a current cruise if is before final payment and a cruise next has not been used for said cruise. I am very serious about being a platinum plus who sees no reason to sail with NCL in 2019 or 2020.
  9. Some of the people on the Oasis TA thought they were lucky to be able to substitute a 12 day NCL TA on the Getaway scheduled to leave on 4/27/19. NCL turned it into a 10 day, eliminating 2 of the 4 ports. The change was sent out in Emails on Good Friday afternoon, 4/19/19, with no explanation. Needless to say there is quite the long thread over on NCL, and most of it is very negative. It all reinforces the idea that one should not book the last cruise before a Dry Dock nor the first cruise after dry dock.
  10. How can the 25% credit be used? I would use it to book the cheapest cruise available and then not pay anything or show up. You folks made a basic error when you booked the Getaway on the last cruise before a Dry Dock. Didn`t you read about what happened previously on the Sun? I will never book NCL for any Cruise which goes across an ocean now that I know what they will do and how they will compensate when they screw you out of 2 days of your cruise. Obviously cruising with NCL is like cruising the Caribbean in September, you take a risk at having a changed cruise with inadequate compensation. No matter where or what time of year, booking with NCL is a roll of the dice. Has not their past performance warned you?
  11. We took 10 of our first 11 cruises on NCL and do enjoy the platinum plus perks. We now cruise the line that will give us the most for our money. We don't drink alcohol, so the drink packages mean nothing to us, we always give away the two bottles of loyalty wine. Since 2016 we have found that other lines have the itineraries we want at the price we want to pay. We were very interested in the new cruises that Sprint is doing to South Africa and in the Indian Ocean and similar ones by other ships in the following years. The prices are out of sight for these cruises, perhaps in the future larger ships will be used and the prices could be more reasonable. Next year I will be going trans Pacific from Vancouver to Japan to Singapore on RCCL, also taking a RCCL cruise from Hong Kong to 3 stops in the Philippines on the way to Singapore. No such cruises are available next year on NCL.
  12. I just noticed Radiance will be arriving in Singapore on 9/30/20, but the next scheduled cruise is not until 11/4/20 Singapore to Australia. I am guessing that 9/30 to 11/3 Will be Dry Dock time. Does anyone have any information concerning this?
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