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  1. I agree here... this is a huge red flag. We have never used Tours By Locals, but know that there are people on CC that love them. We have always - and still do - use Viator. I also know that there are a lot of people that dislike Viator because they are a huge consolidator / aggregator and not a tour operator themselves, but we have always had great experience, and if you email or call you get a very prompt response.
  2. We did Japan on Viking Ocean. When we went, this was Viking's first entry to Japan and their first itinerary. This itinerary is still available but there are a few more now that are Japan centric but have other add on's. This is the one we did. (when we did this one it also stopped in South Korea)
  3. Call and ask for one year. If the reservation agent does not give you that one year, then thank them and call back to another agent. If you don't get that from reservations, email tellus@vikingcruises.com quoting your booking number and ask for better payment terms. This group at this email address has more authority. Or, play the game and do what we do. Viking are offering many, many itineraries at a $25pp deposit. Book something for mid 2026 - that you think you might be interested in taking - and pay the $25pp deposit. Because you have one other booking you now qualify for the 6 months payment for the 2026 cruise. Get that date on your invoice. Call back and address your first booking and ask that now that you have a second booking can you have the 6 months on your first booking. Even if you in the end don't want that specific 2026 cruise, you can move the deposit to any other cruise - that is not a cancellation and lost deposit, that is just a revision to the booking you have. Worse case scenario, you lose the $50 bucks in 2026 but you got 6 months payment terms on your current cruise.
  4. I have American cousins in up-state NY. They hunt Canada Geese and they grind the breast meat and make sausage. The grossest thing ever.
  5. There is a time limit. The first time you want to pass a reservation to a TA, you must do within 60 days of the booking date. If you have previously booked with the same TA, you can pass that reservation over to that TA at any time as long as it is 30 days before departure. This is direct from Viking.
  6. Thank you for a great review. We don't do this until early 2026, BUT we plan way in advance - hence booking that far out. We would be very appreciative if you would post the tour company and the names of the guides and the names of the tours that you booked privately? We always have enjoyed private tours that were recommended by fellow CC members. Thanks!
  7. When you say - the "Company you would like to book with" are you talking about the cruise line? Unfortunate if they do not refund you if they cannot dock. I have actually experienced where the cruise line gave a credit voucher for a missed port AND refunded. There has been some discussions here and there in the past about whether insurance covers missed ports... don't remember what the final is, but I think that it would be hard to find.
  8. Absolutely! This is why I hope it is implemented this fall as we have two flights into Europe that do not have connections - one in October and one in November. I want to get this part overwith.
  9. When we first started sailing Viking these "events" were invitation only but now we find that Viking has so many repeat guests, these events are really open to all. They used to ask for show of hands for how many cruises you have done with Viking. I don't see that any more. Recently one of our friends that has done more than 10 Viking River cruises entered her cabin to a bouquet of flowers from Viking celebrating her number of cruises. This was nice, and done in private.
  10. Then you have not had GOOD Poutine. Please, please, please do not look at Burger King's Poutine as representative of amazingly good French Canadian Poutine. Many out there mimic and try to say they are serving Poutine but most fail. And, if we are saying it the french way, it is "poo-tin" not "poo-teen".
  11. It is a situation that we just have to be aware of.... and wait and see.
  12. I echo that Viking would not care once the bottle was "purchased" who drank it. If you are talking about friends that you are travelling with that you want to share with, sure, but as others are suggesting, it is you that if footing the bill for their wine.
  13. Interesting that I can access from Mac on Safari, but not Mac on Chrome. Same device.
  14. I get nothing but this... A big blank blue screen. This is on a Mac but using Chrome.
  15. I should not generalize that some Americans are "terrified" to try new foods, because as a Canadian I know an equal number of Canadians in my circle that will only eat certain things and the word "terrified" fits because they would rather starve than try something new. To me food really is not that much different around the world but we are very open to any food and extremely intrigued with anything that we are not familiar with.
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