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  1. What if I make 140 on a cruise and then my wife hits 140 on the next cruise, do we each get one on our separate cruises?
  2. So we don't know when Pacific/Asia will be available, could be January?
  3. So does each cruiser who hits 140 get a block or is it one block per family or cabin?
  4. And it stops in a distant foreign port (Colombia) on the cruise. Stopping at ABC islands would also made it a legal cruise between two US ports.
  5. Would love to be on a ship diverted to Madrid, would be quite the experience.
  6. Another thread selling 2 about 2 hours ago, make a bid.
  7. Yes, but ABC are considered distant foreign ports, Victoria is just a foreign port.
  8. Except after we got off Mariner in Barcelona we spent two days there before getting on Carnaval Horizon for a 14 day TA, nice new ship. When we got home we had all kinds of mail, income taxes etc to get caught up on since we had not been home since the previous October. Advancing from one basically useless status to another on C&A (Wahoo, platinum!) could wait, was way down the list. Took 10 minutes on board.
  9. 24 days after we got off the Mariner when we boarded Anthem the points from Mariner had not been posted, but the LA took care of it immediately and we got new passes with our increased status.
  10. Listening to the Love Boat theme on Princess set the mood for us, haven't returned.
  11. 21 day cruise, 7 ports, means 14 sea days or 2 sea days per port. Plus one of those sea days is a day in the canal.
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