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  1. Here's another bit of good news. Visiting Iceland Last updated: June 16, 2021 Can you visit Iceland? Yes. All travelers – regardless of origin – are welcome to visit Iceland if they can show either: certificate of full vaccination against COVID. Read what certificates are accepted on the official Directorate of Health page. Do you need a PCR test? No. If you hold an appropriate certificate, you do not need to have a PCR test to board your flight to Iceland. From July 1, 2021, there is no longer a requirement for arrival testing for passengers vaccinated
  2. Is PCR testing (a US requirement) offered to passengers onboard Viking ships operating in Iceland, allowing them to proceed directly from the ship to the airport?
  3. Beware that Ponant has not made any arrangements to date for PCR testing in Iceland. We were led to believe they would have onboard testing which would have allowed us to travel directly from the ship to the airport for our flight back to the US. Not so. Apparently they are trying to get a local lab to do the testing which means airline reservations will have to be changed as well as hotel arrangements made while we await the results of the tests. This was a failure on the part of the Ponant agent we used to make our air reservations and who should have been informed enough to advise us acc
  4. Definitely a good sign! Have been watching on marinetraffic.com. Looks like Iceland is the go-to place and there will be plenty of other cruise ships milling around, including, from the recent list you posted recently, a couple of Ponant's.
  5. Good news! Just received the following email from Ponant re 6-month validity of their original Covid vaccine requirement: I received notice today that we will remove the validation of the vaccine requirements. We will no longer require the 6 months period
  6. Finally called our less-than-stellar Ponant agent who forwarded us the medical questionnaires. A couple of questions arise: - Is it likely that Ponant is going to require vaccination passports by the time we sail in early August? If so, that may present a problem since we live in Florida and the Governor is opposed vacc. ppts. - How firm are the deadlines for the submission of this medical info? Since many other cruises have been canceled with far less notice than 45 days, and final payment is now only due 30 days prior to sailing, will Ponant be
  7. Here's a new take on this subject: We are booked with a French small ship company and scheduled to embark in August 2021. Their protocol states that you have to have had your second shot no longer than 6 months before you sail. In my case, since I volunteer at a hospital, I received my shot in January and am going to be only 8 days beyond the acceptable time they allow. Unless their draconian rule changes, we will need to cancel. I have checked a number of small ship companies (Azamara, Lindblad, Crystal Cruises, Hurtigruten, Oceanea, Silversea, Windstar and Seabourn) and not
  8. I have been researching whether Ponant's rule for passengers whose vaccine was given over 6 months prior to embarkation is a generally accepted protocol for denying boarding and decided to check whether other small, luxury cruise companies have a similar requirement. Here are the results: AZAMARA - no info relating to this, says to keep checking back; Lindblad Nat Geo: nothing related to the 6 month rule CrystalCruises; No PRC required, no mention of 6 month rule Hurtigruten; Bring vaccination documents with you, no mention of 6 month rule; Oceania; All g
  9. That was very helpful! Many thanks. I guess my delving into Ponant's site wasn't deep enough. Looks like another bummer voyage with Ponant unless they update and make it longer than 6 months. I am literally 8 only days over the 6 months by the date we sail. If they made it effective 14 days after the second shot, it would work.
  10. Decided to to a bit of checking on MODERNA, WHO, CDC and Ponant sites and am not finding any references to the 6 month cut off efficacy date for travel. CDC mentions 6 months to possibly 2 years efficacy after second shot. MODERNA is talking about a booster that would be effective for the new strain but not til later this year.
  11. Indeed! From your lips.....Meanwhile just glad we have some time before final payment.
  12. Glad you mentioned this. Only focused on the Iceland entry rather than Ponant's protocols. And since I got my vaccination in December, assume I am skunked for the August sailing. Wonder if any booster shots will be available before long?
  13. Surprised to see this many cancellations at this point, but glad to see Dumont d'Urville out of Reykjavik still on track for a June sailing since we are booked to join her in August. On June 1 Iceland is reviewing their current entry requirement for Covid-19 testing, referring to it as temporary, and will hopefully do away with it completely for those with proof of European approved vaccine such as Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca.
  14. Checking the deck plans, it looks like 460 is located under the Cafe. Don't see a toilet directly above but located more towards inside. If Cafe area is carpeted, it shouldn't be a problem. However, if it is a tile or wood floor, that is another matter and could be a problem.
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